Sunday, September 28, 2008

Lots going on.

I have so much to write about. I am not as concerned about the time it will take to write it all as I am about my memory’s capacity to not leave anything out. It has been a fairly busy week. Really, I can’t recall when the last time was that I wrote in the blog, and because we are going on three or four weeks without internet at home, I can’t even check to see what I wrote last.

I decided to just sit down tonight and write a bit while offline, and hope that I can publish this maybe on Tuesday. It’s Sunday night, and I really would normally be in bed by now. It’s about 11:15 and I just started diapers. It’s technically only four days of diapers, but again, I have two loads to wash because they won’t all fit into the washing machine. I can’t remember if I mentioned in my previous post that Ardyn is allergic to dairy, but we discovered that almost two weeks ago, and have had her on a dairy free diet ever since. Her diaper rash cleared up in 2-3 days but she still has the body rash, including new dots on her chest and temples/forehead that show up every single day. The Dr’s office assures me that is also dairy related and that when she has had the dairy out of her system for three weeks, it will also be gone. I am still not sure, because why would she be getting NEW breakouts? Hmmm. Not convinced. But only time will tell. I am worried that I will discover that she is allergic to something else…. And I don’t know if they can send a 1 year old for allergy testing. And I can’t get online and investigate, because I have no internet and when I DO get to the internet, my time is limited because I generally have Ardyn with me. So far, Soy milk equals MANY more dirty diapers than usual. The Dr. also assures me that this 4 poops a day routine will end once she is adjusted to the Soy. Again. Three weeks. SO we wait.

In the meantime, I wash an insane amount of diapers. I try not to put it off too long, but when you are pregnant, rinsing poopy diapers is not at the top of your to-do list. Especially newly stinky and pasty diapers.

Washing diapers does take a bit of time. Basically because it consists of a prewash cycle, and then you have to go add the soap and disinfecting stuff and then do a wash with a double rinse. Just takes the washing machine more time. And when you have two loads to do, well, you get the picture. And when you have lots of poopy diapers, that usually adds an overnight soaking to the list of things for the washing machine to accomplish. Tick Tock. So I am trying to stay awake long enough to get the first load of diapers prewashed, and then washed and rinsed, so that I can get them into the dryer and get the second load started on it’s overnight soak. Don’t know if I can make it that long.

So this past week I hosted a Bead Retreat Party, and was in my friend Lisa and Josh’s wedding. Thursday was the bead retreat party. I had 10 people attend, and 8 people came for Chili and Homemade Cornbread before the party. I had a great time eating with everyone. It was less stressful than Thanksgiving and really so nice. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy having people over. I got to use all the nice napkins and tablecloth, the nice dishes, the expensive wine glasses… It was the best. I am still about $100 short of my goal, and the party closes Tuesday. Not having the internet is not helping me much with rounding up orders, but I have three more outside orders that I am expecting, so everything pretty much hinges on that.

The other thing, is that we don’t have cable or a home phone right now, since it is all through the same company. It’s just too damn expensive and not a priority. We have been renting movies instead, and I am more caught up on movies than I have been in years. I doubt I can remember everything I have seen lately, but I know the list includes Pirates of the Caribbean 3, Lucky Number Slevin, The Bucket List, The Constant Gardner, The Astronaut Farmer, Baby Mamma, Then She Found Me, Wilderness (totally retarded), In the Land of Women, The Darjeeling Limited (don’t waste your time), and Mr Woodcock (which I will watch tomorrow.)

And that doesn’t include all the things that I watch with Ardyn, like Rolie Polie Olie, The Wiggles, Maggie and the Ferocious Beast, and The Little Einsteins.

Tonight Ardyn and I had to run to Wal-Mart and get dog food, and we also had to get a new DVD Player because we wore ours out. We just buy the cheap $29 model, it usually lasts a few years and that’s cool with us. We also bought some Halloween Cookie Cutters, and she said “Cookie” for the first time. And we got her a pair of Dora fleece lined clogs, and some Cheesecloth for part of her Halloween costume.

Other than that we accomplished a bath for me and a nap for both of us. That was nice. She has fallen asleep with me several times in the past couple of days. She is officially weaned, and she did it all herself. First she dropped the naptime nursing session, and then the bedtime session. Friday morning was her last morning nursing session and today I leaked a teeny tiny bit for the first time. No problem and really no pain. It was awesome to let her self wean. It couldn’t have gone more perfect. So I get to say goodbye to what was really the perfect breastfeeding relationship. She never had formula. I pumped through 5 months of full-time work, She breastfed for over a year, and I never had mastitis or a plugged duct and neither of us ever got thrush. I am so happy and proud, it is a major accomplishment!

