Sunday, May 20, 2007

Lazy Sunday

This weekend I am an interesting mix of "bored" and "Don't make me do anything."

Friday night I did clean up around home a bit, and Saturday I did too. Cleaned off the dining room table, picked up and reorganized things in the baby room, etc. I did some laundry, rather half ass.... and I have lots more to do today, laundry and run the dishwasher and I really need to tidy up the bathroom and our bedroom. Ugh.

It's really nice outside. Not too hot. Nice breeze. Sunny. All the windows are open. Last night I went to Josh and Lisa's. Anya and Brad and Ava were there for a while, and Ryan, who was totally and completely drunk. Josh and Lisa and I just sat around the whole night in their lawn chairs in the door to the garage, watching people drive by and talking. It was relaxing.

Evan's mom called yesterday and she has ordered our baby crib and has the mattress, which will be our gift for the baby, and I am SUPER Excited to get it and get the room even closer to finished. That revelation has prompted me to order the Armoire with my first June paycheck, and then I can start organizing better than having to have things piled on top of the twin bed waiting for a home.

I have been trying to read here and there, but my head just isn't in it. Hanging out on ebay bidding on Maternity Dresses to wear this summer to work, and hopefully something to wear to my shower in August. I need to shower today but that just takes energy that I don't feel like expending. I will anyway. At least I washed my feet and my face and brushed my teeth before bed. But it isn't like I DID anything yesterday and I didn't sweat.

The dogs are on permenant living room camp out this weekend, and they are shedding terribly, at least Hadley is. We brush him but it doesn't help much! I am hosting a bead retreat party this Friday and I have to figure out how to quarantine them from Monday till Friday so all the cleaning that happens on Monday won't be un-done before the party. So far I have 11 YES RSVP's plus me..... so that is awesome. I hope that everyone does come and that we have a fun and relaxing time. I still need to finish tidying up the scrapbook room. It is loking better but I have PAPER stacked everywhere in towers. I need a good way to organize my 12x12 patterned paper, and I have found the way that I would PREFER to organize it, but the truth is I don't have ROOM to put the organizer so I just keep stacking it. Not that stacking it is productive! LOL.

Have a great Sunday and do some relaxing yourself.

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