Saturday, May 30, 2009

Saturday- Shopping without the kids!

This will be short. Although it might be long because I feel like I have a ton to say about just today! But really, I need to go to bed. Because I am tired!

Friday was a great day, but I was seriously operating on exactly 3.5 hours of sleep. Marek woke up at 6:30 and spent the next 35 minutes working on the poo that he does once or twice a week. After taking care of that situation, I decided I might as well stay awake because I needed to get us all ready to leave home. I got myself and Marek completely ready and then woke up Ardyn and got her ready for school. We dropped her off and then went to a yard sale. Lisa had tipped me off that there were a few in the newest subdivision in Princeton, and based on the size of the houses (and the income) in that subdivision, I was pretty sure that there would be good stuff. I had planned on going to several, but I spent ALL my cash at the first yard sale, and came out with an entire garbage bag of boy clothes from about 6 months to 2T. All were exceptionally clean... Old Navy, Tommy Hilfiger, Baby Gap, The Children's Place, Nike, Lands End.... It was an AMAZING Sale. I really had to concentrate hard to get only what I knew I could really need, although I think I have WAY to many pair of Jeans for Marek now.... but I figure that boys can't destroy jeans as easily, since Ardyn doesn't destroy jeans easily.... and if we don't use them, they will EASILY resell. After that sale, Marek and I headed to pick up my wedding set at Zales, as it was sent away to be sized down AGAIN. We picked up the ring and then went to Maurices. I got a pair of Jeans that were originally $40, on sale for $20. The first pair of jeans I have bought since before I was pregnant with Ardyn, which was about 50-60 pounds ago. This is the only pair I own that I can't pull off without unbutttoning. Ha.

Then we ran to Hobby Lobby. I had my 40% off coupon and needed an album for Ardyn, because I have filled the ones I have. Then we went back towards home and stopped at the dodge dealership to get the oil changed. I had to nurse Marek and the girls allowed me to use the file and server room for a bit of privacy. It was comical but it worked. I refuse to feed him in a bathroom unless it has a lounge or chair in it.

When we finished with the oil change, we ran to the post office and then home, where we were EXCITED to find the entire front yard fence completed! yeah! All that is left is to saw off the tops of the fence posts, and make and mount the gates. Grandpa Bob and Evan and Uncle Kyle worked on it that afternoon, and they went ahead and temporarily screwed two fence panels over the gate openings so that Ardyn could use the front yard to play over the weekend in safety. I am so excited about that fence I can't even put it into words.

It wasn't long after getting home that we had to turn around and go get Ardyn from school. Evan had band practice so we packed a bag to go to Grandma Deb and Grandpa Dave's. I needed to use the cricut and that's where it lives now. I wanted to cut out some letters and numbers to put our address on the side of the mailbox, as we will be getting home mail delivery soon! I was just going to buy the letters, but it was $2.99 a pack and I had to buy a whole pack of numbers and a whole pack of letters, even though I only needed THREE numbers. Then I saw the blank vinyl outdoor sheets and just bought two of those so that I could cut them on the cricut.

Well, it worked, but it was ESPECIALLY sensitive, and I really had to work on the pressure and the speed and the font size so that the vinyl wouldn't tear. I was able to get it finally. I didn't want to buy the cricut vinyl because it's insanely more expensive and I don't know that it will work outdoors for long. These were $1.99 a sheet, so I saved $ over any off the other options I had. Hopefully I can affix everything to the box sometime tomorrow.

So last night at my parents, my sister Liz came over, and we all ate supper. Problem was I was still going on 3.5 hours of sleep, and I could barely keep my eyes open. I put the kids in overnight diapers and pajamas and we went home and straight to bed. Marek slept for a 6 hour stretch, which was nice, and I slept for about 9 hours, which I really needed.

Today I went to Peoria with Cari, and Evan kept the kids, which was something I was SO looking forward to. I went intending to spend almost NO money. I didn't do half bad. But I did spend money. But Old Navy had their graphic T's on sale for $3. So I got two t's for me, 3 for Evan, and then hit the kids clearance racks which were 50% off the already clearance priced items. I got two $2 tank tops for Ardyn, two $2 t-shirts for Marek, and a pair of $0.99 shorts for Marek too. So all 8 shirts and a pair of shorts for $25 when all was said and done. Now I don't care who you are, that's a damn good deal!

I also got a shirt on the clearance rack at dressbarn, with a matching necklace that I got a % off on because it was cracked (which I intend to glue.) Then we ate lunch, and went to other stores that Cari needed to hit. I pumped milk in the Old Navy changing rooms and the Dick's sporting good's bathroom. I decided that I won't pump in a bathroom again. Not worth it. Nowhere to sit. Germ phobic.

Then we stopped at the pet store. I hit the clearance bins looking for a small dog collar. I found a few but they weren't very cute. Then I saw that they had all their toy breed gear on clearance, and I got an ADORABLE collar that is white with sparkles and pink and green and blue flowers, and a pink buckle. It was cheap so I bought it. The plan was to make a tag for the collar and put it on Ardyn's stuffed dog, whichever one she chooses to take to school or anywhere else with her, so that it doesn't get lost or sent home with the wrong kid. She only goes once a week and we have already had another kid's stuffed animal, a sweatshirt, a blanket, AND a coat sent home with us that don't belong to her. SO I am especially careful to label all her posessions so that we don't get anything lost. I used the machine to make a tiny blue metal tag that says "Property Of" and then has Ardyn's Full name on it. I attached it to the collar and surprised her with it tonight, putting it on a stuffed dog. She was excited about that.