So Friday was a great day too. Evan took Ardyn to his mom’s around noon. I went to town, checked my email, received a couple of paypal payments and sold all of my Size Medium Thirsties AIO Pockets to two mammas on diaperswappers. Then I turned around and bought four Goodmamas from a mamma on DS and they are from the hopscotch switch box. I can’t wait, they should be here this week. It’s insane that I can sell 12 used diapers and turn around with that EXACT money and buy 4 new ones. But that goes to show how badly the resale value is on those Thirsties AIO Pocket V1 when so many people have had issues with the leg gussets leaking, and Thirsties redesigned and came up with a V2. I am just relieved to have them out of my sight because they were really disgusting me, seeing them sitting here worth so much money and not being used. Ugh. So I mailed diapers, and then went and got my hair done for the wedding, and ran to Wal-Mart. I ate lunch and went home, where the house was ALL to myself and Incredibly quiet. I spent the next 2 hours listening to Tommy James and the Shondells, painting my toenails, and applying artificial fingernails, and then getting dressed and heading for the wedding. I picked up Josh’s sister and his nieces, and we drove to the home where the garden wedding was held. It was so nice, but the problem was the tiny biting black gnats. They had the garden sprayed that day, but nothing deterred those little bastards. Everyone wearing white (poor Lisa and the flower girls) were covered with the bugs. Everyone else was also getting eaten alive. I have so many bites that pretty much everything is still itching, and it’s terrible. I coat myself with Benadryl cream a couple of times a day to try to stop myself from itching. Just to give you an idea of how many bites I have, there are TWELVE on my left breast. And I was NOT naked at the wedding. They were in our clothes, down our backs, up our skirts, it was terrible. I was wearing Off, Cutter, Repel, Skin So Soft, and my Jason Natural Bug Repellent. I was also wearing Vanilla Oil that someone told me was a deterrent. Nothing kept them away. Nothing stopped them from biting. Luckily by the time the ceremony itself started, they were mostly leaving us alone. But that didn’t help us during the 2 hours of photos. The reception was nice too, I still think about the slices roast beef. Mmmmm.

So Evan’s parents kept Ardyn overnight on Friday, and had her for more than 24 hours, and it was FABULOUS. I felt so FREE! Seriously. We tried to sleep in but we ended up getting about 5 hours of sleep. We have a King Sized Sealy Posturpedic Mattress and Boxspring Set that we bought with tax return money in February of 2007. I was worried because the mattress can’t be flipped, and they assured me that it was designed to never NEED to be flipped. I am now absolutely sure that statement is a load of crap. We are so uncomfortable. Evan is sleeping on the couch and I am sleeping in the middle of the bed. We have tried rotating it, and it seems better for about two weeks. We have called the furniture store where we purchased it because it is under warranty. I am waiting to hear back from the “guy” who handles warranties. Of course I read the fine print and the warranty from Sealy states that the warranty does not cover “customer preference” and I will be infuriated if they try to tell me that our preference is the reason we don’t like the mattress. I really loved the mattress until about 5 months ago. The problems really started to become unbearable about a week ago, when I lay down on the mattress I feel like everywhere my bones touch, I have bruises. I can’t see the bruises, but if I touch my skin in those spots, it feels just like a bruise. Evan said the same thing a few days later. And because I am pregnant, I sleep on one side or the other, with a body pillow, so the same spot on my shoulder, leg, thigh, and Hip Bone always touches the bed. And I feel like I am covered in bruises. It is NOT a good thing and I sure hope that the furniture store or Sealy can help us and I mean FAST. Nothing is worse than being exhausted and pregnant and not being able to sleep because of your mattress. And I tell you, this is the FOURTH Sealy Posturpedic that Evan and I have owned. The Queen that we had last time was about 12-13 years old and we loved it. The twin that we have is about 9 years old, maybe 10, and it is in PERFECT shape and SO comfortable. As a matter of fact, that’s where I SHOULD be sleeping!

Hang on, let me go put soap in the diapers and get them started washing.

Well, now that is done, but it is almost midnight and I really can’t stay awake long enough for them to wash and rinse. Ugh. Oh well. Tomorrow is a different day, and I have a clear schedule. I did get the dishwasher run twice today, once for the china and wine glasses and once for the heavier dishes and the crock pot. It’s not like I did nothing all day. Not bad for a Sunday.

