Friday, October 14, 2005

Molly Shattuck- 38 year old Baltimore Ravens Cheerleader and Mom of 3

Well, this is inspiring. There is hope for me yet. At this point I figure I will never ever be skinny. I have not really ever been "skinny" in the ideal sense of the word.... like when I was "skinny" I was a size 8. I am tall. I am built. I will never be the size 5 and I don't plan on starving. But this woman has to prove that you can be physically fit even with 3 kids under the age of 7. I see those hot moms everywhere, but I always figure it's genetics. Maybe it is.... and I am not the lucky one with the good genes. But I am wanting to share with you the story of Molly S. - who is 38 years old, the wife of a billionairre, living in a mansion, with 3 kids. And she just became a Baltimore Ravens Cheerleader in the NFL in August. When she tried out, the squad thought she was 24. Well, she's 38. Some places portray her as a "trophy wife" (second wife of the Billionairre, in 1997) and that she has "paid help" and never has to lift a finger. However, she said in an interview that she had been a college cheerleader, and had never tried out for NFL because she moved to baltimore, and there was no NFL team there. When the Ravens arrived, she said she didn't try out because she was always either pregnant or nursing when the tryouts came around. Do trophy mom's breast feed? Doubtful. How many trophy mom's would want their kids to be in their swimsuit shoot with them? Sports Illustrated ended up not putting the picture in the actual calendar, but they did the shoot with the kids and mom in their swimsuit. She said that a babysitter comes to the house two nights a week when she goes to practice, and that she misses putting her kids to bed those nights. I would say that rich trophy mom's have a "nanny" and probably don't put their kids to bed because they are too busy socializing. So, although I am generally not a fan of cheerleaders, I have to say, this woman impresses me and it is inspiring.

Links to Molly Photos and Stories:

Cheerleader Group Photo

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