Friday, May 18, 2007


Wouldn't you know that after my last post on Tuesday night I ended up in the hospital? I just knew I wasn't feeling right! I have Hydronephrosis... and you can read the whole story at the baby's website.

I am feeling better now, today was my first day back to work. I am a little slower and more tired than I have been, but overall okay. The baby is great, and it's a Girl! Ardyn Isabel Johnson will be her name.

After that revelation I just had to run out and buy a few pink things... and I grabbed some groceries too. Tonight I am going for dinner with a girlfriend... Mexican!

This weekend is looking to be calm and relaxed... no plans AT ALL! It it is nice and warm, maybe I will get to go swimming... otherwise I don't have any plans.

My co-workers sent me flowers when I was in the hospital, and I believe that my in-laws are buying a crib and mattress as our baby gift. I am excited about that... since my parents bought the changing table and the glider/ottoman set as a gift. It's exciting!

Well... everyone have a great weekend!

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