I also have everything from inside Ardyn’s crib to wash. Her sheet, blankets, mattress protector, toys… etc. When I was having the bead party, I had everything ready, myself cleaned up and dressed, the Chili ready and the cornbread in the oven, the table set, and was waiting for the hour to pass until the guests showed up. 15 minutes before the consultant was due to arrive, Ardyn woke up from her nap. I went in to get her and she was poop… head to toe. Under her nails, down her legs, in her hair, on her face, and on every area inside her crib… even the bars and the pouch of puppies that hangs on the side or the crib. I had to carry her at arm’s length to the bathtub and strip her down and give her a bath. Evan stripped the crib and scrubbed it clean and sanitized it, and put everything in the laundry room. We have been so busy that I haven’t got to wash it all yet. Ugh. Another fun task for tomorrow.

Have a great night.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Sweat Shop Mamma

(I am without internet at home so keep in mind that this post was written on 9-12-08)

The past couple of days I have shocked myself with the things I have accomplished. The pre-pregnancy Meagan must be in there somewhere trying to get out. Of course by 8pm I am so exhausted I can’t hardly keep my eyes open.

Yesterday (Thursday) I picked up the living room, dining room, bathroom, and our bedroom. I re-organized Ardyn’s toys and packed up some more “baby-ish” toys. I took tags off the new clothes that Evan bought her. I washed diapers. I went through a stack of magazines and papers on the dining room chair that was no shorter than 2.5 feet tall (seriously) and did something with everything, and kept a 1 foot stack of magazines that I haven’t cracked the covers on yet (I suck.) and am keeping them by the bed so that I may hopefully flip through them, and tear out the things that I want to file. I went through the file on the top of the desk in the office. I created new folders for each pregnancy (going to specialists really gathers lots of paperwork…. Insurance, referrals, prescriptions, letters and maps, lab tests, new patient forms, etc) I keep most of this because I am going to many specialists this time around too, and they always want to compare things to last pregnancy. I emptied folders from being a Pampered Chef Consultant, (2003-2005) and fold veterinary bills from when I had Carrie’s beagle. I consolidated paperwork from my “former” employer. Threw away 6 years of paystubs, and filed the contract for the website that I am currently working on (soon!) and also my exit interview from my former employer. I was pretty proud of getting all that in order. I found my envelope full of cards that I received from Ardyn’s baby shower, and cards I received in the mail after her birth. I decided to keep them for her, because I remember how much fun it was to see the cards that my mom kept in my baby book. But she has so many that I had to punch holes in them all and put them on a zip tie ring. I also found cards from her first Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, and finally all of her first birthday cards. I added those to the ring too.

I miraculously found a gift card that fell out of one of the cards, and wouldn’t you know that it was a card for ME from my former co-workers, from when Ardyn was born? It said “this is to be used for something special for mom” and of course THAT is the card that got pushed to the wayside and never used. 1 year later, you can bet I will be buying something for myself! Ha!

I also went through Ardyn’s baby books and her health tracks book and put in her 1 year stats as well as her shots and the info on her new teeth that have come in. I filled out the pages for her first birthday and info on when she started crawling, standing, etc.

Yesterday Ardyn took three steps to Evan, which was awesome. She’s getting closer to full-blown walking every day.

So today was Friday, and it started out like any other day but got humid as hell. Around lunchtime I decided to bring up all the fabric that I had bought to make baby wipes. I started cutting and I cut 164 eight by eight squares of fabric. Then I serged 82 pair of them into 82 new and fabulous baby wipes. They are Organic Sherpa Fleece on one side and flannel or cotton knit on the other side (prints.) Then I folded 82 baby wipes in half and admired them over and over. Then I fray checked the corner of 82 wipes. Then I put them in a tote and smiled at them all. I can’t wait till tomorrow when I can start wiping a little butt with them. The sherpa fleece makes for excellent poo grabbing and they wash up really nice. They are so soft and thick. I am terribly excited.

I have been using baby washcloths for the past 9 months, and even though I have about 140 of them, they have been washed SO many times, and there just aren’t enough for two little butts to wipe. Plus toddler poos require a whole new wipe animal than little breastfed baby poos. So I feel like I have done a very accomplished thing and that I am even a little more prepared for two babies. I have also been loving the new stack of goodmamas. That’s all she’s been wearing for the past two days. It’s so nice. She can run around coverless and she is even coverless at naptime! Holy moly! I now know without a doubt that if I come into money, I will be ordering a Goodmama box, or even a bunch of bundles. Although I really like the clean look of the OBV’s. The prints are adorable but I can just see them getting pilly and faded so I am not sure that’s what I want.

