Monday, October 10, 2005

Moving Nowhere. But Packing Just the Same.

I can't believe I haven't blogged in 8 days! Whoa! Is the novelty of a new blog location wearing off? I think it is just BUSY in the normal sense of the word.

Our bedroom is ALMOST Finished and I spent a good majority of my weekend doing laundry, picking up in the laundry room, cleaning my empty closet and getting everything back into it, and going through clothes to throw out, counting them to get a receipt for taxes (donating them) and then folding and bagging them for giveaway. And I was packing up everything in the living/dining rooms so that we can evacuate those rooms by next week. And did I mention it was :cleaning day: today? I have my cleaning people, who I love dearly, who are lifesavers, fabulous at what they do, and extremely tolerant of our house that is all torn up. They come every other monday, and that means that every other Sunday I am like a whirlwind of "picking up." Especially when everything is "displaced" by the remodeling and all my clothes were in cardboard boxes and laundry baskets.

So yesterday I started at 10:30 am and picked up, rearranged, organized, and did laundry until exactly 2:00am (monday morning). I did take a 1 hour nap when I got a headache from someone burning garbage.... and also ate supper. I Tivo'd desperate housewives and then was able to watch it AFTER Grey's Anatomy, while I folded laundry and in between loads. Pausing and recording and rewinding TV is a fabulous thing. I can get so much more done! Plus I can fast forward through commercials, so that a 1 hour show ends up being a 45 minute show. Talk about time saving!

Anya and I went to an auction on Saturday, at Evan's Aunt Marchelle's house. There was Longabeger on the auction, and the only basket that I wanted was the basket that I actually have wanted for a few months now. You can buy it brand new for about $85.... and then add in a liner and a protector with woodcrafts divider, and you might be up to $15 to $125.00 I figured I'd pay as much as $95 for the whole shebang- it was in good shape, albeit a 2003 basket (Large Desktop) and "Christy Jo" ended up bidding up to $120 on a basket that is 2 years old and valued at that brand new. It was so silly. When the bidding finished, Anya said "That has got to be the single most stupid thing I have ever seen." Refering to "Christy Jo" paying retail price of a new basket for a basket on an auction that was almost 3 years old. Not to mention the unlikeliness of the liner being THE LINER that you want, so most likely having to purchase a new liner on top of that. I agreed wholeheartedly. I bought a large flower pot for $1 instead, and was very pleased about it. Anya bought a #8 crock for a great price, and I carried it home for her.

Then we went to Sherwood where I bought a Cool large bowl and some carved wooden balls. Anya saw a trunk she liked. Then we ate lunch at Subway. When I got home, I went to the Wyanet Locker and got some ground beef and a ham, and then went home and concocted Chili in the crockpot for supper. Evan was off moving Beef in with Shana. When he got home at 7pm we ran to Menards in Peru and got some supplies for the house, light switches and outlet covers, new smoke detectors with lights, and 1/4 round trim. Furniture leg coasters and felt to protect the new (old) floors.

Friday night I went with my mom to Wal-mart and to Sullivans. Bought new Norton Antivirus and a Firewaire cable for my Mini DV Camcorder, and also three new long sleeved t-shirts and a sweatshirt. Got some meat at Sullivan's and the chili fixins. When I got home Evan had the stuffed pork chops and the garlic mashed potatoes just finished. YUM!

So although the weekend was not 100% relaxing, it was certainly 100% productive, and a good slice of fun or relaxing thrown in for good measure. I was supposed to be in Chicago (or I should say NEAR Chicago as to not infuriate the "Downtowners") and visiting Angela and enjoying ourselves at Pete's... but had to reschedule due to a "double booking" error on Angela's schedule. Oh well. We will do it again sometime.

That's all folks!
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