Friday, April 27, 2007

Advertising in the Media

Wow my May is getting so busy. It's unbelievable. In the first two weeks alone, I have a Computer User Group Meeting, A Meeting with the Daycare, a Meeting with the pediatrician, a Women's Health Expo, A Teeth Cleaning, A Pedicure, A 2-day Conference out of town, A Wedding to attend, an appointment with my Midwife, and Mother's Day.

Holy Jeez. This morning I was contemplating various things.... such as the local radio stations, which I am beginning to loathe. We used to have several great stations to choose from, but as they have sold and restructured them, it's really sad how their music selection and DJ's have gone downhill. The best morning show in the area, without a doubt, was Dwyer and Michaels on Q106.5- and then one day Dwyer and Michaels announced that they would me moving to another station. And then their old station changed and started to play Bob and Tom Mornings. Now I have nothing against Bob and Tom. They can be funny. They just aren't really my listening choice. At all. Okay, I don't like them. I lied.

Well, now, there are 5 local stations that I USED to be able to listen to, and they are ALL playing Bob and Tom Mornings. It's like a freaking monopoly and it annoys the piss out of me. There are literally no radio stations that actually play MUSIC in the morning. And none of them have that local flair like Dwyer and Michaels. And whenever I catch music in the morning, I start to think of summer and ice cream and windows down and all sorts of happiness filters through me.... but it almost always ends with one song. This morning I got lucky and heard "angel is the centerfold" for a few minutes before I was thrust back into "too much talk." ACK. I am so sick of the radio not playing any music., and playing nothing but Bob and Tom Mornings. If I wanted to listen to people talk all the time I could totally switch to AM. What happened to AM radio being talk radio and FM radio being music? Or with Dwyer and Michaels, a nice BALANCE of music and talk.

Add that to the fact that there are so many TV commercials, playing at 15 decibels louder than the show they are interrupting.... and I have begun to heavily rely on TIVO and iPod for my entertainment needs. I don't watch any shows live. I TIVO everything and watch it later when I can fast forward through commercials. My husband always thinks I am a little insane when he talks about a new movie and I haven't seen the preview. Ahh the miracles of advertising avoidance. I don't read the newspaper. If I want news I look online. I don't listen to the radio, I either have CD's or my iPod with all the music I could ever want. I have iTunes new music Tuesday's to tell me what new music is worth a listen, or artist websites to tell me when new things are coming out.

The older I get the more I hate the advertising that is blatantly shoved down our throats. Magazines so full of reply cards and stiff paper ads that you can't hardly read the thing. I do like certain advertisements, especially now in baby magazines or scrapbooking magazines when I can actually see what's new out there. But really, do I need to see an ad for macaroni and cheese? I know what macaroni and cheese is. And the advertisements for prescription meds. I really believe in the idea that you participate in your own medical care, but this is RIDICULOUS!

So that's my thoughts for the day. For now.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Rain Rain Go Away

When it rains, my pants are like Wicks.... the hem sucks up water like you wouldn't believe, until the bottoms of my pants are wet. Yuk. And it's raining. It started storming around 12:15 last night and by 12:30 I was all freaked out, the winds were blowing and the windows were rattling and it was lightening so bad that the street lights were out. The dogs didn't like it either, they were whining and pacing, their toenails clicking the floor.

It's supposed to rain today, Thursday, and Friday. Ack.

It's supposed to be nice this weekend.... and I am looking forward to it. I finally feel like it's safe enough to clear out flower beds from debris. But I have three people who want me to be somewhere this weekend, plus it's my weekend for work duties, and I really don't want to commit to anything. I would like to just be able to do whatever I want and if that means NOTHING than so be it.

Last night I started reading a book, again. Angie bought it for me a long time ago, at my own request, but everytime I start to read it, it gets me so inspired that I stop reading it and take action, but since I never get to the end of it, or even halfway through, the action only lasts a short time. So I am re-reading the part that I have probably read 5 times already, and I am already feeling that call to action, but I am forcing myself to just READ until I get the whole damn thing done. Might take me a while. One of the strangest things about pregnancy is that I can't focus on one thing for long. I can't read an entire book. I have three half books read right now and still am not sure when or if I will finish any of them. Maybe if they were like EXCEPTIONAL books and real page turners, it would be better. But nothing really holds my attention now.

The Mayan Baby Ring Sling arrived today, I haven't taken it out of the package yet, but I can't wait to practice with it.... I need to dig out my baby doll that looks like a real baby. LOL. Evan will either participate or think I am completely crazy.

I hate rainy days, because I feel like staying in bed all day, and when the alarm goes off it feels like it's still the middle of the night. I snoozed once today and was preparing to snooze twice when Boyd started his "I know you're awake and I have to potty" whine, 1 foot from my head. So I got up and let them outside and ate my cereal and took my shower, pretty much as a zombie.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Tuesday Tidbits

Just sitting here catching up on Tivo before bed. Getting kicked every so often. LOL.

Tonight we took a Family and Friends CPR Course, for adult, child and infant CPR. Evan and I haven't had one since high school, me since like 1994 and him since about 1998. They change the CPR curriculum every 5 years, and LOTS has changed since then. We were glad that we went!