I have gotten back into some books that I had been perusing, Green Housekeeping by Ellen Sandbeck, Unplugged Play, and Raising Baby Green by Alan Greene MD. In order to prevent myself from getting bored, I just keep rotating between them. I did a few things form Unplugged play with Ardyn today. I put a blanket on the floor and gave her a Tupperware container with an inch of water in the bottom of it, and gave her a bunch of her own spoons and forks and a dishrag. She was thrilled. She washed them. She washed herself… her legs, her hair, and then she put her feet in the water. Then she dumped it over accidentally, and then on purpose. Then she splashed around in the little bit of water that was left. I also got her little tiny stuffed baby doll out and cut her a blanket out of fleece from the sewing room. I put her baby to sleep in a shoebox. I showed her how to rock the baby and sing to the baby and put the baby “night-night.” She wasn’t fond of the attention the baby was getting. I then asked her if the baby wanted milk and acted like I was going to breastfeed the baby through my shirt, she got VERY angry and smacked the baby out of the way. Then she climbed up into my lap and started giving me kisses on the lips, like she wanted to remind me that SHE is my baby and a very sweet and loving one at that. And then she shoved the baby in her shoebox, under the coffee table where no one could find her. It was hilarious. We will have to keep working on the baby.

Ardyn loves to say that things are pretty. Candles and things that are glass and not to be touched are regarded as “pretty.” Freshly folded clothes, towels, and diapers are “pretty” (otherwise she will unfold them) and when I put clips in her hair I announce that they are “pretty” otherwise she will take them out. I gave her a big fat powder brush a month or so ago, and showed her how to put on blush and say “pretty” and now she loves to put blush on herself and then mommy and say “pretty.” Today we discovered a magic trick with a toilet paper tube and the brush. We put the brush, handle side down, into the tube. She can SEE the top of the brush and touch the bristles and she is trying to get it out and then suddenly, I whisk the brush out of the bottom of the tube and display it up by her face and she squeals with delight! Magic! How did that brush get out of that tube! And so quickly! We played with that for a long time today.

She also amazes me how fast she catches on. Earlier in the week I was using the oven and told her it was hot. Every time she sees me open the oven she makes her “hot” sign (waving her hand back and forth like HOT) and I saw “yes, it’s HOT. Don’t touch.” Very smart. Unfortunately, if you don’t know her, you might get her hot sign confused with her “stinky” sign. But her stinky sign usually comes with sniffing of the nose and sometimes the word “stinky.” And I guess it could also be confused with her waving hello or bye bye…. But again, in context.

Well, it’s past my bedtime. I intended on sleeping long ago, but wanted to get diapers started so I would have a full stash of goodmamas for the weekend and also wanted to get some stuff written down lest I forget.

Like today, I decided that for the first time in 29 years I would try mustard on my hot dog. I never tried it because even though I love mustard, it just never sounded right on a hot dog. And you know what, I was right. Mustard doesn’t belong on a hot dog. So I guess I haven’t been missing anything. But this from the person who had never had a chili dog until about 3 years ago. Sheltered I tell you!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Happiness is: Homemade Chex Mix and Goodmamas.

Hello everyone! Wednesday. We have been pretty lazy the past couple of days. We had a busy weekend and a Busy Monday (okay, a hectic monday) and so we have pretty much been napping and eating and sleeping and eating. Today we slept in again (ahhh, 9:30!) and then Ardyn and I lay around in bed and watched TV until 11am, when we made scrambled eggs and toast. I have laundry going, the dishwasher unloaded, reloaded, and running again, and Chex Mix in the oven. I love the smell and the satisfaction of chex mix in the oven. I am going to make two batches. I have a close friend whose family member is seriously ill (very likely terminally ill) and I will make Chicken Casserole, Cheesy Rice and Broccoli Casserole, and Chex mix to take over to them tonight. I feel like I want to DO something but I know that right now it's just a bunch of waiting for them, and spending as much time with their loved one as possible. I feel terrible. And Helpless. I can't even imagine how they feel.

Monday was my appointment at the Endocrinologist for my thyroid. It is overactive now (it was previously underactive) and they did more bloodwork and intend to monitor it for the pregnancy. No medications just yet, as they feel it might very shortly resolve itself. So I have been laying low. MIL Asked me if I wanted to go shopping today, but I just Can NOT do shopping. I can barely make it through a 30 minute trip to Wal-Mart. Last night I thought I was going to take Ardyn for a walk because it was so nice, but I forgot that I left the stroller in the loaner car and they have it at the dealership and I keep forgetting to pick it up. Ha. I go back to the Endocrinologist next week, and then I will probably go see my midwife, just because I miss her. LOL.

