Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The Anticipated Return of pumpkin spice cappuccino!

Well, work brought back the seasonal pumpkin spice cappuccino, which thrilled me to death. I ate Taco/nacho bar for lunch today and that barked back at me most of the afternoon. It tasted fabulous, but with IBS you pay for fabulous.

Last night Evan and I took “PG” to Verucchi's Ristorante in Spring Valley. It was fabulous. “PG” picked out a cabernet, and although I am not usually fond of red wines, I was okay with it. It didn’t have that “church wine” sting that I am so accustomed to. We drank two bottles. Actually more THEY Drank two bottles, I had about a glass or two… hard to tell when they are topping you off when you aren’t looking. I had never eaten at Verucchi's, even though I had tried a million times, ever since I had worked with Barb (Verucchi) DeAngelo at the Ace Hardware Retail Support Center in Princeton. We had tried The Feed Store in Malden, not open on Tuesdays. Then on to Zearing, but I learned they no longer serve food at Petticoat Junction. Then on to Lanuti’s in Ladd – closed on Tuesday, and Rip’s the same. Softails doesn’t serve on Tuesday nights and by that time we were in the Valley, so to Verucchi’s it was.

I went home and went straight to bed. Let the dogs inside and climbed under the covers with the warm wine surrounding me. Ahhh. I slept well.

Tonight we are moving into our bedroom finally, as the work is completed. I will be fixing someone’s computer at 7pm, I hope it won’t take long so I can run home and get things moved about and ready for bed at a decent time. I love this fall weather. I could sleep a major portion of the morning all curled up under the quilt with Evan and Dogs all about. But I do have to do the whole “bring home the bacon” deal, so Hi-ho, Hi-ho, It’s off to work I go. I desperately need to get thinner or buy more new clothes. I thought I was going to start yesterday, but then there were pumpkin pie shakes flashing on the Culver’s sign. Then today there was free taco/nacho bar and the new pumpkin spice cappuccino. I just can’t win! Friday is a Sundae bar. How will I ever make it?

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