Thursday, October 27, 2005

Angry. All Day Every Day.

Is it Friday yet? Argh! My frustration level just keeps climbing. Especially when dealing with an overload of things to do and no desire to do any of them.

I had a realization last night that although we will hopefully have a living and dining room before December, we won't have any FURNITURE in them, except two old brown recliners, a DVD shelf, a TV, and a floor lamp. That leaves the dining room completely empty. No table and chairs, no buffet, no hutch or china cabinet. EMPTY! It sucks royally. I know exactly what I want. But I have no money to buy any of it.

We both just needed new winter coats, I have gotten too fat for all of mine and Evan hasn't had one since 1993. Seriously. That is when he got his last winter coat. It was his black Nike stadium jacket and we both still wear it. Silly huh? Well I bought two new Carhartt jackets that are black, they were on sale at TSC. I bought mine first, not sure that evan would want one, let alone one identical to mine, and when he tried mine on, he loved it. So we have two, freshly washed, and ready to have the JA logo screen printed on the back. We will get that done at Breedloves in Kewanee this weekend.

Then I bought a straightener for my hair since mine wasn't working anymore, and I won't even VENTURE to tell you what that cost.... and add in my haircut and color, WOW! But that was from my allowed spending money that comes out of my check, so all was okay.

Plus we have to get new stickers for BOTH cars this November, which means the check needs to go out the beginning of the month. Argh. I can't even remember where I put the papers. Guess I will have to clean the office, which is under piles of crap from the living and dining room. Icky.

I did get groceries at Aldi's to save money, but I was still out of foundation and they didn't have bottled water at Aldi's. Then we can't cook well in the kitchen since it is full of dining room stuff, so I have eaten out a bit this week. Bad meagan. Getting fatter and poorer every second. And more tired. Exhaustion. Sheer exhaustion. I tried to do laundry last night and it just made me ANGRY! I changed the sheets on our bed, fed the dogs, all that jazz. I can't wait till our house is back to normal.


Tina said...

Aw, Meagan. I can certainly empathize with being overwhelmed and poor. Things will get better. What does the "JA" stand for that you're getting printed on your coats?

dazed said...

Oh! My husband's family (father) owns a business.... Johnson Agency- Real Estate, Auction, and Insurance. My father in law is a real estate agent, auctioneer, and insurance agent, and my husband is a licensed insurance agent. They work together.

I keep meaning to write you back. but I keep being busy... hang in there.... one of these moments I will get to it!

Anonymous said...

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