Tuesday, July 31, 2007


I am awake. I can't believe it. I keep telling myself instead of fighting it, I should use this time to accomplish some of the things on my list. Blogging wasn't on my list, but it was on my "unwritten" list.

Since I am trying out this "modified bedrest" thing, I am trying to keep my notebooks handy. Everytime I am sitting, I think of all these things I am supposed to be doing. So I write them down. Then every time I get up to pee, or refill my water glass, or during a commercial, I do one thing on my list. Not big things, but things like "switch the laundry" or "fax that ring appraisal" or "water the plants."

Saturday was an extremely relaxing day. I felt like a whole new person when it was over. It started out by getting a 1 hour prenatal massage. I went to a new person, Nancy Crowther, who works at Princeton Therapeutic Massage. In the past, I have gone mostly to the spa, at Ariva. Tina gives wonderful massages there, but while pregnant, I just wasn't comfortable. I decided to try Nancy, because she is also a Doula and I personally would consider her a specialist in prenatal massage. I also like to go to Ariva because of the spa like feel of the place, the trickling fountain, the low lighting, soft music, candles, and buttery yellow walls and sheets. Princeton Family Therapeutic isn't as spa-like, but they do okay with what they have (a rental space with wood paneling.) Anyway, Nancy's massage was very relaxing, her touch is lighter than most, because usually there is a decent amount of pain involved in the massages I get. But for some reason, while pregnant, I don't appreciate or tolerate that well. So after an hour, I felt fabulous and relaxed, and she had really done wonders for my hips, but it didn't hurt. Then I went home and relaxed for a few hours, and after that I made copies of breastfeeding information for grandma's, and delivered my mom's to her, and sat and chatted with her for a couple of hours. Then I went to Evan's parents and watched TV with Kyle and Sue, and that evening I went swimming, which basically consisted of putting on my suit and amy big floppy hat, parking myself in a sitting position on a floatie, and going around and around the pool with the natural current while talking to Kyle and Sue who were sitting on the deck. The water just feels nice when you are pregnant. That night we took out the Mustang Convertible that used to be Grandpa Warren's, and ate supper at the Wagon Wheel in Mineral. So I did tons of sitting without having to be home by myself.

Sunday I did pick up around home for a couple of hours, and then relaxed for a couple more. That afternoon we saw the Simpsons Movie at a Matinee with John and Amy. Then Evan and I grabbed a quick supper and I went home and sat for a couple more hours. That night I ran to Wal-mart to buy a few totes (I am still organizing) and some groceries. I had been washing dishwashers full of bottles, sippy cups, nipples, and ball canning jars. And putting the nipples in baggies by stage, and sorting bottles and sippies into totes by ounce sizes. There is STILL so much to do!

Yesterday was an okay Monday. The cleaning people were coming so I had to do more than I wanted to. I got up at 10:15, and picked up for an hour. Then I got in the shower and got ready for work. I went in to have an NST just after noon, and took my lunch with. It was the quickest one I have had, she was very active (must have liked that salad that I had with the cold ice water) and after the NST I went to work. It was a very productive 4 hours. I am concentrating on clearing ut my Queue at work, and packing up things in my office. They are considering having some help come in while I am gone, and someone may sit in my office. I am not keen on someone temporary touching all my stuff, especially when I have so much personal stuff in my office, from my mini fridge to my logitech wireless keyboard and mouse, to my Buddha mouse pad and my stash of tylenol, Tums, Excedrin, deoderant, toothpaste, and mascara. So I plan on packing up whatever I can and bringing it home for the next 3 months or so.

Today mom is planning on coming over to use the computer. Last night at about 9:30 I was bored out of my mind and ready to call it a night. I read some of my Barack Obama book for less than 3 minutes and then did Hypnobirthing and fell asleep. I couldn't believe it when I was up at 5am. But I had been awake every hour for some serious pee breaks. I felt pretty refreshed. I lay around for about 40 minutes, trying to conjure up dreams and go back to sleep, but eventually I just gave up, let the dogs outside, refilled their water, took 4 more pee breaks, ate a bowl of rice chex, and started laundry. Evan rolled over and peered at me through squinted eyes "What are you doing?" and then "Are you okay?" He he. Yep, just crazy.

So I am sitting down now to make cards for the "baby lotto" that will happen at my shower on Sunday. And while I am thinking ahead, I have to make a big run to the post office today, but I don't want to do that until after I shower, and I don't want to shower until right before I leave for work because I have a Dr. appt today and I will get my Group B Strep Swabs taken (eeww) and so I want everything to be sparkling clean. LOL.

Have a great day. I will try my best to accomplish without overdoing it!

Friday, July 27, 2007

The last shopping trip.....

Well, today I got put on half days at work... and modified bedrest while I am at home. I was told a while back that it was coming, but it sorta snuck up on me. Yesterday I started to feel the tingly feeling that accompanies swelling. I didn't have MUCH swelling, but enough to make my wedding ring uncomfortable... and my feet hurt. I thought it would be better today, since it usually only lasts a day and is related to something I ate. But this morning, while I was getting ready for work, I could already feel it starting, and while putting on my makeup I got blurry vision. I called my midwife and let her know and went in to have my blood pressure checked, and it was too high. So now I started half days. She also said "no shopping!"

