Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Wednesday. Ahhh. Today was so busy at work that my head was spinning. On the good side, my pregnant brain seems to be functioning well and I seem to have regained lots of my will to focus on work. I am not sure how long this will last though!

Had a midwife appointment yesterday, and all is well. I think I have grown enough in the past few days that people are starting to notice a bit, if I had a dollar for each time I was asked "when are you due?" today, I would be rich.

This Friday I will close my bead retreat party. I can't believe how much stuff I will get for free, and half-price too!

The crib should be here before long. I can't WAIT! Like I really can hardly contain myself. In fact as I type this I am pretty confident I might have typed it before. LOL.

It's been muggy and hot here, but I am dealing with it surprisingly well. It was almost 90 the past two days, and (I know I work in the air) but my comings and goings to and from work have been fine. I have been really concentrating on dressing in cool clothes! Tonight Evan wanted to turn the air on but I was okay with the windows open and fans running. It surprises me... especially considering I am supposed to be unbearably hot. I am sure that is yet to come.

I had someone email me through Flickrmail and ask me what the sparrow in Jack Sparrow's tattoo means to me. What? What does it mean to me? What the hell is that about? strange.

I am so bored with all the shows being over for the season. I have been watching movies and reruns and trying to occupy myself in other ways. Tonight I am watching the pilot episode of Painkiller Jane, which I love.... and even though I have already seen all the episodes, I am pretty okay with watching this again. Last night we watched Children of Men, which was good.... kinda long and violent... but good. Monday I watched Spiderman 2, because I wanted to see 3 but hadn't seen 2 yet.

I do miss Grey's Anatomy, and even CSI Miami. Whatever happened to Men in Trees? Guess I will have to wait until next season to find out if they cancelled it or what. It's like they keep starting new shows like October Road and Men In Trees and then showing them for like a fraction of a regular season. Greedy fuckers. The website for Men In Trees says the next episode hasn't been scheduled yet. And the October Road website says the same thing. Damn. No scoop.

My sunburn from Sunday is already getting better and isn't very painful anymore. Hopefully sleeping will be better tonight.

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