Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Tina in Prague, my alter ego?

Here I go again... Blogging about what I should be doing. And did I mention I hate the spacebar on THIS Keyboard. I could move. I do have two more computers on my home network, and then my work computer. Nah.

The living and dining room have been prepared for "gutting"- all the trim is down and the windows are covered. The giant dumpster has arrived and soon the destruction will begin. I am always anxious for them to get down to the bare walls. Goodbye plaster and lathe.

I really need to finish emptying the two rooms. I have a pile of crap that needs to get carried to the attic. Crap that men look at like "why do we even OWN that" i.e.: beads, crocheting, books, empty boxes for computer software (I am with the men on this) and things like leftover Pampered Chef Consultant supplies, and misc pea coats and picture frames, spare pillows, lamp shades, magazines, baskets, and an old iron gate that hangs on the wall. It is a bizarre grouping, things that I feel might go up to the attic and never come back down again. Lost in the masses of totes and shelves and things forgotten.

Ugh. It's like moving without going anywhere. Pack and empty rooms, things in boxes and totes.... But we don't leave. We don't WANT to leave but jeez, we sure could.

Tina ran across my blog (SO Glad she did), which caused me to run across hers, I presume she cornered me through Miss Doxie... and I love Tina's blog already. Here she is in Prague, a translater, and tiny... and it all seems romantic and exciting and I wish I could GO there and be in prague and hear all about everything while drinking a hot drink outside. But I don't really KNOW her so that just makes me the chunky IT chick in Illinois, remodeling her house and feeding her dogs. Totally NOT in Europe and totally NOT tiny with a neat cup of espresso. Bummer. She's out there looking for the right person, and I have found mine, yet I feel like I am her, just all turned around, and maybe she is part of me all turned around. Like Tina is Meagan if she were skinny and tiny with dark hair and no husband, off to see Europe. I would kill to see Italy, most anyone knows that is my destination of choice. Go Tina Go! Be what I can't be.... and blog all about it.


Tina said...

Aw, Meagan! So sweet! I guess we all have a different path to follow, and there are bumps in the road for all of us, and smooth patches too. You're welcome in Prague anytime!

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