Monday, October 24, 2005

Britney Spears Freaks over baby Photos.

You know.... Britney Spears is a dumb ass. She may be hot, and beautiful, but anyone who would marry trailer trash Kevin Federline has issues. The fact that she could have a great selection of men (or could she, maybe she's so annoying in person, that is the problem? No man wants her?) but she picked him? I mean he has BRAIDS in his hair for gods sake. What a joke. Just looking at him infuriates me.

So she had this baby, too soon, with this guy who is too gross, and they posed for a photo shoot for people magazine, with the baby. Then the next day brit freaks out crying to her people that she has "sold out the baby" and she pulls out of the deal. Then some pictures of the baby, and of the family and brit holding the baby, leak out on the internet, and she threatens to sue anyone who sells, posts, or publishes them, so they all disappear. Oh for god's sakes. Why don't you just go all Michael Jackson and make your kids wear veils in public? Are you never going to go anywhere with the baby? Will the baby never leave the house? Apparently not, since her first public appearance showed her and kevin out and about, with her body all back to before, and her belly showing all slimmed down, and stupid kevin with his braids and too baggy shorts and old tennis shoes. Gag. I really actually feel badly for her.

Then there are all the stories of the two nannies/nurses that Britney scared away, making them come running the second the baby would cry, and making them clean toilets when the baby was alseep, causing them to tell her to kiss their asses. What the hell? I am sure these things could POSSIBLY not be true, but don't they sound especially possible with a spoiled rotten rich girl too young to have kids with a man who is irresponsible and dresses terribly? Is Kevin's style rubbing off on Brit. Probably.

What disgusts me most about this, is the fact that I just saw the documentary on Jonny Kennedy last night, and his story has to fight for publicity, when every single stupid little thing Britney does gets full coverage. Let me just say- she is not worthy.

P.S. UPDATE: 10/25/05 I found some residual pics still online....
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