Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Still kicking (or being kicked!)

I might be a little behind! Sorry about that! I have been extremely busy alternated with not feeling right....

Last week I got a pedicure and prenatal massage on Tuesday and then on Wednesday and Thursday I worked 12 hour days, traveling to Rockford to the Midwest Bioterrorism Planning and Awareness Conference. I had 40 hours in by lunch on Friday and then that afternoon/evening we attended a wedding for our friend Joe.

Saturday I wasn't feeling well and Sunday was Mother's Day, and we had three places to go, including brunch at Wise Guys with one side of the family, a cookout with the other side, followed by me visiting my mom Sunday night.

Monday morning I wasn't feeling well and was awake at 4am, and at 6am I ended up going to the hospital and stopping in OB for observation because of a persistent pain in my right side that I had had for three of the past 4 days, and the UTI that wouldn't go away after 6 days of antibiotics. They thought I had kidney stones, but not they are thinking otherwise, and I am feeling much better.

Monday night we worked around home, watering flowers and new grass seed, doing laundry, washing dishes, etc. This morning I had my 6 month OB Appointment, and I had gained 1/4 of a pound since last month, for a grand total of 1 and 1/4 pounds since getting pregnant. Now I will start seeing the Midwife every two weeks as I rapidly near the third trimester.

Tonight I spent the entire night paying bills and going through stacks of paperwork and unpaid bills. I also watched 3 TIVO's shows and crocheted more of the baby blanket, which I also worked on last night and this morning while waiting in the Dr. Office.

So - plenty of eventfulness. If you are interested in keeping up on baby details, including belly photos, ultrasound photos, and short journal entries, you can go to the Baby Johnson website at http://johnson.aboutmybaby.com/

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