While Cari hit Target, I pumped milk in the car, and then we went to Scrapadoodle, which is BY FAR the coolest scrapbook store within an hour of us. I was overwhelmed with desire for paper. They have THE COOLEST papers. Oh. Boy. But I stuck to the plan, and just bought exactly enough paper to match my Thanksgiving layout, since I had been unable to find any, or enough, at the Hobby Lobby and Joann stores I had already been at. It was extremely difficult to stick to just what I needed, BUT the sheets of paper there are $0.79 to $1.99 EACH there, so that was my motivating factor. That and the fact that just before we finished up there, Evan called to tell me that Ardyn had thrown up three times and had red bumps all over her back and bad diarrhea all day. Poor kid. I was all kinds of nervous that she had gotten a stomach bug at school, but when he said the red bumps were there, I was pretty sure it was a bad reaction to dairy. Looks like they gave her something with dairy again at school. I don't know how to handle this, it's becoming a pattern. Every Saturday she has a bad diaper rash and diarrhea because she eats at school and they let something slip through. At this point in time, we are having a hard time deciding if school is worth it. I don't know how to comminicate with them that they need to talk to the caterer and see what is IN each of the meals that they are giving her, and this includes her snacks. I don't know what else I can do to be more clear about the fact that this is serious.

By the time I got home, she was in a bit better spirits. This evening she quickly went back to her old self. I gave her a banana and some pedialyte. She wasn't too interested in food, and I don't blame her one bit. But she did dance and sing and play, and wanted to go outside, which Evan said was the most active she had been all day. So I did take her and Marek outside. It was great, to be able to hold and nurse Marek and watch Ardyn play without the fear of her getting to the road. I love the fence.

Evan went to see a movie, and I gave Ardyn a MUCH needed bath, and then got both kids ready for bed and read Ardyn a few books. I was going to do laundry and such, but I am just tired, so I am wrapping this up to go to bed!

More later. Hope you all are having a great weekend!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

A little behind... Well two of them to be exact!

I am a little behind in my posting, and I apologize. I keep meaning to write, but before I know what hit me, it's 2am and I am falling asleep while trying to put the sheets back on a king sized bed without waking up the baby attached to it in a co-sleeper. :)

Since it's only 1am now, I figure I have an hour to get this out and get caught up. Then I am SO going to bed!

Speaking of Behinds, two of them have gotten some new fluff, all MADE BY MAMMA! Whoo! I started with the navy blue fleece pants and it escalated to the green vehicle fleece and the olive green fleece, all three for Marek.
And the shirt makes it a set!
Then it got crafty with the first pair of board shorties with a guitar applique and contrasting waistband.

Then I couldn't stop, so I made the spotted boardies
New Board Shorties for Marek

and then the brown boardies with contrasting orange leg cuffs... and then the matching shirt.
Orange and Brown Boardies

Marek models his new outfit

Then I started on Ardyn, and made her a pair of monkey capris with a lettuce edge hem on my NEW Janome Serger, which ROCKS and was so simple to thread and start with that I practically screamed with joy. I had scored some Wolly Nylon (okay, a LOT of Wooly Nylon) Variagated Cones at JoAnn, regularly $3.99 each, for $ 0.97 (yes, NINETY SEVEN CENTS folks!) Holy crap!
Monkey Shorties with Lettuce Hems!

I started sawing off onesies and hemming them, which allowed me to practice stretch stitching on the new sewing machine. One of them was a little too short once cut off, and became the equivelent of a male 80's belly shirt.... he will never wear it, as I don't have any teeny spandex or soft soled wrestling shoes for him to match it up to.

I Have so much sewing to do, it makes my head spin, but I am taking a break and expect to resume over the weekend perhaps.

Last night was homemade pizza night, and I made a seriously loaded Meaty pizza with mushrooms and onions,
Homemade Pizza Night!
and a mini version for Ardyn without any cheese.... I sliced hers into tiny wedges and she picked it up to eat it like a big girl.
Dairy Free Mini Pizza
She had never done that with pizza before. When I said what a big girl she was, she responded "Mommy's a Big Girl. Mommy Poops in the Potty!" and then "Daddy's a big girl! Daddy poops in the potty!" we laughed hysterically. As much as we tried to explain that Daddy is a big BOY, she insisted that he was a big girl! Her other new thing is "muscles." In Wal-Mart tonight she was showing Aunt Liz that "ardyn has muscles" and then "Mommy has Muscles" and when we got home she jumped into daddy's arms and said "Daddy has Muscles!"