I had plans already to go to Peru tonight (I had an appointment for an appraisal of something for an insurance policy- and my midwife okayed it.) I decided to get a few things that I wouldn't be able to get now that I can't go "shopping" so I grabbed some makeup and conditioner (I was almost out of both) and the new JCPenney catalog. I got home just two hours after leaving home, and before even leaving Peru I could feel that I wanted to sit, and my feet and hands were swelling again. Ugh.

So tonight felt like my "last shopping trip." I did grab two cheap onesies and a pair of jean bibs that have a skirt bottom. And I ate a toasted turkey sub from Arby's. And that was my "last shopping trip."

Now I have settled on the couch, watched the new episode of Painkiller Jane, and proceeded to eat Peanut butter out of the jar with a spoon, because my midwife asked me to eat peanut butter and celery to help get rid of the excess water... and I hate celery. And trying to stay on my side and keep my feet elevated so that I don't swell and my blood pressure stays low. I am wondering what I will do with myself when I am supposed to be laying around. I guess I can make bracelets, read books, scrapbook, and take bubble baths. LOL.

Looks like it will be a relaxing August!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!

Thursday. Not Friday. Yet. Just 2 more hours! LOL. Today was BUSY and I could feel my hands and feet swelling! They aren't really "noticeably" swollen but man does it make me uncomfortable. That tingly swollen feeling. Ugh.

So today I got an awesome box from ebay, loaded with sippy cups, baby spoons, and halloween onesies. YAY! After work we had our Intro to Breastfeeding Class and it was great. I learned things even though I have read two books. Evan and I went out for supper at the Red Apple (yum) and then I ran to Wal-mart to AGAIN try to buy dog food. They have been out for THREE WEEKS. How ridiculous to be two hours from a distribution center and be out of IAMS Dog food for three weeks? It's insanity. So tonight there was three bags of the kind we get, but no 40 pound bags, and then they tell me it has been "dropped" from their inventory.

I also bought my standard bi-weekly Giant Pack of Pampers Wipes Refills and Pampers Diapers. And some socks for Evan. I didn't get home till almost 9:30. Ugh. Something tells me I will be sleeping in no time. I fed the dogs and put stuff away, and put on my pajamas.

I am excited for the weekend, because I have nowhere I have to be. Yeah! And it puts me one week closer to my baby shower.

Hope everyone else is still kicking this week!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

She looks like BOTH of us!

Hmmmm. Wednesday. If I make it through the week without smacking anyone it will be a miracle. Monday a woman at work said to me "You look puffy. Like in the face." Um. Thanks? WTF? Monday afternoon another woman at work said "When are you due. You have been looking really pregnant for a long time now...." Okay. Whatever. And then there is a co-worker who, when she sees me, has to shout down the hall to me "Hey 'Preggo One'!" You know, because once you become pregnant you cease to have a name. And you like it when people shout down hallways at you. Ugh. I am so glad my midwife wrote me off work 1 week before my due date. I had better not go early because I am gonna need an entire week to get people and work out of my head so that I am rested and relaxed.

I wrote about yesterday's Dr. appt on the baby blog. Today I got a few 3D pictures to share with you... and I will put them on Flickr by tomorrow so you can see what she looks like. At yesterday's appt I thought she looked like Evan, but once I got to see her in 3D, I can now say that I think she has my nose and another person thinks she has my mouth... but I think she looks like Evan in the forehead and brow, and perhaps her eyes even though they are closed.... and when she pouts it certainly looks like Evan! But of course she's super cute, and yesterday the tech exclaimed that she has LOTS of hair, and we could even see it on the Ultrasound. She's 5 pounds 5 ounces, and measuring 1 week ahead, and she is head down, lying on her right side, and her head is low (But I could have told you all that just from knowing where her butt and her feet/hands are!) So all is well, and most of all she is definitely a girl!~ and a healthy one!

Tonight we had our waterbirth class and tomorrow night is the intro to breastfeeding class. I can't wait till my prenatal massage this weekend, hopefully it helps to relax me. Getting my back cracked did wonders last week, and I think I could probably do it again.

We did some shopping after the Dr. appt yesterday. Evan picked out this fall outfit(for next fall) with a cute poncho/sweater, which I love, and we also got this fall onesie with pooh bear, and this cammo shirt for this winter (Evan found it!), and this pink shirt for this winter, and these socks, and some suction base feeding bowls, and this pink bikini for next summer at grandma's pool, and two sheet savers and two packs of lap pads. The stackable buckets that we love were on clearance for $6, and the diaper bag I have been SEARCHING for was finally found at Target in Peoria. It was the last one and it was on CLEARANCE! YAY!! So it was a nice afternoon and we ate supper at Ruby Tuesday's (we love their salad bar!!) and also went through Guitarland where Evan got new strings and Petsmart where we picked out new collars for the stinky dogs that live with us.