Boyd's newest infatuation is with the back of the stove and the heat/ac vent that is on the wall opposite the stove (as in behind it in the other room.) A while ago he saw a mouse come out of the back of the stove, run around the corner and down the large wall/floor vent. He spent that entire night scratching and howling and sniffing at the vent. That was over a month ago. Now every night he stakes out the vent for at least 1-2 hours, and sniffs under and around the back of the stove. It's like he thinks that the stove and the vent are connected to each other (back to back) and that the mice live in there..... although I haven't seen one yet and no evidence. But every night he stakes out the vent and the stove. It's a mixture of funny and totally annoying.

It was so good to be home on Sunday!! As soon as we got home I unpacked and changed into a tank top and shorts. It was 86 degrees! I ended up vacuuming, organizing, and doing laundry. Monday I was off work so I did much of the same, and ran the dishwasher, and then took a nice bath and went to drop off the wool living room rug and my pink peacoat at the cleaners. Then I got some groceries, went to the locker for some pork chops, and came home to a clean house after the cleaning people. It was hard to go back to work today, but we were busy so there was plenty to keep my mind at work.

After lunch I got called in for mandatory "random" drug and alcohol testing, which cracked me up. I haven't had a drop of alcohol since Thanksgiving last year, so I was saying "I had better blow zeros!" and of course I did. I am saving the paperwork and the breathalyser printout and evidence tape for the baby book. "baby's first breathalyser!" LOL.

I wish I had some chocoalte covered strawberries. What I DO Have is a DQ Oreo Blizzard in the freezer.... Mmmmm! I can't believe it's already almost MAY! Monday I was sitting in the nursery in the glider, and I thought to myself, in just 4 months, there will be a living breathing baby in this room! A little person who will live in our house! Everyday! It will be here before we know it!

The Letter M's harder than it looks!
Rules: Use the 1st letter of your name to answer each of the following...They MUST be real places, names, things...NOTHING made up! If you can't think of anything, skip it. YOU MUST use different answers if the person in front of you had the same 1st initial.

Your Name: Meagan

1. Famous Music Artist/Band: Mindless Self Indulgence

2. 4 letter word: Mars, Mugs, Mane, Maul

3. Street name: Maple (Drive, Street, etc.)

4. Color: Magenta

5. Vehicle: Mountaineer

6. Song: Manic Monday (The Bangles)

7. Food: Macaroni

8. Random word: Madagascar

9. Wild Animal: Mountain Lion

10. Things in a Souvenir Shop: Maps

11. Boy Name: Michael

12. Girl Name: Mandy

13. Movie Title: Mad Max, Mars Attacks, Mermaids, Mission Impossible, Monsters Inc.

14. Alcoholic drink: Mai Tai

15. Occupations: Manager, Messenger

16. Flowers: Marigold, Mum

17.Celebrities: Mark Wahlberg, Mischa Barton, Macy Gray, Mary Kate Olsen, Meryl Streep, Madonna, Mariska Hargitay

18. Magazine: Martha Stewart Living, Macworld, Marie Claire, Midwest Living, Maxim

19. US city: Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Madison

20. Pro Sports: Marching Band. LOL.

21. Something found in a kitchen: Milk

22. Reason for Being Late: Meth Lab Next Door Blew Up, Mental Breakdown

23. Something You Throw Away: Money. Ha ha ha.

24. Things You Shout: Motherfucker!

25. Cartoon character: Mighty Mouse

Sunday, April 22, 2007

I think I hate Milwaukee

Well, we just completed what may have been the worst "vacation" ever. We chose to go to Milwaukee for a getaway weekend before the baby gets here, and at the recommendation of my midwife, who said I needed a break from work and life and needed to get away with my husband. Everyone that we talked to said that Milwaukee was a great place to go and that there is so much to do and see.

Now I know that I probably needed to go on a break all by myself, and just take that $500 that we've spent and drop it all on myself at a spa for a long massage, pedicure, the whole deal. Which I have never done and which if I was smart I would have just done. The guilt would have been less than it is for dropping $500 to visit Milwaukee. On the way home my husband said just that, echoing what I was thinking, and telling me that it would be worth the money if I would feel more relaxed and be better. He's probably right. But of course I just kept thinking of how we will need a stroller and a car seat and a crib and not a "spa day."

My husband and I were not impressed with Milwaukee. I personally think that I have been forever spoiled after Vancouver. I have yet to find a city that compares in it's beauty and natural habitat, and also is so clean and pleasant. People of all races and cultures mix seamlessly there and embrace and talk to each other. It's like a utopia. As soon as we got to milwaukee we noticed a type of self-segregation. For the first day I felt very very white, very very unwelcome, and very very pregnant. No one made eye contact. No one smiled. No one tried to say hello. No one held open a door. Nothing. When we went to the little shops/mall Evan held doors open for people and they were ASTONISHED and profusely thanked him. Apparently that doesn't happen here. Ever. When trying to get in and out of an elevator or go through a doorway or walk down a sidewalk, people stepped in front of me, blocked my path, and it was really starting to irritate Evan. I have never been treated this way in any other City, be it in Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, South Carolina, Utah, Oklahoma, or even St. Louis and Chicago. It was as though there was no common courtesy.

The streets were full of groups of people, always one race or another. You never saw black people walking with white people. Only one interracial couple our ENTIRE weekend. Communities were very much mexican, black, or asian. There wasn't intermixing. And it wasn't like in a city like Vancouver where Chinatown is a celebration of a heritage and is teeming with people of all races, celebrating and learning about Chinese customs.... it was like segregation. It was very uncomfortable. Growing up in my generation, I have met many people of different races and cultures and we have enjoyed differences and had lively discussions or some laughs about how we are different. But here... none of that. Frustrating. It made us both uneasy and nervous. I think me more than usual because I am pregnant.