We had Angel Food Cake with fresh fruit and whipped Cool Whip as dessert and it was FABULOUS!
Prepping for Dessert

I packed away all the newborn diapers last night. It was sad. I had been really excited to see him fit into a One-Size Diaper, and make use of the goodmamas for both kids for all kinds of simplicity reasons (packing a diaper bag, washing, not worrying about whose is whose...) and when it actually happened, it was bittersweet. I actually said to Evan "How will I ever wait three more years for another baby?" Well, probably because the Mirena costs a shitload and we want it to be cost effective. LOL. And probably because I need to have two kids who are a little more self-sufficient before I have more. He he. But still. Bittersweet!
Packing away the Newborn diapers

I also sold all 16 of the KL0's (Kissaluv Size 0's) that we had, because they just didn't cut it for us. They are super soft and the fit was great, but Marek is a super soaker (and Ardyn is a pretty heavy wetter too) and I commented that using a KL0 on Marek was like putting a kleenex on a leaky water pipe. So those all sold, and I turned that money around and bought some fabric to make clothes and such. The KL0's shipped out today to their new home. I decided to sell the KHW's (Kind Hearted Women) also because the rise was low and he grew out of them very quickly. All I kept was a few WAHM dipes, a Pampered Cheeks, and ALL of the Newborn Mutts, because I ADORE them. Let's hope the elastic holds up in storage for 3 years!

I also worked with the kids today on our gift to our midwife, which I am keeping top secret for now, lest she reads this. It was fun, and Ardyn was my "helper" and did a great job.

Ardyn has been concentrating hard on being fabulous, and none of it is my doing. In the past few days she has been accessorizing everything. She loves headbands, and I love how they keep the wisps of curls out of her face. She started to put on her fabulous fancy hat, and her apron, and her Dora Backpack, and she INSISTS on putting shoes on, usually on the wrong feet. It's a scream to see her put flip flops on the wrong feet. She knows SOMETHING isn't right. Ha.
Seeing Daddy off to work
Here she is when Daddy was leaving for work yesterday, she was telling him goodbye, but was looking damn fab doing it. She had pigtails, barrettes, a lime green headband (which she later wore around her booty and stretched it all out beyond repair) and her fancy hat too.
And here she is again (above), this was today....

She is also quite the daredevil. I left her alone for about 10 minutes this morning while switching laundry, and when I came back upstairs she was STANDING in the cosleeper, reaching into mommy's shelf alongside the bed, getting out lotion. (she NEEDS Lotion these days, and she calls shapstick "Lips! I NEEDS Lips!") Yesterday I put all the kid gear up on the couch to vacuum and when I came back into the room from getting a drink in the kitchen, she was STANDING on her Red Anywhere Chair, ON TOP of our couch, jumping up and down. When I saw her she got the "I caught" look and sat on her butt instantly and said "I Bouncing! I Bouncing!" Whew. Daredevil Rides Again.
Daredevil Rides Again

Yesterday she also found the plastic medicine dropper (syringe type) that we use to give Marek his refux meds, and was "pretending to give him medicine" with the syringe in his mouth. I often say "Only Mommy Gives Marek Medicine" or "Only Mommy and Daddy pick up Marek" or "Only Mommy Feeds Marek." Oy. She wants to help SO BADLY and I let her when it's safe!

We visited Grandpa Dave and Grandma Deb this past weekend, and saw the new concrete patio to replace the old brick by the kitchen door. Grandpa Dave was very entertaining to all of us as we watched him intermittently curse at the gnats eating him alive, and measure and mark out the dimensions for the steps they have to build. Ardyn and I watched from behind the safety of the kitchen screen.
Ardyn watches Grandpa Dave

Marek is following in his sister's footsteps and working on his "pull at your heartstrings" dramatic facial expressions. I think he's doing well....

And that's all. And now my time is up, and it's almost 2am, and I am falling asleep. So goodnight and I hope to be back tomorrow or Friday, with more excitement from the homefront. The weather has been rainy, so with the exception of a trip to the post office and our Indoor Memorial Day Cookout at Danielle's, we have mostly been at home and inside. And we haven't killed each other yet!

Loose Teeth Vintage Inspired Sundress with Petticoat GUEST GIVEAWAY!!!!

Loose Teeth Vintage Inspired Sundress with Petticoat GUEST GIVEAWAY!!!!

Wow. I so want to win this. Just. Wow!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Back in Business!

Well, Today I have been cooking like crazy! I tried to make meatloaf for supper last night. I had everything mixed, and went to pull the 2 pounds of ground chuck from the fridge, only to open and discover that it was BROWN and smelled horrible. I was so upset, because I had just bought it at the locker on Tuesday, and it was only Friday.... so it should NOT have been bad. both kids were screaming in my ears and Ardyn was BEGGING me to rock her. So I just stopped where I was and called Evan, told him the situation, and sat in the rocking chair with both kids until they were calm and relaxed. When Evan got home I was rocking them on the porch, singing silly songs to them, and he went in and checked the meat and declared it definitely bad, and threw it out. We don't have a clue what happened, as I spent about $70 that day at the locker, on meat for the next week or two, and froze what we didn't need immediately, and everything else that was fresh seemed to be okay... strange.

So we had lunchmeat sandwiches instead.

So today I had Evan go to the locker and get me some fresh hamburger, so that we could have meatloaf for supper. This morning we all slept in till 10:30 again. That was nice because I was up until about 2am sewing these new board shorties for Marek, with a guitar applique. Evan was impressed, and I said "see, there's even a little pickgaurd!" Marek is wearing them today, and they are super cute. Again, he's too hot to handle, and is shirtless to be comfortable. I can't believe how much he can sweat when he's just sitting there!