Ardyn's face~ 34weeks

Ardyn's face~ 34weeks, originally uploaded by Dazed81.

She is sleeping with her arms crossed and her hands around her neck, just like her mom! People say she has my nose and mouth, but I see Evan's pout and maybe even Evan's eyes and browline?

Sunday, July 22, 2007

This is my 1001st Post!

Yep, welcome to my 1001st post! Does that mean I have to make it good!?

The weekend is almost over. I hate that. I must tell poor Evan 10 thousand times a week how I don't want to work. LOL. Can't wait for the baby so I can stay home!

Friday night I went to Target and used 20 of my Target coupons for $1 off any two Gerber Baby/Toddler Foods. I got 40 things, some twin packs of Stage 1 foods in plastic, and some jars of Stage 2 foods... and two containers of puffs. My friend CB went to Target today and used 18 coupons. Exciting! And I have lots more coupons and can use them till August 15th. I also bought classic winnie the pooh divided dish and spoon. Too cute. I ate supper at Quiznos and grabbed a few cute Carter's outfits at Kohl's. I came home and mom and Liz came over and we finished all of the baby announcements (yeah!) and hung up clothes in the armoire in the baby room.

Saturday I slept till about noon, and took a bath, and Evan and I laid around all afternoon. At about 3:45 I went over to Anya's for her bead party, and made a bracelet, then I went to do my weekend duties at work and Evan and I grabbed some Wendy's. I had their Chicken Salad sandwich and a vanilla frosty/rootbeer float, which was DELICIOUS! Saturday night we brought Ava to our house for a few hours, and she played and played, and then fell asleep on the couch with Evan after watching some TV. Anya came over to pick her up, and then Evan and I watched some silly movies on cable, and had ice cream with chocolate syrup before I crashed at about midnight.

Today I was able to sleep till almost 11am and when I woke up I was ready to ACCOMPLISH! I wanted to organize. I wanted to clean. I wanted to cross things off that giant list in my head. I started laundry. I washed the bed sheets, I picked up the dining room table, I cleaned the scrapbook table, I cleared off the coffee table. I let the dogs in and fed them, and I wanted to clean the closet to the attic. Evan had things to do so he said we would do it later this week, and when he wasn't paying attention I decided to tackle it on my own. But, he caught me. And made me stop. So instead I sat down and worked on bead retreat bracelets. I had almost 20 kits to put together and I did 8 of them. That was a nice accomplishment.

Tonight I had to go to work again so I took a shower and ran to work, and then I went to Wal-Mart and bought some three totes. Two to put baby food in on the pantry shelves and one for other stuff. I also bought just a few home essentials (laundry soap, dryer sheets, deoderant) and they had EXCELLENT sales on fresh fruit. I bought 6 prunes for 75 cents, two packs of strawberries for less than $4, and two bags of green grapes for 98 cents PER BAG!

When I got home, I accidentally caught my finger in the screen door, while trying to get groceries and toilet paper inside. It got caught between the door and the wall, on the hinge side, and it hurt like hell. I almost cried it hurt so bad. It broke the skin in two places, started bleeding and throbbing and bruising right away. I ran my hand under cold water and put it on ice. Ugh. It still hurts as I type.

So tonight I should be switching laundry but I am totally enthralled by Ice Road Truckers on the History Channel. I probably shouldn't watch it because I feel like my blood pressure is probably sky high. AND a guy just went through the ice AND another guy is hauling the heaviest load yet, and it's freaking insane. The one guy has frostbite on his foot and the other guy's brakes failed and he crashed. This show is INSANE. It's over in seven minutes, which is good, because if I don't do laundry I won't have any clothes to wear tomorrow. LOL. What I can't believe is that when the guy broke through the ice, they let all the other truckers back up and sit and WAIT on the ice. WTF? How about you all turn around and get the fuck off the cracking ice? This is just too dramatic. And then of course they have to say that "next time" there are two rookies in trouble and only ONE survives! Ahh! When the 25 year old veteran driver Jay arrives at the DeBeers diamond mine after hauling the largest and heaviest load, he's been up for more than 24 hours and it was -42 degrees. Holy shit, eh?

Well, I should try to get to bed at a semi-decent time tonight, Monday I have an NST and a hypnobirthing session, Tuesday I have telephone training at work followed by our specialist's appointment and our 3-D Ultrasound in Peoria. Wednesday we have a waterbirth class, Tuesday I have another NST and then we have Intro to Breastfeeding. Luckily next weekend is another big relaxing one. All I have to do is get a prenatal massage on Saturday. YAY! My last one I imagine! Then the following week I have a pedicure, an appointment for hair cut/color, an appointment with my midwife, and two NST's. And then it's baby shower time!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Friday, July 20, 2007


This morning as I was being so rudely awakened by my alarm clock, it occurred to me that after only 24 more days of alarm clock waking, I would never have to set it again. Instead, I will be woken naturally at all hours of the night by the cries of my own child, which (amazingly) seems so much better than an alarm clock! LOL.

