Friday, May 25, 2007

I don't wanna work....

Ugh. It is so super hard to work when you are pregnant. Not because you don't have it in you to work, but because work sucks and it requires patience and concentration and I am finding that I am like a tire with a nail hole.... It's slowly leaking out of me and leaving me round on one side but still feeling kinda flat.

Hopefully no one will notice that work is so ANNOYING to me right now.

But, per usual, I will prop myself up out of bed and drag my ass to work every day. Feeling pretty good this week. I have done so much that it kinda freaks me out. I think I have worn myself out and I am looking forward to going to work (just to get Friday over with) and having my Bead Retreat Party tonight and a nice relaxing weekend with a Sunday cookout and Monday OFF work. Yay!! That way I can just sit around with my feet up eating popsicles. Orange ones. Or maybe those bullet kind that have multiple flavors and are shaped like sex toys. You know, why don't they make penis popsicles? Oh right, because women don't WANT to suck on those. Right. I remember now. My bad.

My house is so freaking clean! It's insane! The scrapbook room is all organized and the dishes are all DONE and the bathroom has no dog/people hair crowding the corners. I even organized the Longaberger basket on the back of the toilet tank that holds my hair clips and ties, and then I cleaned and organized my dressing table (all my perfume, make-up, etc.)

The dog beds are washed, even the dog's stuffed babies are washed. My dearest husband threw out all the plants that I let DIE this winter because I was neglectful. Apparently I can only nourish one growing being at a time. It's probably due to my husband that my dogs are still nutritionally stable. It's gonna be interesting when we have more than one kid.

Being pregnant is cool. I am thinking that anyday it's time to design and order myself a new shirt from cafe press... especially now that they have maternity shirts. I think it will have areas of velcro so that I can attach different "fill in the blank" answers depending on the day.

I am 6 months pregnant.
Yes I'm SURE
I know my belly isn't big enough for your standards
I am due September 3rd, 2007
Yes I'm SURE
It's a Girl
Her Name is Ardyn Isabel
She doesn't appear to be deformed
I do not have morning sickness
My feet are/are not swollen today
I am feeling fine
I swear
I am eating right
I am resting
My husband is doing dishes
Yes I can feel the baby
No I am not constipated
No I don't have hemorrhoids
Yes we're excited

Maybe I had better make a dress. I don't think the shirt will be long enough to answer all the questions I have been asked.

And now, on to the Friday Fiver!

1. If you could have a superpower, what would it be?
Um, Automatic Cleaning Power. Everything I look at is clean and organized.

2. Which is more attractive to you: physical appearance or personality?
Personality. Because if you're a dick I am smart enough to figure that out. Eventually.

3. Who did you last fight with?
Hmmm. Probably Evan. Or maybe my mom. Or my boss.

4. What did you eat last night?
2 Hot Dogs with onions and ketchup (on the grill) and Mac and Cheese

5. Who are you mad about?
Mad about? I'm Mad About YOU! Of course I couldn't resist. I am mad about Pirates of the Caribbean. And I haven't even seen part 3 yet. Dirty Hot Mouthy Pirates. I love them.

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Michelle said...

Weiner popsicles? They'd be fun to play with and look at! LOL You are silly!

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