Board Shorties for marek with Guitar Applique

The big man models his board shorties

I started in making food right off the bat this morning. On Thursday night, Ardyn helped me clean vegetables and so I had lots of things prepped for recipes I needed to get done.
Ardyn washes veggies

Ardyn washes veggies

Ardyn washed the veggies

She helped me make some AWESOME side salads to start out supper Thursday night...

Also on Thursday I re-evaluated and restocked/updated our family First-Aid kit that I keep in the van. Target had a special where you bought three First Aid items in their display and got this first aid bag for free, so I bought some gauze in larger sizes and some tape, and some Diego band-aids for Ardyn. Now that she's so much more mobile, I found lots more things that could come in handy in our first aid kit, like our all-natural homeopathic sting stop, and tweezers, and telfa pads, neosporin, benadryl cream, etc. I also added a pair of rubber gloves in case the person who was hurt was not in our immediate family, and plan on getting a few more pair to stash in there just in case.
Updating our "on the go" first aid kit

I folded kid laundry and washed diapers

So this morning I started by making Sweet Broccoli Salad and 7-layer salad (which here is 6 layer salad because I despise celery.) Then I made Ardyn's lunch, and then Rachel Ray's Tuna Pasta Salad, which is "yum-o"
Rachel Ray's Tuna pasta Salad

Then I browned the ground beef that I will be using to make bacon cheeseburger pizza tomorrow night, and meat lovers pizza with no cheese for Ardyn. I bought pizza crusts that have no milk, and got a two pack of regular sized, and a two pack of personal sized crusts. I will use one of each (personal sized for Ardyn with no cheese) and the other two I can freeze for a future occasion. I always say I am going to make my own pizza dough from scratch, and I think that's in the near future if things continue to go well.

Evan cut up 2lbs of Flat Sirloin for me, and I browned them with some beef broth and froze them so use in some Transylvanian Ghoulash (Rachel Ray) and an Asian Stir Fry recipe later in the week. After all that, the kids were heading down for naps, so I made our meatloaf for supper tonight and then Marek and I sat outside and watched while Evan added some new rocks to the ffreshly filled pond. Something about sitting in a lawn chair makes Marek absolutely SURE that he must have breastmilk. NOW. So I nursed him. And then we came inside and he fell asleep in his swing and I put the meatloaf in the oven. Evan and I wanted to run to town for a bit tonight, sans kids, but are having the customary hard time finding anyone who wants to watch the kids, even for two hours. It's incredibly frustrating, but it's a fact of life. It's the sad part of having grandparents that aren't so old they can barely walk.... they are just too busy.

I am really happy that I have suddenly started cooking again. I was tired (we ALL were) of eating out, or eating crap. But seriously, being a Pampered Chef consultant for those three years REALLY burned me out on cooking. I can't believe that, but it was really hard on me. It seems unrealistic that it would take four years to recouperate, but with having two kids and getting married and having the house gutted and remodeled, it just seems like there has been plenty going on. It is REALLY expensive to buy so much groceries, but at the same time, it's really expensive to eat out all the time. I think you just don't realize the cost because it isn't hitting you in one lump sum. Plus we have more people to feed now, and are more conscious about fresh ingredients and vegetables, and then we have Ardyn's dairy allergy and the whole "expensive Rice Milk" situation to deal with.

I planned meals for two weeks and got groceries, and I think that between getting the usual toothpaste, toilet paper, paper towels, etc.... it was about $250, and then on top of that add $70 of meat, and another $50 at Target for snacks, because they have the best healthy snacks that have no dairy.... I love the Archer Farm Fruit Strips, and dried fruit mixes for Ardyn and I to snack on, and they also sell the larger pouches of Barnum and Bailey Animal Crackers (the only brand without milk) and I end up grabbing things like Snapple Fruit Tea and Nice soft Fruit Snacks that Ardyn can actually chew without choking on. The snacks will last more than 2 weeks, probably a month or more, easily.... but you figure about $300 every two weeks for groceries.... It CAN be done cheaper than that, and once I get the hang of things and get a better stock built up of the essentials and certain ingredients, I think it will be less expensive. I did lots of recipes as supper meals, and then scheduled the leftovers as lunch for Ardyn and I later. I am hoping to get some more veggies next time, and do some steaming and pureeing like I did when I made all of Ardyn's baby food.... because I want to do some of the Sneaky chef recipes, and I might as well get the hang of it because in just 4 SHORT months, I will be making baby food for Marek too!

He's already two months old and time is FLYING by. I can't believe it! Look how much he loves to SMILE and laugh right now. Well, a silent or gurgled laugh.
He's a big smiler these days.
I wish the picture wasn't off centered, but he doesn't want to laugh at the camera, he wants to laugh at Mommy! So I am trying to take the picture without looking through the viewfinder.... so that I can be making him smile and he can see my face! Challenges!

Well, that's all for now, I need to go make salads and check the meatloaf! Have a great weekend!

FINALLY a kid's sunscreen without all the residue!

Well, I am happy today. We have used alot of sunscreens around here. With both kids being SOOOO fair, I am especially careful to apply sunscreen every morning before they get dressed, and reapply as needed if we are outside. luckily our whole front yard is shade, but still....