The weather was very pleasant. The city is probably the hardest to get around than most, lots of streets run on angles to each other, and not parallel. Bizarre. The street we were staying on was full of construction just a few blocks from our hotel. We stayed at the Ambassador, which is a 1927 Art Deco Hotel that has been completely remodeled. It was a WONDERFUL place to stay, huge king bed, down comforter, 7 pillows in the room when we arrived, a pull out sofa, desk with FREE high speed internet, can lights on dimmers in the ceilings, a sink seperate from the bathroom as well as a sink IN the bathroom and a giant deep tub. It was a great place to stay, but it was very formal and stuffy. People staying there were all wearing suits and heels and it was just very formal feeling. Their restraunt was nice looking, although a bit too formal for us. They had a nice bar (very formal and swanky) and a neat little cafe. But the people there were all dressed up to the nines even to grab a drink at the bar or eat a bagel in the cafe. It was bizarre. Yet right outside the hotel was the Marquette University and some seedy businesses.... where I was afraid to walk across parking lots and hurried to get in the cars and lock the doors. Across from the hotel on Saturday night was a NAS concert (the rapper) and hoardes of kids walking to the concert and hanging outside.... and there were police and ambulances there because of fighting and violence. I was not thrilled and it really had me on edge, and I think that Evan could feel that and felt the same way. I felt so out of place.

Friday night we went to the Shops of Grand Avenue, and we weren't really impressed. We wandered through a few stores but it was just not somewhere that we really wanted to shop. Unless we wanted to buy a wig or some hats and clothes by brands like South Pole, it wasn't the best place to be. We did find a Borders where we relaxed for a while after lots of walking, and bought some Baby Einstein books (Buy 1 get one 50% off sale) Then we went to Potbellies Sandwiches (corner of Plankinton and Wisconsin) and had a great supper, sandwiches and cookies. Yum. We did walk down to the river, which was only a block away from the restraunt and right alongside Borders.

We stayed in that night, or at least I did, because I was tired.

Saturday we drove over to Lake Michigan and took a walk by Discovery Center and the Milwaukee Museum of Art. Then we drove to the Historic Third Ward. Some of which was nice and had neat little shops, but the other part of which was true to it's history as an abandoned factory and warehouse district, with boarded up doors and grimy windows (or busted out windows altogether.) Evan was worried and not too thrilled because the sidewalks were uneven or chipped and covered with concrete debris, rock, brick, and broken glass. It was difficult walking and he was worried that I would trip or fall and there was glass stuck in my tennis shoe soles. I was disappointed because I think if you are going to advertise this as the hidden jewel of Milwaukee and full of shops and art galleries, you should at least make sure the sidewalks are safe and clear. It was silly. We did eat lunch at a Milwaukee Brewery, and the food was excellent, although we waited FOREVER for a burger and a club sandwich, while 6 tables around us, who arrived after us, got their food and ate (and some even finished) before we got our orders. Most of them had Burgers too... so it was unnerving. We found a VERY cool shop called Broadway paper, and went through a couple of very overpriced art galleries, and then we went to the Milwaukee Public Market, which was very nice and clean. We bought some spices there and then headed back to the hotel for a rest (more walking!) That night we made reservations at Buco di Beppo, an Italian Family Style Restraunt that we really loved. Of course everything is served Family Style, and Evan made me feel terrible because he wanted all kinds of things that I am either not supposed to have while pregnant. So he ended up making me choose and making me feel very bad for it, and it brought tears to my eyes. Pregnancy. Ugh.

Our food was very good, and the people were super nice. It was like FINALLY we had found somewhere that we felt welcome and at home. After that we went to a Walgreens near our hotel and I was convinced that I was going to get shot. I have never clung to my husband so closely in my life. We stood in line for almost 25 minutes in Walgreens, the only white people there, and no one looked at us, smiled at us, said hello to us, nothing. There were metal detectors and a security guard at the door. That is not relaxing.

Then as we tried to get back to our hotel, there were so many patrons at the bar and restraunt of the Ambassador that there was NO PARKING. Literally. No spaces. So we drove around the block and came back and found a spot. It was so frustrating. There were people without parking passes taking up all the spaces, and here we were, peopple paying $360 for a room and not with a space to park in. Those are the kinds of things that make your vacation NOT relaxing. Milwaukee was NOT a relaxing place. The entire stay, besides the restraunt we ate at on Saturday, no one made any conversation with us except the Concierge and the Doorman at the hotel. People in Chicago are not this rude, quite the contrary. They love to strike up a conversation, have a drink with you, and open doors and excuse themselves when they bump into you. We should have just gone to Chicago.

We had bought a game set at Walgreens and stayed in our room in our Pajamas playing games of Chess until about 2am. When we woke up Sunday I was SO relieved to be on our way home. I couldn't wait to get out of Milwaukee. But first we had planned on going to the Milwaukee Zoo, I had read on their website that it happened to be free admission. Well, turns out the entire CITY showed up and Traffic was backed up for about 10 blocks in every direction from the Zoo. All roads had cars parked alongside the road and parents were walking to the zoo with kids, strollers, wagons, and coolers. It was all too much. We just needed to get the hell out of Milwaukee. On the way home we stopped in several nice little towns and made the laughing admission that we would have been happier in any of these places than we had been in Milwaukee. It has never been better to be home. I was so glad to be home that I started vacuuming, cleaning, unpacking, and organizing as soon as we got here.

