Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend

Well, it's been an interesting Memorial Day Weekend. Friday night Evan worked and I had my Bead Retreat Party. There were 13 people in attendance (including me) and we made the ocean treasures bracelet. It was fun and I am really glad that everyone came! I am almost to $500 in sales, and when I reach that level, I will be getting $125 in Free merchandise, SEVEN Half price items, and the May Flowers Bracelet for free. That's an ENORMOUS amount of stuff. I literally went through the catalog and the summer flier and circled everything I want and with those hostess benefits I will GET everything I want. It's insane.

So on Saturday I made an anklet and two more bracelets, because it was rainy and I was super bored. I can't believe how much it poured. We got somewhere between 2 and 3 inches of rain in this area. We need it badly, it's been so dry, but it still made for a dreary day. I did't accomplish much.

Sunday (yesterday) was a cookout at Evan's parents house and we had a great time. Everyone brought food to pass and there was SO much good food it was great. We played two games of badminton in the pool and the excercise was great, especially easy to be in the pool and be active since I was weightless. (now I know why my midwife recommends it so highly) Earlier in the day I had gone over to Anya's and helped her pick out plants to dig up from another friend's house. In the hour or two that I was outside watching and naming plants, I must have gotten sunburnt. After leaving there and picking up Evan's grandma, and going to the cookout, I didn't feel it yet, but we sat outside for about 20 minutes before I put my suit on, and by the time I put my suit on I Had dark red tan lines from my tank top. SO I proceeded with applying my SPF 30 twice for the remainder of the afternoon and although I did get burnt, at least it wasn't as bad as it could be. I was able to sleep on my sides pretty well, except that my shoulders hurt a decent amount.

After the cookout I met my parents at Veteran's Park in Sheffield. We walked through the flagstone path that is paved with flags dedicated to veterans. My Great Great Uncles, the Hortz brothers, were both killed in action and the legion is named after them in Sheffield. Their flags are positioned at the beginning of the flagstone path, right in front of their home.... which is now owned by my friend Zack. My great grandma grew up in that house and her father built it. When her brothers were killed the funeral caissons were in front of the house and the procession started right where the flags are posted today. We also have one other relative whose flag is posted there in the park.

After seeing the flags, I went to my parents and dad lit the bonfire. We sat around and chatted and Had Smores. It was nice and relaxing and I stayed there until just about midnight, then I came home and put on the Ocean Potion Aloe and went to sleep. Tonight we are having them over for supper. Nothing fancy, just food. I know I should take a shower, but my sunburn hurts and I would prefer to just get dressed as I am before I run to work and then to grab some food for tonight.

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