We have used pretty much every type in the "pink bottles" and also Aveeno and Neutrogena baby sunscreens. I like that the Neutrogena doesn't smell like anything, and so I use it on Marek.... but today I opened our new bottle of Huggies Little Swimmers, and not only does it SMELL wonderful (mangoes! coconuts! mmm!) but the consistency is very much like a whipped souffle, and it is SO easy to spread! My hands don't get icky, and there isn't that constant white residue on the kids, especially along their hairlines and on their ears. There is no residue anywhere in fact, and it rubs in completely, just like a regular lotion. We have SPF 50.

they also have a hypoallergenic version that is unscented!

Try it out!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Lots of Crafty Things Happening Here!

Both kids are sleeping but I don't expect that to last long because Marek is gassy today and wakes himself every time he gets a bubble.

Last night was an absolutely shocking night. Marek slept for 8.5 hours straight! Yeee~ First time! Ardyn and Marek BOTH slept for 14 hours.... 9pm to 11am. It was so strange. We ALL slept till 11am. We were exhausted! We have been running around all week, and all of the weekend, and it was just time to catch up!

It's 83 in the shade today, so we have been lying low inside and relaxing, sewing, and playing on the porch. Evan and his dad have been working on the fence, setting the poles level and putting concrete around them. ALL of the front yard poles are in place, leveled, and set in concrete. The concrete is dry and the holes have been filled. The side privacy fence has had the poles set and leveled and hopefully will be concreted soon... but planting finally started today and so the guys are in the field and Evan is field cultivating for the evening.

Yesterday my Mother-In-Law and I went to the sewing machine repair and sales shop that I go to, and my machine's problem ended up being a tension issue, nothing major, more of a crazy mistake than anything. We also were there to look at a used Janome Serger that a woman had turned in. She purchased it, and then pretty much never used it. The warranty card and bookk and everything were untouched, and it works like new. I got some tips on the machine, and watched them show me how to sew, thread, etc.... and We brought it home with us. It was a gift from MIL, which was awesome nice. It's a Mylock 634D. I haven't gotten a chance to look at it here yet, but I hope to use it soon!

I think I'm in Love

Last night Ardyn was at my parents' house (she went in the afternoon while we went to look at the Serger) and she stayed until bedtime. They brought her back bathed and ready for bed, which was AWESOME. Marek and I had been hanging at home, and we had Italian Beef for supper from the crock pot, and then he had to go to band praactice. Marek and I sat in the dining room and I sewed Christina's Boppy Covers! YaY! Evan mailed them for me this afternoon.

Finished: Christina's Boppy Covers!

Finished: Christina's Boppy Covers!

Today has went well. I worked on wrapping ribbons to make Corker Bows. I haven't baked them yet, but I will get to it. Maybe over the weekend when it's not so hot! I have a TON of ribbon spools to wrap and bake, this is not even 3 full spools! I bought the ribbon on 50% off at Hobby Lobby, so it was only $1 for a 15 foot spool. I have lots of different stripe colors, polka dots, and solid grosgrains... so plenty to play with and plenty of time to do it in.

WIP: Korker Bows for Ardyn

WIP: Korker Bows for Ardyn

Today I also made a cloth diaper for Ardyn's Newborn Cabbage Patch Doll. She was SOoooooO excited about that. I put a pretty ribbon scrap on the front and used Velcro to fasten the diaper on. Here are a few pics. She didn't want to part with her long enough to get the picture taken. She was hysterical and wanted the doll back NOW! She said "Mommy Sews! Mommy Sews a Diaper!" lol. I made the "pattern" just freehand on a scrap of yellow paper. When I look at the pic it cracks me up because the pattern has the phone number for the zoning board in one corner, since we have been calling with fence questions throughout the project. Ha.

Because EVERYONE appreciates a pretty cloth diaper....

In the background of this pic you can see Ardyn's blue shirt and her hand waving and reaching for the doll while she screeches "here! Here! HERE!" and wants her back. Ha.
Because EVERYONE appreciates a pretty cloth diaper....

Because EVERYONE appreciates a pretty cloth diaper....

I found a mamma online who wants to trade me some of her new mamma cloth and pul backed nursing pads for a custom boppy cover. That would be cool. I am hoping tonight to get the new sewing machine out and check it out. I have LOTS more fleece pants to make. I have 3 pair for Marek done, altough I haven't hemmed two of them (on the right) because I wasn't sure if I wanted to leave them longer so that when he grows into them this fall/winter they won't be too short. I dunno yet. DH says for now we can roll them, which isn't a bad plan. He will be able to wear them for a while, so I want to make sure the length isn't too short. Each pair includes an inner pair of shorties as an extra soaker layer in the wetzone. I just altered the pattern to add that in each pair. I have two more pair for Marek, and then several pair to make for Ardyn also.

Fleece Longies for Marek

With Internal Shorties pulled out:
Fleece Longies for Marek

I put Ardyn's hair in a ponytail today, for the first time, and she was SO Excited. It's mainly the word "pony" that thrilled her so much! Ha. Then we went outside for a bit to swing, and saw two horses on our street, and so we walked over and asked if we could pet them and they said she could sit on them too, as they were used to children and very relaxed. She sat on BOTH horses and was SO excited. She loves horses. She kept saying "Horse is Cuuuuuute. There's his eyes! Niiiiice Horsey! I ride him! I ride the horsey!" The riders thought she was hilarious, because she was so vocal and excited. I didn't get any pics because it was really spur of the moment, but she was so thrilled.