Never again.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Week is Almost Over

Thursday. Ahhhh. Last night I busted my ass. I got too much accomplished. We picked up my car after the Transmission Service, I picked up Subway for supper. We watched a TIVO'd episode of My Name is Earl. I emptied garbages and recyclable containers. I cleaned out my underwear and bra drawers in my dresser. I packed away about 50-60 pair of Victoria's Secret Underwear that I don't expect to see for several months. It was kinda depressing. Then I organized my bras. 3 Categories. Push Up Bras that I may not wear until I am done breastfeeding, Bras that I could potentially wear now, and Nursing Bras. It was quite exciting. Instead of a tangled mess of bras (per usual) I left the drawer a nice organized, neatly folded sight. I counted more than 40 bras. Yikes. I organized 2 kitchen cupboards, moving all of my food in Tupeprware Modular Mates out to the wire shelves in the Breakfast nook that we use like a pantry. Not sure how I feel about that. I loaded the dishwasher. I did laundry.... I folded laundry. I washed the new maternity underwear and folded them carefully into the now vacant underwear drawer. I made my tea, had a Luna Peanut Butter Cookie Bar, and went to sleep at 9:30, exhausted, out of breath, and limping from a sore back and sore legs and feet.

Then this morning I did NOT Want to get up, but I did, after 2 snoozes. I showered and dressed in fairly decent time, and also ate my cereal and switched laundry and folded and hung 1 load of good clothes. Tonight we meet with the potential day care provider, and I am excited and a bit nervous that maybe she won't like me and wont want our baby. What's that all about? Isn't is supposed to be about if I like her? Oy.

I am a strange mix of tired and energized today. I feel like I have so much to accomplish. But I know if I lay down it would be very likely that I could just go right back to sleep.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Hump Day.

This week I have been sending my husband "spam" emails with links to baby products online. I found an ungodly amazingly huge lot of toys on ebay for $16. He loved it. But I keep telling myself, does ANY child under 1 need that many toys? Probably not. We probably have enough toys right now and we don't have ANY kids. LOL.

But I see things that are just GENIUS like the backseat mirror that has lights and music that are activated by a REMOTE and after watching one too many friends twise like a pretzel while driving to push a button on some music making device to keep the baby happy in the car, I am like "I NEEEEEEED That!" and so I research the price and then go to eBay. I did win the $50 bouncy seat for $9.99, which was awesome. It's just so much cheaper to buy certain things used.... and they really are in great shape!

Last night seemed to go fast, it was cleanup days so Evan put stuff out on the "curb" and I didn't accomplish much. Ate Supper, watched 1 TIVO'd show, drank my Chamomile Tea and watched Roseanne episodes while I cut my toenails, filed my fingernails, and put on tummy butter.... then off to sleep for me.

May is already shaping up to be a busy month for me, We meet with our potential Pediatrician one Friday, then for work I have a Expo to help with that Sunday, cleaning people coming on Monday, a pedicure on Tuesday night, and a 2 day trip to a conference that Wednesday and Thursday, and then when I get home from that and unpack, I will have a wedding to attend Friday afternoon, and a Dr's appt the following Tuesday morning.... Plenty going on. The end of the month I am hosting a bead retreat party and I will do the work duties on Memorial Day and Memorial Day Weekend.

Lots of baby movement to be felt last night and today. Rolling around. I did have an appointment with the midwife yesterday, I have gained 1 pound in the past 5 months. The baby itself weighs 1 pound, not counting placenta and amniotic fluid. She did the usual discussion time, followed by the feeling around outside my belly, and the heartbeat on the doppler, which was strong but the baby was moving out of the way and she commented on what an active baby we have. Evan couldn't make the appointment but he did call me afterwards to get the scoop. The midwife thinks that my lack of weight gain is normal for me, and the baby is growing and measures right on target.... but she did comment that since she can't gauge the baby's weight gain based on my weight gain, I will probably be having several more ultrasounds to measure the baby's growth. Sounds like fun! So we should get to see the sex SOMETIME before the baby is here!

I have a lot going on the next few days and this weekend, so you may or may not hear much from me.... till Monday-ish.... but I'll be back.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

No Sleep Till Brooklyn

This is one of the things that I have added to My Target Baby Registry. My brother-in-law apparently has his information all ready to take with him, in case he needed to evacuate his house, in case of fire/flood/emergency. Ever since I learned that over a year ago I have been itching to put all of our information in one place and now with a baby on the way, Evan and I are even more sure that we need to do this. I think this is the coolest tool to allow you to do that, and if anything ever happens to you, your family will know where to find all the information they need, and if you need to evacuate you can just take it with you. Everyone should have one, and now I am tempted to buy one for my parents and for my sister too.

Last night I had an awesome dream that I met the Beastie Boys. Well, technically only Mike D, which was bizarre because I always thought I would be more likely to run into Adrock. Well anyway, it was my sister and my parents and we were walking in Brooklyn (? LOL ?) And I walked up to a brownstone looking building and up these stairs to the front door (just like a scene out of Law and Order or NYPD) and knocked and Mike D lived there and he was like "HEY! Come on in!" and we hung out and his place was cool, kinda reminds me of PG's condo in Logan Square, but with a more "New York" outside look. Anyway, Mike was saying that there was this picnic, so we all went to the park, and ended up chatting and meeting cool people and eating chocolate cake (which I am sure is pulled from the Chocolate Cake that I ate at the jewelry open house before I got home last night!)

