Sunday, September 16, 2007

Money! Massage!

Tonight I watched parts of a CNBC Special on McDonalds... called "Big Mac: The McDonald's Empire." It was interesting. It discussed everything from the history to the current and future of McDonalds. What I really found interesting was that a McDonald's manager (one who oversees several franchise stores, like 6 or so) can make up to $100 thousand a year.

Ardyn has been sleeping most of the day. She has been nursing really well, but I think that yesterday and overnight last night she wasn't feeling well. I could tell by her diapers, which were the wrong color, and by her gassy and bubbly tummy, that she wasn't right. She wanted to be held and nursed all night. It was hard because I didn't get hardly any sleep. 3 hours by 8am as a matter of fact. And most of the time I was holding her and sleeping at the same time, because she didn't want to be put down. It was bad enough that I broke down and gave her a pacifier, because I couldn't nurse her every second, and she was just pacifying herself more than eating. I am really hoping that I won't regret giving her the pacifier at two weeks old. There is so much conflicting advice as far as breastfeeding goes... some say no pacifiers or bottles for the first month, but my lactation consultant and others have said that if things are going well with breastfeeding, there are no reasons why you can't start at two weeks. I am being especially careful to feed her regularly and not to let the pacifier get in the way of feeding cues. She didn't have a pacifier all night, and all day today until about 5pm, when I gave it to her while she was swinging so that she would be soothed, and it worked. She has had it on and off tonight. Hopefully she will still sleep some tonight, but she has been sleeping most of the day and evening. She was awake from about 10:30am till about 1:30pm.

Instead of participating in infant massage class today, we went as "observers" and we learned more today than in the previous day, since she was sleeping and not screaming. I just think that yesterday she wasn't feeling well at all and the last thing she wanted was to be undressed, laid down, and massaged in the middle of a crowd. Today we were given an infant massage handbook (by Vimala McClure) as a thank you for attending all three days of class. Ardyn slept from the second I put her in the car seat and we left home, all the way until we left class. Instead of using the carseat and stroller to take her inside, I took her out of the seat and carried her, and she slept on my chest the entire class. She was so calm and relaxed and I was so relieved that she wanted to sleep. Tonight I am just worried that she will be awake all night as a result of her sleepy day. I don't think I can take that as I haven't had a nap yet today myself. this morning I was about ready to call for backup (evan has a cold/sinus problems and was in no mood to play backup) when she finally had a breakthrough and got some gas out and then ate and slept for an extra two hours... which allowed me to get two hours of uninterrupted rest.

Also preventing me from sleeping well is the sleeping situation. I hate the bassinet. I thought it would be great, but it's impossible to get her out of it unless you are also awake and out of bed. And she isn't too keen on sleeping in it for long stretches. She will sleep for more time if she is in bed with us, and we have a contour foam pillow (firm) that she sleeps on between our heads... we turn it lengthwise like a nursing nest and the contours keep her firmly in place and give the illusion of being held or cuddled.... and that seems to allow everyone a more restful sleep... but I still worry about our covers near her and about her escaping as she gets stronger pushing off with her legs. I wish I would have bought a mini co-sleeper instead of the bassinet and pack n play at the auction. The prices were great, so it isn't a big deal, but every night I wish I had the co-sleeper. I want her to have that sleeping close to us feeling without me worrying about her constant safety, and I want to be able to get her easily for middle of the night breastfeedings. I know that before long she will be in her own crib, but right now its really annoying to have to get up to feed her, and to get up to put her back down, and then have her fuss and have to get her out of the bassinet like 4 times in a row until she wants to sleep. The annoying part is that the bassinet is at the same level as the bed, but the sides make it impossible to lift her out unless you are standing up. And she can't SEE me from the bassinet and that makes her more fussy than if she can see me while she falls back to sleep. Ack. So I have been bidding on co-sleepers on eBay, and I think there is a good chance that I will win one tonight. I am paying just about $40 short of retail, and that includes shipping, and leg extensions, so while that isn't a steal, it is an okay deal, especially for one that was barely used. I hope that it works. If it doesn't, I guess that I can just re-list it on eBay as they seem to have an excellent resale value.

Luckily my first Disability paycheck came today (FINALLY!) and so I can pay for the co-sleeper, some infant massage butter from, and the water bill. And a few other bills too. Tonight while Ardyn was napping I finished up all 50 of the baby announcements, adhering photos to the backs, stuffing and sealing envelopes, and preparing them for mailing tomorrow (now that I can afford the postage hopefully!) I also wrote a Thank You note to my midwife and a FMLA extension letter to my employer. AND I cut out birth announcements from the paper, laminated them with contact paper, and put them in the baby book. Evan wrote his version of the birth story in the book and I filled out more pages and stuck more pictures inside. I also cleaned off the coffee table, which was a disaster. Ardyn is awake now, she has been for over an hour now, so I have hope that by midnight she might be ready for "bed." The pacifier is helping her to be soothed and relaxed without being held, and is helping her to get gas bubbles out. Problem is she is pissed off without it, when before she could be reasonably happy for quite a while. The pacifier might just be the devil.

At about 10pm I did some serious infant massage with her. I got her entire body done with the exception of her face before she got super hungry. I fed her on both sides and then did her back massage a little more thoroughly. She really enjoyed it. I turned the cable TV onto the soundscapes channel, that plays relaxation music, and I think that the process relaxed us both. Of course, now it's almost 11:30 and she is STILL awake and not showing many signs of sleep. Hopefully this changes!

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