Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Secret is out!

I am a smart chick. I am also open-minded in a new-agey, yoga practicing, meditating kind of way. I am not afraid to try new things. Even things that other people would laugh at, scoff at, or just plain make fun of. I love a good conspiracy theory(and by that I mean a GOOD one. I am not all into every conspiracy theory like SOMEONE I know.) I like to think outside the box.... but I have been ALMOST Letting myself feel guilty for not reading (or perhaps putting on my iPod and listening to) Rhonda Byrne's Book, The Secret. I like books with alternative ways of thinking. I like to read things like The New Revelations: A Conversation with God by Neale Donald Walsh. I like to find and read about people who have discovered that their natural way of thinking is actually shared with other people, and even though it may go against the grain of society (or in Walsh's case, Organized Religion...) just the fact that so many people think and feel in a similar way, WITHOUT someone telling them to.... it's eerie and it just makes sense. It's natural and real and it's like "I feel this way for a reason. I feel this way deep down inside because this is how I am SUPPOSED to feel. I don't need to think and feel like someone else tells me to."

But something about The Secret really throws me off. I think, honestly, that it's the title. And the Cover. And well... the SECRET. It's almost like an infomercial.... that doesn't give any info. It's like "I have the secret of life! I do! I do! And for the Special Introductory Price of $16.95, you can spend a few hours of your life reading about it, and making me rich!" Honestly, if you knew the secret of life... I just don't think you would be writing about it in a book. I could believe that you might CHARGE for it. I could believe that you wouldn't ever share it with anyone except perhaps to your family on your deathbed (like a secret family recipe) But write a huge nationally distributed book and sell it? That sounds like more of a moneymaking scheme than a "secret" to me. And the cover? Making it look all sealed in wax on old cracked paper like it came straight outta DaVinci Code? Just not fair. It's a ScAm I tell you! BEWARE!

So really, I kept tring to tell myself that I needed to read it, to listen to it, anything.... and that it would drastically change my way of thinking and then I looked at the price and I was just so cheap and there are always so many OTHER books that I would rather have, and then I started thinking "What's wrong with the way I think?" and then I thought "What's wrong with deciding what the secret of life is all by myself?" And then I thought... "Do I even WANT to know the secret of life?" and "IS there even a secret?!" and I decided this book is not for me.

This Blog Posting on MSN today really made me giggle, and I enjoyed it. A woman who read the secret and lived by it's principles for an entire two months.... and talked about where it got her.

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