Monday, September 23, 2013

How to Pierce your American Girl Doll's Ears and Put Feathers in her Hair :)

Well, I said I was going to bed an hour ago. I worked on some things for a client and I avoided folding diapers or watching the movie I said I was going to watch. I got involved in some graphic design and then next thing I know three hours have passed since I put the kids to bed. *sigh*

A has been out of socks for the past three days and she wore M's Socks but now he is out of socks too and so I should have washed socks. It might be easier to go buy new socks. Although A can wear sandals and M doesn't have school tomorrow so he can wear sandals or crocs too. Maybe I can just wash them tomorrow (or buy more tomorow.)

The dog is in here trolling around for crumbs and children's stuffed animals for which he can sink his teeth into and call his own.

My major accomplishment of the day was piercing the ears on A's doll. A couple of years ago I got her an Our Generation doll from Target, Sydney, to which she lovingly refers as "the one with the crappy hair." Sydney was my attempt at NOT purchasing an American Girl doll, but she in fact DOES have crappy hair and she is NOT a great substitute. But she is a good friend for the new American Girl doll who has lovely hair and nice joints and no awkward longer left leg. Of course when we got ourselves to the AG Doll store for A's birthday (if you're on facebook with me you know that she requested a trip to the store and forfeited her birthday party and all other gifts from us to pay for it) we had her doll Lila's ears pierced. We were all excited and of course all that happened was the girl taking the doll behind a white painted wall and punching holes in her ears and handing her back $14 later with a card of new earrings. A was sad because she wanted to see it happen, and comfort the doll, and help. Well, that isn't part of the plan. I wanted to make that dream come true for her for FREE so I decided to let her watch me pound a metal yarn needle thru the side of Sydney's head with a rusty hammer. It was magnificent. And it was free.

Initially I had intended on using my Awl, but since my sewing table is a freakish disaster and I can only reach it if I edge around an empty Cubical Organizer, step OVER ten thousand old crinkly coloring book pages, and climb OVER the train table tipped sideways... I didn't do much digging around beyond the 20 minutes I spent not finding it. I did find the sharp end of the seam ripper to get the holes started and then used a sharp but LARGE eyed needle (just like the plastic yarn needles but metal) and a regular sized hammer... to drive the needle into the side of the doll's head. I had to drive it in all the way to the eye of the needle and had to rest the doll's head on the coffee table so it would quit bouncing while I was hammering. One of the doll's eyes was twitching in a scary posessed way as I did this but A mostly ignored me while she played the batman lego video game with M. True Story. So much for creating a perfect piercing experience. But in the end she was thrilled and the AG doll earrings fit perfectly in Sydney's Ears and since the $14 bought me four pair of studs with three different dangling attachments, we have earrings for everyone! Who's next?

After this fantastic alteration of Sydney Lee, I decided that it was time to also put feathers in her hair like A has. Since her hair was crappy anyway, what could it hurt? I cut some pink (light and hot pink) feathers from an ugly kechain charm bundle that I had gotten on clearance for 10 cents at Walmart like 4 years ago. I just knew I would tear it up for something. I took the tiny feathers and used stainless steel crimp beads for jewelry making and my trusty Bead Retreat Crimping Pliers, and put beads and Three Feathers in Sydney Lee's crappy hair. A is pretty convinced I am the coolest mom on the planet, and I am not so sure she is mistaken :)

The dog is currently licking the high chair clean, which is a BONUS for me... one more thing off my list to do.

Well, I need to catch some sleep because someone has to buy socks tomorrow and someone has to wake three kids up at 6:30am. Have a great night mommies and don't forget you can totally pierce your own American Girl Doll's Ears. Or you can bring her to me. I'm confident in my piercing skills.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Marek- kidspeak

Marek's wisdom of the day...
"Mommy, do mummies stink when you unwrap them?"

"Did it rain or is that Mountain Dew on your van?"
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