Last night Evan and I were at home and I had been cutting coupons. I found a coupon online for $1.00 off two jars of Gerber baby food. That means that I could buy them for 2 cents per jar. That's freakin Insanity! I printed out 100 coupons, and Evan and I, with the assistance of my mom and sister, plan to clear the store shelves off. I can not freaking wait. So Evan helped by cutting lots of the coupons in half, and something we were talking about made him say "I can't wait to see her" and I said "we will see her on Tuesday at the 3D ultrasound!" and he said "No, I mean to really see her! Like to kiss her and hug her and hold her!" To hear that come out of Evan's mouth just melts me. For someone who has never had their own child, and who doesn't get the experience of carrying her around every day for 10 months, it's just amazing to hear him say that. And it's funny how I get so excited about every little thing. As the nursery progressed I would often just sit back there. I could fold and re-fold clothes and arrange and re-arrange things 100 thousand times. I love the smell of the packages of diapers and the baby lotion and the sound of the Rainforest Crib soother and sitting there dreaming about how there will be nothing else to worry about, except my family. No work. No place that I have to go. Ahhh.

And when the car seat arrived, not only did my blood pressure go down about 10 notches, but my excitement level went up about 30 notches. A new car seat gave me the same feeling of anticipation and excitement that new school supplies and tennis shoes gave me each fall. That same feeling you get when you crack open a brand new notebook with a fresh clean page, or when you open a new box of sharp crayons with the tips perfectly angled. Being artistic, my husband can completely relate to that feeling. And we looked around the nursery last night, and he looked at the car seat, I could just SEE that he had the same feeling. How crazy is it that we could just stand there and stare at a car seat with these goofy smiles on our faces. And he could say "I just love that little seat!" and I knew exactly what he meant.

So it's getting exciting around here. I think my thyroid medicine is really starting to work. I feel so much better now and not nearly as tired as previously.

Thursday, July 19, 2007


Well, yesterday was busy. I woke up at 4am and couldn't get back to sleep. I ended up leaving the house for work at 6:30am. Ack. I had a Dr. Appointment that afternoon and was in "training" all day at work. It was tolerable. I got to leave work at 4:30, get my back cracked before 5 (thank GOD!) and relaxed all night. Mom came over and we chatted, and I was in bed at 9 and asleep by 9:30 because I couldn't keep my eyes open on my book.

The backseat organizer came yesterday, and I stashed diapers and wipes and hand sanitizer and other goodies in there. I haven't put it in the car yet. Probably after the baby shower. I am hoping to get the seat protector that goes under the car seat, and then we can install the seat.

At the Dr. Yesterday my fundal height measured the same as it had the week before, and I mentioned that my belly was "changing" and that it seemed lower. My midwife agreed, and I wonder if she's already starting to drop? but the fundal height was 39 centimeters, and I was just past 33 weeks, so for those of you who have been there done that, she's measuring 6 weeks ahead. LOL. Midwife is curious to see what we find at our 3D Ultrasound next Tuesday, as far as just how big the baby actually is. It's all about having the long torso.

I've scheduled my first official hypnobirthing session, and also our waterbirth class and our Intro to breastfeeding class. We have all that next week and also the appointment at the specialists and the 3D ultrasound, AND two NST's (Non-Stress Tests.) It will be a baby-filled week!

Last night I was able to sleep pretty well. I did get up every hour to pee, which has increased from every 2-3 hours, but I was able to get back to sleep. I was awake from 5am-6:30 but thankfully it started to rain pretty good around 6, and by 6:30 I was able to get back to sleep until 8:45. I took a nice warm bath and relaxed, and read my new magazine. I grabbed a copy of "Cookie" which I had never seen before, and I really liked it. Between Cookie and Wonder Time, I am pretty well entertained. And of course I read Parents now too. And Mothering. The best part is that Evan reads them or flips through them too. The issue of cookie has lots of family fun ideas, like vacation spots (mostly overpriced ritzy ones) and cool things like ideas on birthday parties and camping sleepovers. Because the new model mom in this issue had on a $3200 charm bracelet while playing with her barely toddler, I am pretty sure this is designed for the ritzy crowd. Also was surprised to see hundreds of dollars spent on birthday party treat bags for guests... but realize that their ideas were cute, and a thrifty person like me could easily do it for cheaper. Although it will be a while until I have to worry about those kinds of birthday parties!

While mothering magazine can be very granola-y, I do sometimes amaze myself when they bring up something that I had never thought of before, and then I start to wonder why I never did. Like their article on the Commercialization of Book Fairs. Why do they sell whoopie cushions, fashion accessories, bracelets, and video games at a place that is supposed to promote literacy and reading? What mom can sent her kid to school with money for the book fair only to discover that he/she comes home with a bunch of junk that has nothing to do with reading? And why are the majority of the products linked to cartoon and TV Characters, like those evil Bratz or Spongebob Squarepants? I honestly had never once thought of that.

