Friday, May 04, 2007

Friday Fiver

Today started as a really good day. Evan and I got a lot done last night, hung the new roman shade in the bedroom, rearranged the dining room, cleaned off the dining room table, emptied and reloaded the dishwasher, and got the laundry gathered and down to the laundry room. It was nice. I love when we can work together to accomplish something.

Then this morning I woke up fairly refreshed, I had slept pretty well since getting my neck straightened out at the Chiropractor last night. Before work today I was able to get conditioner at Rita's, which I was out of, and then grab Burger King Hamlette and Cheesy Tots for Breakfast. It's my favorite but I haven't had it in probably 2 months. Then I got more mineral veil powder and foundation and some brush cleaner from Great Lengths, and then I went to work. Work was okay today too. But Today just isn't panning out as great as the morning predicted. and it's rainy and cool. Oh well. Here's hoping the weekend is better.

1. Do you gamble? No

2. Have you ever rode a horse? Yes

3. Do you drink alcohol? No

4. What is your favorite Mexican food? Chicken Fajitas- except that the sides of rice and refried beans with cheese are my ACTUAL favorites.

5. Friday fill-in:
On Saturday, I plan to Golf with my husband (weather permitting) and then have a "date night" assuming he isn't pissed at me by then.

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