On the First Hot Day

Poor Marek, he was so hot today, even in shorts, that I finally just stripped him down to his diaper and he relaxed and played and napped naked. Looks like he's going to be a hot blooded boy, like his mamma. AND that he likes to run around in his underwear, like his mamma. Oh boy. He's asleep in his diaper right next to me as I type.

My favorite part of summer? Dirty feet. Ardyn and I both have FILTHY feet each night. I always have someone say "Oh, you're feet are dirty (as if I don't KNOW that) and then I can clarify that they are barely dirty, and they should wait till the end of the day when they are really dirty." I always wear flip flops, and you just get dirty feet! Especially when you are planting flowers or flowerboxes, or playing with a toddler. I have had dirty feet all summer, my entire life. That's the way a farm girl does things!

Grandpa Dave's first calf was born almost a week ago, and we are waiting for the next calf to be born so we can run out and see it when it's too small to bolt away from us. I want Ardyn to be able to experience that, and pet the calf, and see a newborn, just like I did my entire life. I will be sure to get pics on here once we get that accomplished.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Busy and productive day!

Lots of good things going on! I finished the Niabi Zoo Picture Frame for Ardyn's room. It's super cute! The picture is done at Wal-Mart, but I haven't picked it up just yet. Here is the finished project! You can view it larger here.)
Completed: Niabi Zoo Frame

I also recently cranked out a few Minkee and Flannel Burp rags. I needed then badly, and so I made a few. I have more to make, but I paused to work on Christina's boppy covers and wouldn't you know that my sewing machine BROKE Again? What is it with my luck?!
More Minkee Burp Cloths

I was so frustrated. I have all this fabric sitting here, and these projects to work on, and I finally just decided that I would take the Sears gift card that I have had for a while now, and go look at Sears for machines. I went in looking for a backup machine in the $100 range, but I couldn't find one with a horizontal bobbin. The salesman suggested the machine that they had on closeout for $159. It had the horizontal bobbin. The only other horizontal bobbin machines were Singer's at $129. When I expressed my displeasure with Singer because of their poor quality these days, and my recent experience with the Serger, I told him that I don't want to purchase another Singer product as long as I live, and he offered to sell me the Kenmore machine for the price of the Singer, $130. I thought about it, and asked him to half the difference with me and sell it for $115, and he did! So I got the machine for $114.99 and with my gift card it only cost me $63! It was originally a $179.00 machine. To get my older Singer repaired, it cost me $65 last time, and it's doing the same damn thing again. So I started to think that maybe it's going to continue to do this, and so for less money, I got a new machine, with more stitches and such. I hope that it lasts! I may still fix the one that I have, just for backup, but we will see. I am DYING to take it out and play, but I need to go to bed tonight! It's sitting on the couch next to me, in the box. I will be especially interested to see if it has a stretch stitch (I bet it does!) because that will come in handy on my upcoming training pants with the knits. Also hoping for a 3-step zig-zag.

Both kids are in bed, and I have diapers washing. I am eating Ben and Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie Ice Cream and waiting for them to be ready to put in the dryer, and then I am down for the count.


It started off with baths for Ardyn and I, followed by getting everyone dressed. The kids and I went for a walk uptown, hit the post office and the bank, and then went to the Locker to get meat for the next two weeks. Ardyn was so funny. She LOVES meat. She was fussy and impatient when we were there, and so I said "Just wait please, and when we get the meat, we will go outside and walk more." and she said "Yay! Meat! I eat the meat! I chew it up!" People in the locker were cracking up. Only my child would express her love for meat like that. he he. And then she was counting metal stars in the store, and counting them IN SPANISH?! Holy cow! Diego and Dora really do teach her so much. I count spanish to her but she has NEVER attempted to count or repeat numbers in Spanish... so I was pleased! And glad I took a year of Spanish in High School!

After our walk, we ate a picnic lunch in the front yard, that Grandma Susan had sent over for us. We watched Daddy and Grandpa Bob putting in fence posts for our new fence. When we were done eating we packed up and took off to drop Ardyn at Great Grandma Mona's house for the afternoon, while Marek and I ran errands and got groceries. It took us 4.5 hours! Jeez. It was exhausting! I took my wedding ring/set to the jeweler to get it sized down AGAIN. When we got married, I had it sized up from a 9.5 to a 10, because when putting the two bands together, they are wider and therefore fit a bit tighter. After having Ardyn it went from a 10 to an 8.5 and today they fit me at a 7.5 but I decided to get an 8 in case I swell over the summer. I have NEVER been a size 7.5 in my life. Not even in High School when I was 135 pounds! Amazing what breadtfeeding and childbirth do for my metabolism!

We got the machine at Sears, and then I tried on a few Shirts in Bergners to kill the time while my jewelry was being cleaned and inspected (i took my earrings in too.) When we got to the mall, I went to the family room and changed Marek, and sat in the rocker and nursed him. We went from there right to the jewelers, where the lady who was helping us told me that when Marek cried (he wanted to be HELD and not in the stroller) that he sounded like he was HUNGRY and I told her that I just fed him, and she said "well to me he sounds hungry!" and I wanted to smack her and tell her that he's my kid and I don't need her opintion on how he sounds because I know him better than anyone. WHY do people make comments like that? Seriously?