When I woke up I right away wondered why I had dreamed of the Beastie Boys when I had fell asleep to classical music... but I was so pleased. One of my best pregnancy dreams. Looks like I will have to be sure to put the Anthology (The Sounds of Science) Discs on the iPod, I think all I have on there now are Licensed to Ill and To The 5 Boroughs.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Must Stop eBaying....

Whew! I got online too much last night and tonight! LOL. I did win the bouncy seat in EUC, retails for about $49 and I bought it for $9.99- and I bought a white quilt rack (floor standing) for $5. I wanted one to put in the nursery to hold the quilt that matches the crib bedding, and the other big blankies and another quilt that I have for the room.

I also found some Milk Tracker Organizers on ebay and two of them on eBay are less than 1/4 the price of one organizer at Target. We will see if they go much higher.

And I won the maya baby sling. I am so excited to get it, I will probably put a stuffed animal in it and practice all the time.

Tonight I went to a Lia Sophia Jewelry open house. It was fun. Purchase any three items and your MOST expensive Item is half price. You don't hear that very often. I had some great snacks and chocolate cake, and I got a pretty bracelet for free for placing an order. So it was a successful night.

I tell you what though, I am so sick of not being able to breathe! My pregnant nose is seriously stuffy, but it's like in the back of my nose and runs down my throat. I blow and blow my nose and wear breathe right strips each night.... but it's driving me CRAZY! How will I make it months longer having this much trouble breathing! Ack!

My Tongue is Burnt

This morning started out badly. After not feeling fabulous yesterday, I am starting to feel like I am "straining" my belly. I know that sounds crazy, but It's getting harder to turn over in bed or just plain sit up because whenever I do it feels like I am pulling muscles in my abdomen or on the side of my belly. I am starting to have problems getting out of the car, I feel the same way. I hate it. And I know it's just going to get worse! The sitting up from bed I can manage because I can just roll over to my side and push myself up, but rolling over still has to happen. I tend to change positions between my left and right side every few hours throughout the night. I used to sleep on my stomach but my belly is a little rock now and I actually can't do that anymore. At 4am my husband began a snore that kept me awake for an hour until I moved to the couch where I slept till 8 this morning. Then I took a shower only to discover that we must be out of softener salt because the water felt worse than hotel water. Eewww. And then I had to go commando again because I couldn't even stand the thought of putting on underwear and I remonded my husband to keep his eyes peeled for mail filled with maternity underwear and informed him that I would be going commando until further notice. And the worse part of the morning was how BADLY my tongue hurts.

Yesterday at Culver's I seriously burned my tongue on pork BBQ. I was actually pretty pissed about it. The lady brought out my sandwich, and while you expect your food to be "hot" you don't expect it to be scalding and not yet edible. It was so hot that I was reminded of when you are making Italian beef or something and you leave the crock pot on high all day instead of low and when you take off the lid the steam rolls off and you just about burn yourself trying to stir it, so you turn the crock pot OFF and then leave the lid off and stir until it cools enough to be serveable. As in you would never ever serve anyone food that hot if you had a conscious or any type of mothering instinct whatsoever. What pissed my mothering body off even more, was what if I had been a child ordering that sandwich? Or what if I had been driving in my car and burnt myself and gotten in a horrific wreck? Even as an adult, when I went to take a bite, the edges were cool enough and I just bit right in and I burnt my tongue so seriously I almost dropped the sandwich and I did spit it out. It hurt so bad I was crying. Evan was like "are you okay?" and then launched into a speech about how I need to be careful that just about put me through the roof but I kept my mouth shut and tried to drink and not think about the skin peeling off my tongue. At most eating establishments they would warn you about your plate being hot. And I am not even planning on putting the plate in my mouth for God's sakes. And when you order something like Fajitas con sizzle that come on a hot skillet they tell you THAT is hot, out of courtesy and kindness, even though any moron can see that it's a cast iron skillet that is SIZZLING so it must be hot. It pisses me off the most because no one could have made that sandwich and not known how incredibly hot it was inside. No one. So today my tongue is permanently white and I can't taste anything and it pisses me off. Stupid Culvers.

Last Friday I called a couple of friends because I got invited to an open house for jewelry. I really wanted to go but it's a little ways away and I don't feel like driving there alone on a Monday night. I called and invited my friends to go with, but no pressure to go, but would they please call me and let me know? Turns out neither of them even called me back. That frustrates me.

So today I am frustrated. That's about it.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Did I mention.....

That I bought the Eddie Bauer Equivilent to a Nalgene? I have been eyeing different ones for a while, and now that I am preggo, I decided to buy one to have around this summer, for walks and golf and hot occasions like parades, summer festivals, and family reunions. Or just sitting on the couch. LOL. I got the one with the ice core that goes through the center and then I bought a pack of 3 refill ice cores. So you should be able to see me coming this summer, with my Nalgene and a folding chair.

It's cleanup days here in town and I just saw a truck go by completely loaded with junk, mostly metal for scrap. And by completely loaded I mean the back was heaped higher than the cab of the truck. Insane.