When I was growing up, my parents couldn't afford to spare money to buy books. I almost never got a new book that was all my own, but my mom took us to the library every week or every other week and we were readers. Were we ever! I still get books from the inter-library loan system, and try to donate books to our local library, but I have a passion, a desperate lust, to own my own books. Sometimes I look at them on the shelf, already read and neatly organized, and I feel incredibly guilty. I know I should be donating them to the library, but the best I can do is to give them to friends to read. But honestly, I only have two friends who read. It's frustrating to me. Everyone else out there waits for the movie. I don't want my kids to be like that. I was telling Evan the other day that I am worried because these days, kids barely have time to read a book before the movie shows up. Harry Potter is a prime example really, the books are HUGE and would take a kid a while to read, but every time you turn around, a movie is being made. And the movies are good, don't get me wrong, but the books from when I was a kid, are just NOW coming into movies... and that gave me 20 years to read them! Like the Chronicles of Narnia, Bridge to Terabithia, and The Lord of the Rings. Even favorite books like Indian in the Cupboard and the American Girls books are commercialized. I wonder how many girls today know the American Girl name because of their wonderful books.... versus their overpriced dolls and fashions/accessories? There's even a Nancy Drew movie for god's sakes!

If you are so inclined, hop on over and Tell Scholastic to stop selling evil Bratz in Schools.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I hate today.

Today makes me angry. First of all, I get woke up by a window rattling thunderstorm that proceeds for like two hours and knocks out the power at home, ceasing the rhythmic twirling of the ceiling fan and the cooling power of the AC, so that I was sticky and uncomfortable on top of being tired and cranky. Then, the power doesn't come back on, so I have to take a sponge bath with a washcloth in the sink to wash off as much of the sticky as I can before searching with a flashlight for my clothes and underwear, and then throwing my hair up in a clip and brushing my teeth in the darkness. Evan went out and opened the garage door for me and I drove away into the dreary rainy daylight. I wanted cereal but didn't want to open the fridge since the power had already been out for 2.5 hours.

Second of all, as I was walking out the door I went to put on my wedding rings and they wouldn't FIT because my hands are swollen (for the first time in 8 months) because we ate Chinese last night (for the third time in 8 months) and it made my hands swell. So Evan had to take my ring back inside because I couldn't wear it.

Third, I have 28 days of work left, including today, and while that seems like a short amount of time, to me it still feels like a LONG amount of time.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

This Baby Wants OUT!!

Well, I feel like a baby foot might be boxing through my cervix at any time. She's been head down for a while now but I swear it feels like she's dancing down really low. Since about 8 this morning I have been getting beaten from the inside. A few times it has been so intense I have wondered if she's decided to show up early.

The weekend was fine, nothing overly exciting. Friday night I got my car back from being detailed (yay!) and ate supper at the country club. I went to bed at a decent time and got up Saturday to pick up around home. The parade was at 1pm, and mom and dad came over to watch with Evan and I, and Tammy brought Ava over. The parade was nice, and the best part was the hot dogs that the Wyanet Locker float threw to us. We went to the park for lunch but it was HOT, so we didn't stay long. That afternoon we hung out at home and mom and dad helped us hang stuff in the baby room, so it's all ready now! Evan had to work again Saturday night so I lounged around and ate supper at the park with Brad, Anya, and Ava, and then came home to lie around and relax while I waited for Evan and Alex to get off work. We went to the beer gardens but I have to admit that even had I NOT been pregnant, I don't think I would have been thrilled. Lots of people but nothing I couldn't have missed. I was in bed at 12:44 and slept till about 10 this morning, took a shower, and then lay in bed till about 11:30. Evan had an auction to work at, so I went to the Fireman's Pancake Sausage breakfast, and was pleased to see scrambled eggs in addition to the traditional pancakes and sausage.

I spent the afternoon relaxing at Brad and Anya's outside and then came home and watched some TV and lie down. Ava came over for a few hours tonight and then I ran to Princeton for some supper. It's gonna be an early night.... very soon I will be ready for bed!

Hope you all had a nice weekend!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Countdown to Crazy

I.... have.... the.... hiccups. I am used to the BABY having hiccups, but not me! The baby had them 3 times on Wednesday, once right in the middle of fetal monitoring. You could hear her hiccups and they were making her heart rate go up.

I am so freaking tired today! I don't understand! Must be the end of the week tired. Last night was a nice gathering at Evan's grandma's, and we got to see lots of his family that we hadn't in years. I loved talking to David and Suzan about their FEMA trailers and the work they have been doing the last two years to re-do their house after Katrina... the house they had just closed on and moved into before the hurricane hit.

We had great food, and the weather was super nice, but by 8:30 I was yawning so much I couldn't hardly stand it. I had came right from work, and I was running out of juice. I went home and put on pajamas and let the dogs in and fed them, and then I lay on the couch and watched some TV. I was beat! I was having cramping that may have actually been Braxton Hicks, so I drank two big glasses of cold water (thank you Culligan of Wyanet) and felt better. Evan and I watched some of the World Series of Pop Culture that Angela O. recommended, and of course Evan knew every answer. Damn him and his mindless trivia and knowledge of all things movie and music! It's insane! I ended up going to bed with the Hypnobirthing relaxation on my iPod and Evan went out to the garage and bless his heart, he emptied out my entire car, from glove box to trunk, so that it could be detailed today while I was at work.

