Saturday, September 15, 2007

One Wipe Left....

If you take your photos to the one hour, and it takes them more like 2-3 hours to get them done, should they charge you one hour prices? I think not.

Last night I worked in photoshop to get a little photo collage completed for the back of the handmade birth announcements. I decided to leave some color photos, pink namely, and add pink accents in the collage. It was super cute on screen, Evan approved. I sent them to the one hour and picked them up today. And hated them. So it's like... do I spend another $10 in photo processing to get the pictures just right, or send them out hating them. Yeah. So tonight I took all the color out and changed the accent color on the wording, etc to Plum, to match the announcements. And sent 50 more of them to the 1-hour, which is experiencing high volume of orders. So I can't pick them up till after 11 tomorrow, which is fine, but it's like... How are you gonna charge me the same fee to do these in three hours as you charge me to do them in one? See? Doesn't make much sense, does it?

Now it's gonna all come down to having the $$ for stamps to mail all these. I am STILL waiting for some kind of check, be it short-term or long-term disability kicking in.... and we are living off Evan's salary... which can be done but isn't any fun. LOL.

Today Ardyn and I went to Infant Massage session number 2... and she HATED it. She cried the entire time. Except the moments when I was breastfeeding her. Again. Before we left home she ate twice, big, on both sides. She was completely satisfied. When we got there, as soon as her clothes came off she started in and was hungry. I can't believe she was hungry, I believe more likely that she was not happy and wanted to suckle to be soothed. Sometimes I think being the milk provider can have a downside! LOL. Of course even after "eating" she was still royally pissed and something told me that unless I nursed her the entire time she was going to use all of her lung power. I swear that all the people there probably think I never feed her or that I have no milk in there. Little faker. Of course it ended up that I had to leave the room because she was screaming over the instructors trying to talk and I felt so embarrased. Of course the second we hit the hallway she was pleased as punch and even SMILED at me. Argh.

Then she screamed her usual "don't strap me in the car seat scream" and made it convincing with tears and everything. She cried all the way to the elevator, and the second we got on it, she stopped and fell asleep all the way to the car, to Wal-mart, in Wal-mart, on the way home, and until Evan took her out of the seat. I fed her twice more, and then we ordered supper from the new BBQ place here in town. It was AWESOME. It's called "Main Street BBQ" and it's in the old cafe. I had pulled pork... which came with fries, hush puppies, and two sides... which I chose potato salad and deep fried pickles. Yum! Evan had a brisket basket. It was all totally awesome. Then we took a "family nap" for about 2 hours, where we all snoozed like crazy... and then Ardyn and I woke up, and I fed her, and changed her, and fed her again...

I think she really just wasn't feeling well today and the last thing that she wanted was an infant massage class and to have all her clothes taken off. She wanted to cuddle and nurse all day long. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. Evan decided to stay home and mow today but he thinks he is going with tomorrow. I hope he does. She might do better if he is massaging her and not me.... then maybe she won't think about nursing.

I actually decided to turn the heat on tonight. It was 66 in here, which is totally too cold. Everything is shut up again today, because it is just too cool outside... strange because this week it should be hot again. Ardyn and I put our pajamas on early... and have settled in for a night of relaxing. She's sleeping in the sling as I type, and making constant little whimpering sounds.

I need to work on laundry tonight. Another hamper full. And I have about 5 more Thank You cards to write as baby gifts are still trickling in. More postage. Ah. Of course the announcements are "supposedly" going to cost me 81 cents each instead of 40, because the envelopes are 6x6 square. Ack. I am not looking forward to that expense. That's $40.50 just to mail them... not to mention the $$ I have in cardstock, ink, ribbon, stamps, and now in photo processing. Ack. I am still hoping that the lady at the post office in princeton who told me 81 cents each is off her rocker and that I will go to the PO with my envelopes and find that it's actually 40 cents.

Well, we have a poopy diaper to change now. Speaking of which... today when I got to massage class, she had a dirty diaper and I opened the diaper bag to discover that I had ONE Wipe. Yeah. Classy. I had forgotten to refill after our last outing that used them up. So tonight I refilled. Mom brains.

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