Saturday, May 19, 2007


Last night Heather and I went to enjoy Mexican food and Mi Margaritas. I broke out of the usual for the first time EVER and instead of Chicken Fajitas, I ordered a beef taco and 1 cheese enchilada. It was fabulous. I ate the enchilada and had a couple bites of taco and I was STUFFED. Of course all night I was worried that I might bring back the bad kidney pain so I was trying to be super careful and not eat too much, or anything spicy. But it was tasty.

Then we went to Kohl's, because Heather had some babies to buy for, and that worked out well for me, because I got to go shopping for the first time since knowing that I am having a girl (except Wal-Mart) and of course, everything was on sale for 40-50% off and then there was a 60% off clearance rack. I bought an adorable blue dress with a matching blue sweater, a cute pink and khaki jumper style dress, and on the 60% off rack, a pink and white polka dot dress with pretty white trim and a white rounded collar.... which should fit next spring around easter time. (awww!) and then I got a stuffed puppy dog that is white with pink spots... sooooo cute! I couldn't resist since the nursery is puppies, and she needs at least 1 pink puppy. So the trip was fun and successful, The clothes were inexpensive.

We stopped and each rented our own movies on the way home. I always seem to go for the movies that are on the shelf in the video store that are like "B movies" that I have never heard of and people don't usually rent. The one that is a lone copy all by itself in the new releases, that you can buy for like 5 nights for dirt cheap. I got two of those, but this time I managed to pick ones with hot guys in them.... Heath Ledger is in one and Ryan Gosling is in another. And then I got that one with Jack Black and Jude Law where the chicks switch houses. SO anyway, the Heath Ledger one was called Candy. It was about Heath Ledger's character Dan, and his girlfriend Candy (Abbie Cornish)- and how they were desperately in love, but how heroine and other drugs took them to a kind of heaven (in their own eyes at least) and then brought them crashing down to earth (she marries him and becomes a junkie who works as a whore to get their smack money) when she becomes pregnant from a night of unprotected sex with her husband after they shoot up. Then they try to detox themselves when she is pregnant to do the right thing and her body and baby are so stressed that in the middle of the detox she miscarries and has to deliver the baby stillborn. Then the heroin (which they start again) takes them to a place like hell, when they move to the country and start to fight between themselves and she has a nervous breakdown, but because he doesn't get what's happening to her, he leaves her alone and she gets institutionalized. It's a crazy ass movie. It was good, not great, and I can see what they were trying to do. There were many comments made in the movie about how it isn't about HEROIN but about a love story and how their love tried to overcome their addiction.... or as someone said in the commentary, a Hero, a Heroine, and Heroin. Hmmm. I can see and feel their pain, and their struggle to do the right thing, and their struggle to get away from the smack... but it's really hard for me to imagine a junkie as a hero. But it was a good movie.

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