Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Tonight I am really tired. I should be in bed right now! Soon. Soon.

We connected the co-sleeper to the bed tonight. Last night we made the migration to co-sleeper, and it worked well. The only thing I didn't like (and it isn't the co-sleeper's fault) is that she is a scooter and she can almost roll herself onto her stomach (because the mattress is so firm in it) and she can scoot herself so that her face is pressed up against the side. So until the sleep positioner arrives, I put her foam contour pillow into the co-sleeper and use it as a sleep positioner, since it is so firm. It keeps her on her side and prevents her from blocking her nose and mouth. She slept fairly well. She didn't get to sleep till just after 1 and I didn't get to sleep till almost 2am... but we did okay.

Today was busy. We got ready to go and Ardyn wore her first pair of shoes today! They are so cute and soft and she LOVED them. As soon as I put one on, here eyes got big and wide and she looked at me like "what are those?!" and then when I stood her up and her feet made contact with a surface, she was like "WHOA!" and stood up tall and looked wide-eyed at me. Shoes!

We were scheduled to visit Grandma Johnson today but when we got to her house she wasn't home. We left a note and then went off to visit Aunt Liz in Mineral instead, followed by Grandma Deb and Great Grandparents on the Rodgers side. It was nice to be at mom's, as always. She holds Ardyn unless I am feeding or changing her, and I have TWO FREE ARMS! Yay! By the time we got done with all our afternoon and evening visits, it was after 7 when we got home. Evan and I ordered Casey's pizza and Evan cleaned the dog kennels, then took the dogs for an R-I-D-E (we have to spell it or they go CRAZY) and put the seat down in the back of the explorer so they would have the entire back to roam in. They loved it.

I watched the pilot episode of "Dirty Sexy Money" and actually really enjoyed it. I boycotted the Grey's Anatomy Spin-Off because I just didn't feel like getting attached to another show and honestly I wasn't all that thrilled with the episode that we saw last year (that was Technically a Grey's episode.) Besides that I sat down to get an order together from Motherwear and discovered that the $30 shirt that I bought when I was pregnant, that didn't work out, had to be returned in 60 days, and because I bought it the beginning of July when I was pregnant, and couldn't really TELL if it would fit when I wasn't pregnant, It's now too late to return it. Ugh. So I emailed them and let them know what happened and asked them to make an exception and allow me to exchange it and place another $100 order. I wonder what they will say. I have never washed or worn it, it's in the plastic and I have my receipt. Bummer.

My back hurts tonight, and it may be because I am tired.

I need to do my face treatment and get to bed! Take Care!

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