So after getting those errands done, we went to target to get snacks. They have the best snack foods without dairy, and so we grabbed those, and then on to get groceries. We were in Super Wal-Mart for like TWO HOURS. Oh my god. I had HUGE list, as we hadn't gotten groceries in two months (seriously) and I was doing meal planning and getting a few ingredients that I hadn't even HEARD of before, let alone knew where to find. There were a few things I did NOT find, and they were out of red bell peppers unless you bought a big bag of assorted peppers, so I need to get one of those elsewhere. Groceries are SO expensive! It costs a ton to eat well. I am doing several new recipes in the next two weeks, especially from the Rachel Ray cookbook for families (Yum-O is the name of it.) Like Meatball Orzo Soup, Transylvanian Ghoulash, Monkey French Toast, and Italian Wedding Chicken Soup. When Ardyn goes to school later this week, I will do some prep of veggies and meats, and hopefully do some pureeing so that next time I can make some recipes from the Jessica Seinfeld Cookbook. I am really wanting to get Ardyn to eat more veggies! All of us need to, really.

You know, as I am sitting here, I am realizing how awesome Marek is for a baby. He is 8 weeks old today, and when I wanted him to go down for the night, I just nursed him, changed his diaper, swaddled him, and laid him down in the cosleeper... and walked away. He puts himself to sleep every night! What's UP with that? I guess it's just because I have been doing it that way long enough that he knows what being swaddled in his bed means. As long as his belly is full, he's cool. What an awesome kid!

Well, today I did forget to pick up Marek's prescription and my photos before getting groceries, and by the time we got done, everything was closed. So I am trying to figure out if I want to do that tomorrow morning, or what. In the afternoon Ardyn is spending time with Grandma Deb while Grandma Susan and Marek and I go to the sewing machine shop that I use, to drop off the broken machine and look at Sergers. I have yet to replace mine. I am excited to see the Janome models and have the shop give me some demos. Wish us luck that we find something!

Well,I am out of things to say, so maybe I will take this Kenmore out of the box, or at least open it and read some of the book to get a feel for what it has to offer.

I will get Christina's boppy covers done if it's the last thing I do!
I love my job... I can wear flip flops and stretchy shorts every day!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009


you know, the things that are reusable astound me. We obviously cloth diaper. But once you start getting into that green community, you start to learn about all KINDS of things that are reusable.

And you all know that I use the cloth mamma pads, which as we all remember, was something that completely HORRIFIED me about two years ago when I first learned that such a thing even existed! Well there are some pretty cool people out there, and one of the things that I am moving towards is reusable "cotton rounds" like to remove makeup, etc. I actually use them to apply toner, and to remove fingernail polish, and to clean the kids' eyes with. I won't be able to use them for nail polish, but I can certainly use them for eye cleaning and makeup removing and toner applying. My first batch should be arriving anyday now. I got them from Homestead Emporium. I bought two sets of 12 for a total of 24 hand dyed bamboo facial rounds.

bamboo facial rounds

I can't WAIT. And you know, those cotton rounds are about $2-4 a pack, and I can't even count how many of those I have used in my time. Plus I always buy the expensive swisspers brand, because they don't shed and leave cotton wisps all over everything, like the "cotton" brand sold at Wal-Mart does. I am happy to be giving business to a work at home family, and also to be reusing something else. Also check out their blog if you have time. They are giving away $100 gift certificate- and you have until September 30th to enter!

While I was shopping with them I also grabbed a pair of their washable breast pads. Mine just aren't cutting it this time around, because they are just cotton, and have no backing to prevent leaking (PUL, Wool, Fleece, etc.) and so they aren't really doing me any good, although they are washable. I like HE's teardrop shaped design, and I hope that the one pair is a nice fit and does what I need, because I may consider more. I didn't leak too much with Ardyn, but I didn't have this much milk either!

I absolutely adore their pads, the dyeing is, well, to die for. LOL. They have some awesome ones stocking on Monday, so be sure to check out their website and blog to see what's coming up next.

While we are on the reusable conversation, check out foilers too while you are at it. How interesting is that? Didn't even think of it! And I might also have gotten this recycled purse... Maybe.

I got some new mamma cloth on the way from Bellies Babies and More, and I will take a pic when it all arrives. I want to make my own, but of course the serger is down, and some of those fabrics are expensive... but I will probably be making more of my own once I get a working serger! Before I had Marek, I bought some mamma cloth to use postpartum. I really loved the ones that I got from Sewing Mom Just Accessories. They were AWESOME and worked great. But I bought a custom set from another mamma on hyenacart, and I do not like them. Gonna sell them as a matter of fact!

Feeling Crafty and Productive!