I also have been eyeing baby slings and bid on a Maya sling on eBay. I have to decide if I want Khaki or Black. I thought black, but then I thought that the khaki ones really match more, even brown or navy blue outfits or coats, as well as black clothes. And the khaki ones wouldn't show spit up stains or milk stains quite like black. I hope I win the auction so I can practice for a while before the baby gets here. I love how the Maya wraps have a "tail" that you can use to cover up with if you want to nurse in publie (or even at a friend's house.)

I also bid on the bouncer seat that we want, they have now been around long enough to be gently used on ebay, for about half the price as retail, but the shipping isnt cheap. But I am frustrated because I have a registry at Target, and they say the bouncer is available in store but now they aren't listing a price and I don't ever see it in the store anymore.... although you can buy it online at Sears and other baby stores. Evan picked it out and I think he made an Excellent choice, so I am hoping to get a nice clean used one on eBay.

And now I am watching Desperate Housewives.

My Underwear Are Killing Me.

Blah. Today I just haven't felt myself. I slept in really long (which was AWESOME) and had a dream that I was supposed to be having sex with Patrick Dempsey but instead I was dating his brother.... who was a "little person" and although he was very nice, I was not attracted to him. Ugh. Pregnant Dreams.

Besides that, Evan took me to lunch and to do my weekend stuff at work, and then we came home. I had to take off my underwear. I swear they are making me miserable. I feel so icky when I have to wear them digging into my belly. They hurt. After going commando more than once last week, I am praying that my maternity underwear get here soon! They have been shipped via DHL, and their tracking system sucks ass. They don't even tell you WHERE they are or when they will be delivered. Stupid.

I just feel strange today, kinda tired but not enough to sleep, kinda cranky, but not enough to snap. My hips kinda hurt and my right side has sharp pains (which I also had last night) and just an altogether blah feeling. So now I am on the couch, in my pajamas at 7:18 crying over Extreme Makeover Home Edition, which is like crack for pregnant chicks. You don't want to watch, but you can't help yourself.

Last night I had a great time. Angela came "home" and took me out for a hot date to Red Lobster, her treat. I had stuffed halibut and shrimp scampi and scallops.... and veggies, salad, and garlic cheesy biscuits. I also had a strawberry smoothie that was FABULOUS. Then we walked through Target for quite a while and I added a few things to my baby registry, especially infant medicines and a few bibs. I bought a few more pieces of the layette, both for girl and boy, since we don't know what we will need. We had a small "purse incident" and then I got home and had my nightly Chamomille Tea and Evan came home and cuddled with me for a while which was so nice. I slept fabulously... clear till 11:40am. Ahhh.

Hopefully tomorrow I will start to feel back to normal. Just going to take it easy tonight!

Friday, April 13, 2007

This and That

Let me start by saying that today was a freaking AWESOME Mail day. But I still have to take pictures of everything, so just wait another day or so and I will have photos to show.

I received a box from my friend Carrie in Utah, with new pictures of her kids, a pregnancy book that she is passing on to me and we will circulate... a baby CD's and some Green Day CD's that I have been coveting, AND a green gingham crib sheet.

I received a suprise box from a family friend Wanda, and it was LOADED with adorable puppy things for the baby. 2 board books, TONS of blankets she made, and changing pad type blankies, all with puppies. There was a stuffed dog, scrapbooking supplies that have puppies on them, an Adrorable outfit with bibs and hat (dogs too!) for 12 months.... and a cute cute tag blanket. I was so super excited that I couldn't even hardly stop squealing while I opened it.

I also got my lavender swap from shecraftz, and she sent the cutest little lavender booties for the baby, that are all fuzzy and have pawprints on the bottom, and tons of other great stuff like baby announcements and bracelets that she had made, and fibers... plus a great little note.

So the mail was Fabulous today! Yeah!!

Besides that, it's nicer, still cool but sunny. It's also Friday, and even though it's Friday the 13th, I am feeling pretty ok. I slept like a rock last night, only waking up at 7am.... not even ONCE through the night.

Yesterday at work one of the lactation consultants gave me the American Academy of Breastfeeding Book, and I was reading it silly last night. We also watched The Departed, which was excellent. I have to say Leonardo DiCaprio was EXCELLENT. As the pregnant one, what I really wanted to happen was DiCaprio's Character gets the girl and gets to reveal who he really is and they live happily ever after and make babies.... but that's just not edgy enough. LOL. It was really good. The night before last, we watched The Prestige with Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale, and Michael Cane. It was also a very good movie. Two Magicians who become rivals and spend the rest of their lives trying to outdo and destroy each other. It was good. Evan and I were hashing out twists and turns almost till the very end.

Let's see, what else? Oh yes, my poor husband is finally getting to be as busy or busier than me! Including him in all the Dr. Appointments, Ultrasounds, and other appointments child related has been nice. I don't feel so stressed out like I have to handle everything. The key is to get him involved from day 1, so he doesn't have to come to me for all the answers. In the next few weeks we meet the daycare provider and the pediatrician, and then we take a CPR Class that includes infant and child CPR. We also have another appointment with the midwife next week. So there's plenty going on. Also keeping him busy around home, helping with dishes and laundry, etc.