I started to think back, and in the trunk are painted yellow Terra Cotta flower pots, which means that the trunk hasn't been cleaned out since before Carrie's wedding. That would be June of 2005. Yeah. Scary. So Evan did a good thing! He has cleaned the car itself out a couple of times since I have been preggo. But this time it was serious. Even the change tray and the center console were clean! I am excited because now that the car is detailed we can install the car seat and the new back of the seat organizer I bought (for all my new mom stuff) and then we can put my hospital bag in there. And since the trunk is clean, the stroller can travel with us too!

As of today, we are 23 days away from my baby shower, 30 days till this pregnancy reaches "term", 42 days till my maternity leave officially starts, and 51 days till my due date!

Not that I am counting. Or anything.

I am excited that Wyanet Days are here, but I am pretty sure that based on my tiredness, I am only going to participate on Saturday! Whew! Tonight I could, but I would really rather rest, and vacuum, do laundry, and run the dishwasher between resting. And watch Painkiller Jane. Of course. But tomorrow is the parade, and mom and dad are coming over, and we will go to the park for lunch, and Evan and I will probably go to the beer gardens that night, although I don't know how long I can be there comfortably, since it will be either standing or sitting on wooden boards tables. Maybe I could take my chair! LOL.

Overheard in the Office

I Myself Am a Pepperoni-American

Professor: America is a melting pot.
Dude: America is not a melting pot... It's more of a Lunchable. We are all in the same place, but we keep to our own little compartments.

1906 College Heights Boulevard
Bowling Green, Kentucky

Overheard by: hyacinth_hunter

via Overheard in the Office, Jul 10, 2007

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Hell Hath No Fury Like the First Lady Scorned

Well, I meant to write sooner.

Friday night I ended up grabbing a few things at Wal-Mart and then going HOME. It was hot and I was so freaking tired! By 8:30 I had recouperated enough to put clothes on (I had been in pajamas) and get ready to go to Sheffield, where I met my parents to see the last of the Beatles Tribute Band. They were good. Then we went to 6&34 for a while (which I really enjoy as being smoke free) and then at like 11:30 I went home. My feet were killing me from standing. But I got to see some people, and my mom and dad and sister.

Saturday I slept. A lot. As long as I could. I think till like 10:30. Then I got up and made crock-pot lasagna and cleaned in the kitchen and did laundry. I brought in the dogs and fed them, I took a bath. That night we went to Jacksonfest. The food was great, and as usual the company was the best. Evan got asked to assist with fireworks setup and the launching, and got his pyrotechnics t-shirt. He really enjoyed it. It was a great show and lasted about 45 minutes! You don't get a private fireworks show like that! The music choices were great, I especially liked Jimi Hendrix Star Spangled Banner, Metallica's Enter Sandman, and Michael Jackson's Thriller.

We got home late and I slept from about 1am to 4am, and then was wide awake and extremely cranky until about 7:30 am when I fell back asleep till 1:30pm and felt much better rested. Sunday we hung out at home, in the AC. I took a bath, did more laundry, ran the dishwasher, etc. I watched my TIVO'd epsiode of Painkiller Jane in which I could not BELIEVE that they killed off Maureen, but was completely smitten by Connor and Jane's new "suburban life." I was just convinced that they would be brainwashed into having sex, especially after last week when he kissed her. That had me all hot and bothered.

Monday I got a call from my midwife that they were working on a phone consult with Maternal/Fetal Specialists in Peoria, and then I had my thyroid re-tested at their suggestion. Tuesday we had our regular Dr. Visit and the baby is big and growing and kicking and I guess I am having Braxton Hicks even though I can't feel them. My thyroid is still low. To read more about the visit and the course of action and our upcoming trip to the specialists at OSF In Peoria, read the detailed entry on the baby's website.

Tuesday night I had a pedicure and it was FABULOUS and now I have pretty sparkly pink toes that I didn't have to reach for. Although I DID have to pay for them. But the Money is worth it for the soak, scrub, and fabulous massage that goes with it! After my pedicure I bought some Hempz Sunless Tanning Lotion that you use every day (preggo treat!) and a new book to read, Barack Obama's book that he wrote back in like 1994 about his family and upbringing. I have really enjoyed what I have read so far. Reading his writing reminds me of reading Frank McCourt's writing, it's like he is sitting right there telling you the story. A couple of times I have had to ask Evan about a particular thing (he's excellent with history and trivia and facts) and twice I have thought that I should pull an Angela Joan and highlight or underline a couple of words to look up later. But that's what you get when you are reading a book by a well versed, articulate Harvard Law Graduate. this ain't George W's book, you know. And there's no Gore Potato/Potatoe going on in these pages.