I am on a freaking roll tonight. Let me start by saying that today was a fun, yet exhausting day. Ardyn was on my last nerve for about 75% of it. We woke up with the idea that we were going to go to Smitty's Sew n Vac to look at Sergers, and take Grandma Sue with, but she had things going on today, so we were kinda sitting here looking at each other, all dressed to GO somewhere. Evan said we should get out, and we decided to go to the fabric store. He had band practice tonight, so I wanted to take the kids out and about. I was hoping to find a friend to go with us, both for entertainment (someone to talk to besides two kids under 2) and for assistance, and so I tried my mom (no deal), my sister (nope) and my friend Lisa. And everyone was busy. So I packed us up and off we went. We BARELY made it through Joann before all hell broke loose with Ardyn, who decided that she WANTED everything to hold onto (things in the store, things in my purse, things in the cart) only to throw them on the floor and be ornery. She went from a squealing, laughing, singing toddler who was SOOOOO loud and talking to every person in the store, so a screaming, kicking toddler screaming at everyone. Luckily most people sewing were moms, so they had utmost respect and sympathy for me, but there were a few people who were not thrilled. Oh well. Then we went to Hobby Lobby, where Ardyn screamed her head off for about the first 30 minutes in the store, making the fabric lady laugh hysterically at her antics, and then finally (after I let her HOLD a $12 picture frame shaped like a giraffe, took off her sweatshirt, shoes, socks, AND the shoulder straps of the harness in the stroller... AND gave her Marek's blanket) was happy as a clam and laughing and giggling to herself. At about which time Marek started in crying, because he was getting hungry and Ardyn kept bugging him (not to mention stealing his blanket.)

When we finally made it out of the store, I went through the McDonald's drive-thru because I was thirsty and they have large drinks on sale for $1 right now. Of course it took them like 10 minutes to get me and my stupid large coke through the drive-thru, and the whole time, Ardyn is singing and babbling at the top of her lungs, Marek is screaming hysterically and turning purple because he is so pissed, and I am trying to alternately reach his pacifier and move 4 inches forward at a time without rear ending the people in front of me. Finally I just gave up and cranked the radio so loud that even when Ardyn tried to yell over it, I could barely hear her at all. When I got my coke I flew out of there (car moving = no more crying!) and Ardyn said "Hold on Ardyn!" when I sped out of the parking lot! LOL.

We drove through the road construction on the interstate, with some genius riding my ass who apparently didn't know the meaning of CRUISE CONTROL (don't you hate those people who alternately ride your ass and then back off like a mile, and then here they come again, and then pass you and slow down, and then pass you and slow down?)

I had earlier stopped at a garage sale that turned out to be that of an old friend's little sister, working on baby #3, who had lots of boy clothes for CHEAP. I got two whole bags, up to size 2T, for $8. She had a nice little changing table for $20, and I really wished I had somewhere to put it at home, because I would love to have a place to put extra stuff so I can change Marek's diaper in the night and when Ardyn is napping, but I told her I didn't know where I could possibly fit it. Well, on the way home, I had an epiphany. I had been thinking of the damn thing all day, and so I went back to the house where the sale was, and although the sale was over, I knocked on their door and asked if they had sold it, and they said no, and I asked if they wanted it gone, and so I took it off their hands and crammed it into the back of the van (Have I mentioned lately that stow-n-go is the coolest thing on the face of the earth and I will NEVER go without it again?!)

Changing Table:
Changing Table- $20 Garage Sale Find

Three Side Drawers are awesome:
Changing Table- $20 Garage Sale Find

When I got home, Evan came right out to unload us and right away was like "What's in the back?" and so I told him it was my garage sale find. He brought it in the house, and I told him about Ardyn's terrible toddler behavior, and he called his parents, who agreed to take her overnight (WHOOOOOO!) and that was so nice, because I haven't had a break from her overnight in almost TWO MONTHS (since Marek was born and we were in the hospital!)

Today's Diaper Laundry:
Probably about two days with two kids- marek's Mutts on the left with the wipes, and Ardyn's Goodmamas on the right.
Today's Diaper Laundry

The Goodmamas are overwhelming us! There are about 5 missing from the pic, dirty from today.... but look how pretty they are-
Goodmama Stash

So after quickly leaving her with grandparents (I could see the confuused look on her face as I drove off and realized that I didn't kiss her or hug her or say goodbye, Oops!) Marek and I happily drove home in SILENCE and then I cleaned up the changing table, and moved it into our bedroom. Then I cleaned the bedroom, which hadn't been cleaned in about two months (anyone else noticing a pattern here?!) and went through baskets of accumulated clothes. I setup the changing table and was pleased! So cute! I nursed Marek, and folded the diaper laundry, and put away the kids' laundry. I washed towels and put them all away. I cleaned off the dining room table and moved the Sewing Machine and some of my stuff up here so i can sew (the sewing room is flooded again, as of yesterday when it downpoured for hours again and I was sewing and felt my socks get wet suddenly.)

Moved to Higher Ground-
Moved to higher ground

I am prepping the fabric I bought today. LOTS of stuff was 30-50% off, and mostly I get small quantities, from 1/4 to 1 yard per cut.

Here's a preview of what's to come- I made myself a list of what I want to do next, craft wise:

Flannel and Minky for 2-sided burp cloths-
Minky and Flannel for two sided burp cloths

Fleece for Ardyn's Fleece Covers-
New Fabric

Knits for Stellar Transitions Training Pants-
New Fabric
for some reason te colors are wacky in the pic. The solids are bright orange, lime, and turquoise.

Cotton Prints-


FOUND: Tree fabric

Coming Soon: Zoo Photo Frame-
Coming Soon: Photo frame for Zoo Photo from our trip

Coming Soon: Korker Hair Ties-
Coming Soon: Korker hair Ties

Marek was a little cranky this evening.... but he's still cute.
Marek is sad

Okay, baby crying. Need to nurse him and go to sleep! Almost 2am already! Bye bye!
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