Well, everyone have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 12, 2007


Well, being pregnant is expensive. It costs a lot to look good when pregnant. It costs alot to dress up for work and still have clothes that you can wear around home and to outings that aren't requiring dressing up. In the last few days I feel like I have spent at least $100 per day. Ugh. I finally had to break down and buy maternity underwear. My Victoria's Secret Undies are about cutting my belly in half and I can't stand to have briefs shoved down low like bikinis.... it feels like a rubber band wrapped around your belly. My belly needs room to breathe and grow. So I shopped online, and like ALL Maternity underwear are bikinis. I am not sure that's a good idea. I finally found some super cute cotton briefs in neat patterns online at Motherhood Maternity, a 3-pack was like $13.50- not cheap but I tell you, I saw some of the prices at like Penney's and Target- $20 for 2 pair of underwear. Uh No.

So I bought about 9-12 pair so that I would have plenty, and then when I saw the shipping of $15 I about crapped, so I added in a couple of pair of maternity pantyhose (which I have to wear at work, dress code) and forked over $78 for underwear and pantyhose. Oh well. I guess that I have paid more for Victoria's Secret and at least I can hopefully wear these with my next kids too. Although someone told me that Motherhood's maternity undies are cheap and fall apart so easily. But perhaps if I take care when laundering. I have lots of lingerie bags....

Evan probably feels like he is dressing a demanding Barbie doll with all the clothes that roll into our house. But this pregnancy has crossed seasons, which messes with your budget and your wardrobe. I had to have winterish maternity clothes and I have to have summerish. So sweaters to shorts.... although I only bought ONE Sweater. LOL. I thought I would make it through without needing to buy new underwear, but the waistbands are about killing me. I am constantly thinking I need to take them off and I am not sure about going commando for the next 4+ months.

So Besides being pregnant and spending cash like crazy, The snow didn't hit like it was supposed to. I am not sure what happened since I slept through it, but I woke up at 5:30 to a dusting stuck in amongst the grass, and by 8am it was melted. There was still some on hoods of cars and on the patio swing outside, but mostly melted. It was like 35 degrees around 9am today.

I am suddenly getting all of these "Unknown" and "withheld" numbers showing up on my cell phone and I don't know why. It pisses me off. No messages and I am sure as hell not answering. I usually leave my cell phone on all day at work, only people who would call me are potentially my husband, my sister, and my mom, and they do have my work number.... so it really NEVER rings while I am at work. But yesterday it rang three times and it was always unknown or withheld so I ended up having to turn it off. Pisses me off because I forget to turn it back on when I leave. And if I turned it to silent it would be the same thing... except It would vibrate and even that would piss me off. (and yes my cell phone is on the Do Not Call List.)

We have picked out our hotel room in Milwaukee and I have decided to splurge on the king bed with breakfast for two each morning. Ahh. Relaxing and Romantic. I hope it is wonderful.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

This is Mid-April, right?

Click to see it in a readable size!

Shopping and Reading

Well, the pregnant thing is going well. I got new shoes to wear to work, my loafers and my mary janes were all busted uncomfortable, and my feet were killing me by the end of the day. So I looked for something that could hopefully work as comfort and could potentially be worn with skirts like Mary Janes.... and I picked some Sketchers Bikers in Black. They arrived (FINALLY) yesterday and I do love them. I love how the bottoms have great grip and traction, so I hopefully won't slip and fall while preggo. The only thing is that they don't have much arch support, but I bought my regular size and they seem to be a little bigger, so I think they will work well even if my feet start to swell or something.... and I may be able to add some insoles with some arch support.

I also ordered a pair of slides and a dress to wear to a wedding we are going to in May, for our friend Joe. I can't wait since I am pregnant I don't get to go "out" really. I tend to be at home crocheting or watching TV or organizing or sleeping. LOL. I can't wait to go! I really want to get a pedicure since I can't seem to paint my toenails accurately now. But my nail-doing/hairdresser friend is too pregnant to do pedicures... so I will have to find a new place for this one time. I grabbed a cute Maternity Wrap Dress for $24 from Old Navy, and some cute slides from payless for like $16.99, which will allow me to be comfy on my feet for the reception and hopefully be able to wear them all summer comfortably too. They have a low wedge heel, so I think they will be fab. I used to have a pair almost identical years ago, but they got icky and I tossed them. They have always been my favorite kinds of slides. The dress is super cute but it's hard to see details in the picture (click to make larger) since it's all black. it has turnback sleeves or you can wear them full length.... and it has a cute tie with a bow on the left side in front, and it wraps across the chest. The tie is just above your belly for an empire waist look. It also has a johnny collar neck. So that's exciting for me. LOL.

It's Wednesday, which I am happy about, but of course I can't wait for the weekend. The house is clean and I am working on laundry, Evan was so nice last night to help me by rolling the dishwasher over after I loaded it with dirty dishes and soap, and then helping carry clean towels and rugs up and then helping me fold them without even having to be asked. I just love when he does little things like that.

I got a new magazine called Mothering. I actually really enjoy it, although it can be a bit too granola munching, Latched on Babies, and Slings. I want to breastfeed. I want to have a sling.... but I don't believe that my baby needs to sleep in my bed for the first year to be healthy and happy, and I don't believe that I need to wear my baby all day long, and I don't believe that I need to breast feed for 5 years. The first year would be an awesome goal that I will try my hardest to do, but hey, Baby steps here! They can go really over the top about the whole thing, but they have good articles that do give out good information on topics that I find interesting as a new mom. I think 1 year won't be a bad subscription.