I really don't get into politics much. I like only like politicians who I like as PEOPLE. Usually it's someone locally who I have known for a while, perhaps worked with, interacted with, and who I like and trust, and then if they get into politics I am more apt to support them. Something about Barack Obama I have liked from the beginning. Because I didn't live through the Kennedy Era, I can't really claim to know, but to me, it's like that. Barack has always felt like a real person to me. Someone down to earth and honest, and someone who can see many sides of many issues and really tries to make the best decision. Someone who is educated and who you would LIKE to carry on a conversation with, whether it be about politics or family or your favorite type of BBQ sauce. He's that guy. I think that I really identified with him when I read that his wife told him he wouldn't have her support in his presidential campaign unless he quit smoking first. Now that's a first lady that I can identify with. We need a first lady with balls. And I mean figuratively, not literally like Hillary. I want a first lady who tells it like it is. Not someone who pins on a tight smile and walks alongside her husband after he cheats on her with an intern. Sometimes I laugh when I think of that, because I would have locked Mr. Fucking President out of the White House. The Secret Service would have a hard time keeping my fury under wraps. Every perfectly tailored presidential suit would have been cut up with scissors and the Presidential Boxer shorts strewn about the perfectly manicured White House Lawn. Hell Hath No Fury like the First Lady Scorned.

So anyway, on my way home from my pedicure last night, I get behind this person, on the INTERSTATE with their windows down going 50mph in a 65. I wanted to pass but my exit was RIGHT there and then I realized that person was exiting and I would have to endure being behind them until my next passing opportunity. So I waited. And once I got on Route 6 again I went to pass in the first passing zone, and the person in the car stuck their arm out the window to "wave me by" as in "you have my permission to pass me now." Uh. Okay. Freak. So I thought "that's a crazy lady right there!" and then as I got closer, I thought... that might be a crazy man. or. woman? or. Not? And right then, what comes on the radio? Aerosmith's Dude (looks like a lady.) I thought I might pee my pants I was so entertained. It was like a sign from god. I laughed. That "lady" was waving her chubby arm out the window for me to pass and I just wanted to pee my pants. I would have given ANYTHING to have someone there at that moment.

So I stopped for Ice Cream. And that was my night!

Friday, July 06, 2007


Well, turns out that my tired problem is likely more like a Thyroid problem. Instead of boring you to death here, you can go read more on the baby website about the details and the "plan of action" if you are interested.

So although I am still tired today, I have a little more energy than I did yesterday, and more still than I had on Wednesday or Tuesday.

But at the same time I am completely torn by what I want to DO tonight. Do I want to do anything? Kinda. Do I want to do nothing? Maybe. Do I want to sit home by myself. Absolutely not. I finished reading Ina May's Guide to Childbirth and am about 1/3 of the way through Marie Mongan's Hypnobirthing. I flipped through Birthing from Within last night and It was awfully artsy fartsy granola-y. As in like it wants me to do "birth art" and I was like "I have less than two months. I have better shit to do than birth art." So I am not sure how that book will be. Or if I will read it.

Tonight the band American English (A Beatles Tribute) will be playing at Sheffield Homecoming. I am trying to decide if I will meet my parents there. I partly want to. But then it's like... shower and get cleaned up and find something to wear that's cute and I just don't know if that's up my alley for the night or not. Humph. And I need to get ingredients for the Crock-Pot Lasagna that I need to take to the cookout on Saturday.... so it's like, I dunno what I am gonna do.


Everyone have a great weekend and I will try to let you know what's up!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007


What happened today? Hmmm. Well I still was feeling pretty exhausted, no matter how much I relaxed last night and how much I slept. I was tired when I got up, tired after I got ready for work, and when I stopped by the post office and bought stamps, I was EXHAUSTED and hot and out of breath when I got inside. WTF? By the time I got to work I was tired, and by the time I worked for an hour, I was really tired. That whole "my arms are like spaghetti and I can hardly pick them up" feeling. Eventually I ended up calling my midwife to check to see if I should actually FEEL this tired in the past few days. I was worried about being anemic... but she assured me that I passed that blood test recently. I did end up getting squeezed in for an appointment and checked out. My blood pressure was SLIGHTLY higher than at a regular appointment, but nothing too serious. I ended up going to OB and having a Non-stress test, which turned out well, and some bloodwork, including a CBC, Random Blood Sugar, and some Thyroid tests. All the test results came back good, and the thyroid test is still pending. I got to eat a late lunch around 2:15 and then the nurses said that my midwife called and said I could be released IF I went home and spent the rest of the day/night on bedrest. Before I left I got my blood pressure checked again, and after resting/lying down for about an hour and a half, it had considerably lowered, probably the lowest it has been at any appointment throughout my pregnancy.

So this afternoon I came home and read my book some, and then I tried to listen to my hypnobirthing CD. I got through the birth affirmations and as soon as the "relaxation" portion began, I must have fallen asleep. I took a nice nap and tonight we had Pizza from Monical's and then I watched "10 Things I hate about you" for the BAZILLIONTH time and then "BIG" for the BAZILLIONTH time.

