Monday, September 24, 2007

Visit to Grandma's

So, do you want to see something that you can't hardly stop watching? Something that you can barely peel yourself away from? Check out Blogger Play. Totally awesome. It reminds me of Flickr's Explore.

Well, today was Monday. Cleaning People came today. I love coming home to a clean house! Ardyn and I went to visit my mom (grandma Deb) this afternoon, and saw Grandpa Dave too. We pretty much relaxed all afternoon. She ate and slept, and Grandma held her. We took pictures of her in the family's antique cradle crib. It's so stinkin cute and tiny. I slept in it when I was little... and it's been in the family for a while now. I always forget how small and cute it is until I see it again. My mom took an old couch throw and made a bumper, and bought some flannel and made little sheets. Ardyn loved the busy bold flowers on the bumper. There are lots more pictures on Flickr, including some of the whole crib. Grandpa Dave was excited to finally catch Ardyn awake, he was pretty sure that she didn't ever "do" anything.

Tomorrow the mini co-sleeper should be here. I can't freaking wait! As she is getting older and stronger, and getting better coordination of her head, hands, and feet... she is getting a little more dangerous sleeping where she is. I will be so happy when the co-sleeper arrives. It might be a tough couple of nights getting her to sleep in it, but last night she was awake four times. She usually only wakes up once or twice, but nowadays whenever she has to poo, she wakes up. Then it's like she figures since she sees the boobs in bed with her, she might as well eat too... and I don't really blame her. As soon as she cries in the middle of the night, my milk starts to letdown, so I might as well feed her when she is awake.

What I really love about breastfeeding (besides all the bazillion things like I don't have to buy or mix formula... no heating up bottles... just whip out the milk and she is happy and satisfied (it's like a magic superpower) is the fact that now that my supply is regulated, I know when she is hungry before she even wakes up. I can feel my milk come in and then I can prepare myself to feed her soon. It's like "Oh, I just need to finish up this load of laundry" or whatever, because I know she will be waking up and hungry soon. It's amazing. Even if she is awake and someone else is holding her, I can predict that she will be getting cranky... because my milk comes in and I just know that it's time for her to eat. It eliminates the looking at the clock to see when she eats and try to estimate when she might be hungry again... and she doesn't have to get fussy for me to know that she's hungry. I just watch for feeding cues and feel for my milk to come in.

Last night the two of us went to Wal-Mart late, to buy some prunes and other things. Sunday night I discovered that I had a dreaded "H" that burst (imagine my surprise) thanks to pushing out a baby and then dealing with the postpartum poo. Ack. So I did what any independent, intelligent adult would do. I called my mom! Onwards with the Colace and Prunes for the next couple of weeks, hoping that everything heals okay. You other moms out there know exactly what I'm talkin about!

We ended up getting a mirror for the backseat. I bought one almost identical to it on eBay but when we tried to put it in the car before she was born, the lights and music didn't work. Bah! So there was one for $21, and I put batteries in it today and we tried it out fully on the trip to Grandma's, and she loved it, and I loved being able to see her and what she was doing, if she was sleeping, awake, with or without pacifier, etc. The coolest is that it comes with a remote that attaches to your visor and starts and stops the music and/or lights. I can't wait to try the lights out at night. Sweet! And it's rainforest so it plays the same tunes and sounds that her swing and crib soother do. Neat-o!

Well, that's all for now. More later!

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