They are also very into natural or green living, and cleaning with vinegar and wearing all organic cotton, and in the back there are a few scary advertisements for things like washable cotton maxi pads and sea sponge tampons. (that may be taking it a little too far.) If I were a SAHM I might have more time to think of those things, but I do try to think of the environment. I don't like styrofoam and I recycle and I donate to arbor day and sign petitions and try to stay aware. But I don't feel the need to use cloth diapers or sea sponge tampons. Sorry. I have to draw the line somewhere. But they do have great articles about supporting breastfeeding mothers and allowing breastfeeding in public places, which I am all for.

They have a few things that I think are meant to scare the bejeezus out of you and force you to think you are a bad mother if you don't exchange your mattress and your baby's for an all organic mattress, because there is some chemical in your mattress that is found in ALL Mother's breast milk and how come you don't feel AWFUL for feeding your baby these poison toxins!? But I did read something else interesting... that wal-mart sells nursery water (marked as such, for babies) with Fluoride. And this is a HUGE no-no. Apparently babies are getting TOO Much fluoride because it's in their formula AND it's in their nursery water (in certain cases) and Dr.'s for the American Academy of Pediatrics say that it's too much fluoride and I can't remember the side effects or whatever it causes.... but it was like WHOA! So I learn things that are relevant.

I am coveting the La Leche League Book and a few other breastfeeding books at but I am too cheap to buy them now, since I am saving cash for our weekend to Milwaukee. But eventually, I will own them.

So since my mind is mostly consumed with being pregnant, that's all I can think of, and that's all I have to say.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

It's a..... !!

Hello! Sorry I am a sucky blogger these days, but I am growing a baby and all that. So over the weekend we had Grandpa's 80th Birthday party, which was fun. I was tired by 7:30. LOL.

Sunday we did NOTHING. I watched cable and ate a whole cardboard pizza.

Monday was the "BIG" Ultrasound, where we we re supposed to find out baby's sex. Well. Baby didn't think that was necessary.

We couldn't tell if it is a boy or girl.... Everyone together now "Damn!"

The baby had it's ankles crossed for 99% of the 1 hour ultrasound. We even got a little video of it's ankles crossed. LOL. The ultrasound tech said that we can hope that it's a good little girl since the ankles were crossed.

At the end, the legs did uncross but they were totally together. We did see the "3 white lines" of a girl, but the ultrasound tech said there is NO WAY that she is saying girl or boy because without a good view, this can still be a boy. She said she "sees no boy parts" but that's with the legs closed, but that isn't unusual and sometimes it turns out to be a boy a few weeks later. Testicles can descend up to 26 weeks. So I guess it will be a little while before we can tell for sure. For now it's still just Baby Johnson!

She did say that everything looks great, the baby measures right on with our calculations and the due date matches exactly what I told the Midwife and the Midwife told me. Looks like a labor day baby! We heard the heartbeat the clearest we have yet, it was at 153 BPM and we saw an excellent photo of all 4 perfectly sectioned chambers of the heart. And the baby waved at us. And we saw the usual spine, heartbeat, brain, arms, legs.... the whole deal. My favorite was the little arms and legs with all the bones intact.

We will try again in 6-7 weeks to see what we can see.

Well, besides that work is busy as usual and I have plenty to do. Hope all is well with everyone.... if anyone still reads!

Friday, April 06, 2007

Friday Yay!

Here comes the weekend! YAY!!!

Bought lotsa books at the bookfair today!

The Bump is BIGGER! LOL.

1. Four years ago -- where were you?
Right here in the exact same spot. Seriously. Same house, same job.

2. What bores you to tears?
Um. Not sure.

3. Do you have rhythm?
Not when it comes to dancing... but musically yes.

4. Who would you like to see today?
Carrie and Angela.

5. Friday fill-in:
Always thought that I'd Work In Agriculture.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Breaking News In Town Today...

THURSDAY APRIL 5, 2007 Last modified: Thursday, April 5, 2007 10:39 AM CDT
The Princeton Post Office was evacuated early this morning after a suspicious package was found on a delivery truck.

Breaking News...Suspicious package

PRINCETON — Two blocks of Princeton’s South Main Street were blocked off and evacuated early Thursday morning after an unknown white powdery substance was found in the back of a mail delivery truck at the Princeton Post Office.

Princeton Police Spokesman Dan Sissel said the Princeton Fire and Police Departments received the call about 5:35 a.m. after the mail truck driver found and reported the unknown powder in the back of his truck. The powder was apparently loose on the floor of the truck, Sissel said.

F.B.I. Agent Steffan Nass and Princeton Post Office representative Janet Spanos were called to the scene, as well as about 50 emergency personnel from Walnut, Wyanet, Mendota, Utica and Tiskilwa, in addition to the Princeton Fire and Police Departments. Area hazardous materials units responding to the scene included MABAS Division 25 as well as MABAS Division 57.

Princeton Fire Department Deputy Chief John Petrakis, incident commander, set up the former Bureau County Republican building, located directly north of the post office, as the command post. Several persons, who were exposed to the unknown substance, were being examined by ambulance personnel within the command post. Three persons were transferred to Perry Memorial Hospital, in Princeton, as a precautionary measure, Sissel said.

Sissel confirmed the mail truck had made earlier stops at Peru and Spring Valley.

Updates will be available throughout the day on our Web site.

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