Sunday, October 16, 2005

Adventures in Everyday life

What a weekend! And it is only 10am Sunday. Friday night I drove to Peoria just to go to the Scrapadoodle Store. There is a MIMI tote (scrapbooking tote company) that I really wanted before my birthday, so I could go to classes and to KB's scrap day, and to the convention in Peoria, and potentially to the Horn Campus Scrapbooking Retreat in Macomb the 2nd weekend of November. Scrapadoodle was an awesome store. I got a few little things and the tote, which is the tool tote in Lavendar and chocolate, and I LOVE it!

Saturday morning I went to a Class at Jesse Ross's, and we made stacker books. It was awesome. Then I went to Wal-Mart to pick up my 1 hour photos, I had submitted them online the night before so I would have something to scrap at karen's. Then I picked up some macaroni salad, hostess cupcakes, hersheys' miniatures candy bar mixed package, and oil for my oil change today. Then straight to KB's house for a scrapbook day with my co-workers, and their children.

We had a great time, K made fabulous potato soup and grilled cheese, and we had lots of snacks. I got 10 scrapbook pages started and finished, and some pictures sorted. I also made another stacker book, this time larger in size, and taught everyone else how to make one. It was a nice day.

When I got home circa 9pm CST, I had tons of stuff to unload, all the scrapbook supplies, stuff from Wal-Mart, and the mail that I had gotten that morning, which included a giant Pampered Chef box with my new fall products. I got the professional roaster with rack, the easy view measuring cups, the new fall lef and stripe towel set, the Microplane Grater, Cranberry and Butternut Simple Additions Spreaders (2), Turkey Recipe Cards, and the Simple Additions Striped Rectangular Platter. Oh Happy Day.

I also had two Eddie Bauer Sweaters arrive in the mail, and although they were fabulous in person, the were just OK tried on, and the turtlenecks drove me nuts, plus they were itchy wool. So considering they were $74 a piece, they were certainly not worth it. The quality and fabric was nice, but not overall worth $74 each. So I packed them right back up to return them. What sounded like a good idea at the time seems in hindsight a silly mistake.

So today I was all ready to sleep in, since Evan spent the weekend in DesMoines with Nathan, and the dogs annoyed me to high hell. At 7"30 am, Haedley decided to abandon his doggie bed on the front porch, and sit a bedside vigil. Toenails scratching on the floor, I asked him to LAY DOWN about 500 thousand times and finally about to strangle him, I found that he had somehow gotten under our bed (tight squeeze) and could not get out. The futile scratching of toenails was getting him no traction, so at 8am I was wide awake, dragging him out from under the bed by his collar, and letting them outside. Argh. I lay around till 9am, trying to sleep, with no luck. So I got up and started to thaw a 5 pound chicken, and took a bath. So much for sleep.

Evan should be home this afternoon, and although I have a shitload of stuff to do, namely laundry, dishes, moving the entire living and dining room out, getting my oil changed, and trimming the bushes outside.... I have decided to do this instead. But I can only type so long, and the house is calling me.
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