My midwife called this afternoon and gave me a few ideas about relaxing and suggested slowing down at work and taking my blood sugar medicine on a different schedule to see if that might help. So that's what I will try. It will be hard to be this laid back for two more months... but if I have to do nothing to stay relaxed and not be tired all the time..... I can try for that.

Tomorrow we planned on going to fireworks after dark, but they may all get rained out. We will see. It will be nice to have the day off tomorrow for the 4th. I will sleep in and take a nap if I have to!

Monday, July 02, 2007

Welcome to Month 8, Can I take your order?

It's July. It's month 8. And I don't want to work. At all. Ever. But then I tell myself that i have Wednesday off for the 4th and I think... I can do it. I am so freaking tired today! I slept for 10 hours, so I don't know how that's really possible. Of course I was up at 1am and again at 4am and again at 6:30am to take two Tylenol for a splitting headache... but I guess that's normal for the most part (potty breaks.) I fel like I need toothpicks to prop my eyes open. I have fallen into the habit in the past two weeks of not wearing makeup to work, and today I am not putting makeup on either. Who cares. Too much work. Takes time. and I don't care. By 3pm my waterproof mascara is smeared anyway.

Let's see if I can recall the weekend. Friday night was Lisa's bead party. It was fun. Saturday I wore my pajamas all day and worked on baby announcements, etc. Ava came over for a while and Evan and Ava and I played and entertained ourselves. Saturday afternoon I practiced my hypnobirthing CD again, but before I got to the rainbow part of the CD I must have either fallen asleep or been hypnotized, because I sat up two hours later and looked at the clock like "what the hell happened? What day is it?" Then I took a shower and painted my toenails (which I had to work really hard to reach) and then Evan and I went out for supper at the Wagon Wheel in Mineral, where I had the cheeseburger and fries fix that I was wanting. That night we ran to Wal-Mart to get the ingredients for our dish to pass at the cookout the next day. I went to sleep and slept late again on Sunday, although I woke up at 6:30 with bad dreams about two guys trying to shoot my pregnant belly. Freaky. Eventually I got back to sleep and had nice dreams until about 11:30 when someone called and woke us up.

That afternoon I picked up around home and ran the dishwasher once, and made the cheesy potato casserole. Then we went to Walnut for a cookout at my cousin Jessica's, and sat on her deck to watch the fireworks let off across the street. They were good fireworks. But it took so freaking LONG for it to get dark I was getting frustrated.

Mom and Dad ran me home that night as Evan didn't stay for the fireworks, and I ran the dishwasher again and went to lie down. It was almost 11 and I read my book for a while and then at about 11:45 I started listening to the hypnobirthing CD again, but again, before getting to the rainbow part I must have fallen asleep. I woke up at about 1am all confused about what time it was and where I had been.

I was having good dreams last night and this morning and I did NOT want to get up at all, let alone if it meant getting ready and going to work. Ugh.

Last week I tried to order a bunch of nursing tops, camisoles and tank tops mostly, from motherwear.com and I got so frustrated because my shopping code, which was listed on each product page of their site, wouldn't work in the checkout area. I ended up trying to call their customer service, but I spent 30 minutes redialing and all I got was a busy signal. Frustrating. Not to mention that it was a $157 order. So today I had an email back from them with a different coupon code to use that got me WAY more money off, $45 off to be exact, and was totally worth waiting for. Not like I will need any nursing clothes for 2 months. But I need to order them now, because in 2 months I will be on FMLA and will be getting a disability check for 6 weeks and then nothing at all for the other 6 weeks. People always comment on how "prepared" we are and how we can "always buy those things after the baby is born" and I want to say "with whose money?" Duh. But I guess those comments usually come from someone my parents age, usually a mom who never worked and has no idea what it's like to have a two income household decrease to a one income household overnight. It would at least be nice to have some tank tops that I can wear under regular clothes so that I can go out in public and still feed my kid. I did also buy one pair of pajamas, a capri pant and sleeveless top set in Lavender that's really pretty and I could actually wear around home, especially when we have visitors. My two pair of nursing pajamas that I have aren't really "visitor friendly" unless your visitors really like cleavage. Which I tend to have plenty to go around.

Over the weekend I did receive the ebay auction that I have been waiting on for over a month. Thank GOD! So I washed all the lil girl clothes and then held them up for Evan who assisted in veto-ing all the ugly ones, and veto-ed the ones that had the word "princess" or "ballerina" on them. We did let one really cute outfit that said "Cheerleader" go through, but it was against our best judgment.

Over the weekend I also convinced myself that I will still love my daughter as much if she comes out with brown hair. Nothing against people with brown hair. Really. But I would rather have her look like me with blonde or reddish hair than be cursed with brown hair like the rest of both our families. Evan seems to think she will have blonde hair, but I am not convinced that some cruel trick will be played and she will have brown hair. But I will still love her. I promise.

This morning I forgot to leave a check for the cleaning people. Again. My pregnant brain is really starting to screw me over. LOL. Thank God we are in month 8 and have only TWO months left to go!
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