Sunday, May 06, 2007

Is it MONDAY tomorrow? ACK!

Where to start! I had a fairly busy weekend. Friday night I picked up around home, ran to wal-mart, caught up on Tivo... How about Grey's Anatomy? Honestly, the episode was a little lame for the "2 hour spectacular" I thought I was going to get, but I did cry a few times, so hey.... it was good. I tried to stay up and wait for Evan, but at 11:30, in the middle of a Tivo'd episode or Painkiller Jane, I was asleep on the couch after two bowls of oatmeal/granola/almond/raisin cereal. LOL.

Saturday I DESPERATELY tried to sleep in, but was wide awake for good before 9am. I picked up some more, started laundry, got the mail, and went to Jamie's to pay for Longaberger, when I discovered that she was having an open house and was making some awesome knock-off hostess cupcakes that I need to get the recipe for. I went to Wyanet Locker and got meat, and then grabbed a couple of sandwiches from the Community Club Cookout for Evan and I. Then Anya and I went to Jamie's open house for a bit and took lunch to Josh and Brad.... and then went to Piehl's in Princeton so she could pick up her new Tahoe.

Saturday evening Evan and I got a little golf in. 5 holes to be exact. After 5 holes I had to pee once, it was getting pretty windy and cool, and I did plenty of walking (although we drove) and we were hungry. I am such a crappy golfer that Evan laughed at me and probably said "Don't be such a dork" at least 15 times. I have a bad habit of chopping at the ball and being afraid that I might take a piece of grass. LOL. But we had a good time and I enjoyed using my new clubs. I finally got to use the 3 and 5 woods that I hadn't touched yet, and get a feel for some irons. Last time I golfed I think I used the driver, then the hybrid for everything in between the pitching wedge and putter. I just LOVE that hybrid!

Saturday night we grilled out at home. Today I had to work at a Women's Healthcare Expo that my employer put on. I enjoyed it. Especially the talk that my midwife gave about Waterbirth. I worked enough to be tired by the end of the day. Then after that I went and had a Urinalysis done at the hospital because I continually have this pressure like I have to pee, even when I don't have to go. Wouldn't you know that my White Blood Cell count is up again, so tomorrow I start an antibiotic to see if it will help with the pressure.

One of my favorite parts of the expo was gathering info on pregnancy and kids. I discovered that a MOPS Group is coming to Princeton (Mothers Of PreSchoolers) and grabbed a pregnancy magazine that I learned TONS from, I got great info from March of Dimes on telling the signs of premature labor.

A nice part of the day was coming home, taking off the khakis and polo shirt, and putting on comfy lounge pants and a tank top. Ahh... Then I lay on the couch and read through the info that I had gotten today. Then Evan and I cuddled up for about 15 minutes and I just relaxed. One thing that I have never figured out, is that when I am cold, he is warm, and when I am warm, he is cool. The only explanation I have is that I am the crazy one and his temperature stays perfectly steady. He's like my perfect compliment.

Tonight I ordered a pizza from Maria's.... and I was astounded at the SIZE of it. I don't mean size around, but size TALL. I ordered meat lovers with mushroom and onion. Holy Cow. There was so much meat on tha tthing it was freakin ridiculous. I had 3 pieces and some Garlic Bread with Cheese... and a coke.... and followed it up with some gas-X to be safe! LOL. Tonight I have watched TIVO'd episodes of desperate housewives, and the last two episodes of Dancing with the Stars. Can ANYONE believe that Billy Ray is still there?! Is like EVERYONE who watches Hanna Montana voting for him? It's really kinda a popularity contest like the Stupid Small Town Festival Queens that win because they get the most $$ in their jars at the local gas station and cafe.

On Saturday, the mail brought the Bouncy Seat that I got on ebay for about $28- ($9.99 plus shipping) and It was amazingly clean but I was upset because the screws to assemble it were floating and rattling around in the box. It was poorly packaged. It was in an HP computer box, so there were cutout handles on the sides and I was sick just thinking that the screws would not all be there. Luckily and amazingly, they were there. But assembling it was a total bitch. No instructions... so I got online and grabbed some, and I STILL could barely get the damn thing together... and I am a handy chick. What a pain! And then I discovered that the toys that snap into it weren't included! Argh! So I tried to call Fisher Price and order some tonight, but of course their customer service is closed on Sunday. Damn.

So that's about all. Cleaning people come tomorrow and I am totally unprepared. Surprise! ha ha. So someone needs to unload the dishwasher and reload it, and pick up the shit in the bathroom, and the dirty clothes on the floor of the bedroom, and (ugh) all the crap that I got from the Expo off the coffee table. Ick.

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