Monday, October 17, 2005

Chocoholic Good Morning to me!

Well! Yesterday I successfully ate 5 Hostess Cupcakes. It was bad bad bad. Not sure what prompted that, have never done that in my life (really, I am not lying to make myself look good) but I had a box of them and they were SOOO Tasty. Oy.

Then I also had some Peanut M&M's. Guess it's time for me to excercise. Especially since all I wanted for breakfast was a Take 5 candy bar.

Last night I did move most of our furniture onto the front porch, two recliners, two end tables, two speakers and a floor lamp. Then I took down all the curtain rods, all the curtains, all the mini blinds, and the grapevines and grapes that were would around them. I also packed up or picked up stuff, so there is really a minimal amount of things in the living/dining room right now.

I slept really well, just woke up once by Evan at 3:30 and then again at 7:30 by Hadley growling at the garbage truck. He hates the garbage truck. Sometimes we yell at him, but at the same time, I am glad that he barks at strange things and people, because he has a scary bark, and I do feel protected by him, although he hasn't had to play "attack dog" yet.... Plus he is a dog. What good is a bark if you can't use it? I have to remember these things. I like to let them howl and bark now and again, it's good for them!

I am trying to get an article on MSN to come up, about good marraiges and for some reason it isn't coming up. That is probably one of the first times I have had problems on MSN.... strange.
There we go. It was a good article. Sounds familiar to me, and it's nice to read something that a MAN wrote about marraige for once. Usually it's all women's point of view.
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