Last night I made Ardyn and myself some fabulous Cheerios Snack Mix Just baknig required!) For my recipe and a photo, go here! It is SO yummy. A little sweet, and dry... great for a preggo tummy... both to tide you over and get rid of nausea. (which I have no more... YAY!) When Ardyn finishes a little bowl, she turns it upside down and says "uh-oh" and looks at me hopefully.

Off to stir the chex mix! I love that burn in your nose when you open the oven and a big waft of seasoning and sauce hits you in the face. YUM!Last night I washed the BIGGEST Load of diapers ever. It was awesome. I actually had to wash them twice. I probably should have split it into two. Yesterday was an awesome day for fluffy mail. I got 5 Goodmama OBV's and 1 PIddle Poddle, which I also adore. It's amazingly similar to the Goodmama. The only differences that I have noticed with our first wearing is that the rise seems shorter (which will soon be a problem) and the wing snaps (to prevent droop) aren't exactly where I need them. I will probably stick to goodmamas for those reasons. This brings my Goodmama total to NINE beautiful OBV's. I adore them. I never thought in a million years that I would choose the $37 diaper as my favorite. Never. Ever. But I certainly do adore them. the fit is just perfect. And the fact that they are super soft, and one size, AND absorbent enough to go coverless yet trim enough to be comfy... not to mention they clean up spotlessly. Every. Freaking. Time.

I have been very much considering selling the Thirsties AIOs. I am disappointed that since the release of V2, V1's resale value has dropped to like $11 each. It makes me furious, especially since they were $17.50 each new. We aren't using them, I just have them in a tote looking at me.
I guess the money could go torwards more goodmamas.

Last Sunday was a busy day. I attended Lisa's Bridal Shower for her mom's family, and then went right to Evan's grandparents for his grandpa's 79th Birthday Party. We had a nice supper and sat outside and Ardyn played. She adores Evan's cousin Lukas (who is 18ish) and gave him hugs and kisses and snuggles. It was so cute. She kept going to him so he would pick her up and put her on his lap. It was cute. I stopped at Tanner's on my way back from the Dr. on Monday. Bought some apples and apple cider donuts, and some apple muffins that are TO DIE FOR. I also got some pumpkin butter, which I thouht I would love, but really didn't. Ardyn LOVES it though, so that's a plus. I recently had to make the honey/peanut butter decision for her. "They" still debate about giving peanut butter or honey at 1 year. The Ped gave the go ahead for honey in small amounts and the pep talk for staying clear of Peanut Butter and other nut products for another year. So I bought some sun butter (sunflower seeds) and she doesn't know the difference. I haven't given her the honey yet, but we have a LOVELY jar that just came fresh off the farm at Evan's parents, and the hives are located in the timber with wildflowers, fruit trees, and a garden... the honey tastes FABULOUS!

Ardyn's 1 year photos came back from the photographer. I have to decide which ones I am going to order. Tough Tough Decision!

Well, batch one of chex mix is cooling. Gotta go start the next one. Have a great week!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

The longest post ever. And My Beef with Thirsties AIO Pockets.

Well, the birthday party is over. It was great. I was feeling icky. It was hot. I was exhausted. And Nauseous. And had a weird pain in my upper belly all day. But It was still fun. The pool was refreshing. The food was AMAZING. The cake got rave reviews for taste AND looks. I was pleased. Evan did a great job of blowing up the balloons and making a pretty balloon bouqet for the bench along the driveway. It was wonderful. Ardyn got lots of good stuff, a few toys, books, a beautiful quilt made by Bekah, and some really great clothes from my mom. She enjoyed every bit of it and wouldn't nap for a second. She was awake from 7:30am till 9:30pm, that little stinker didn't want to miss a bit of HER party. Ha.

Since the party we have recuperated. Gotten the dishwasher installed (I am in love) and Ardyn and I met with Nicole Isaacson and spent two hours, two locations, and FIVE outfits getting pictures taken. I can't wait to see the results! Hopefully we will see them online by the end of this week or the beginning of next week at the latest. Today Ardyn and I took the van for an oil change, and also to get the AC Checked out because by Saturday it was not working again. They found the leak this time and have ordered parts. We took a Dodge Magnum Wagon as a loaner car today. It wasn't bad but I wouldn't trade it for my van. I don't like all the blind spots it has, it's way worse than MIL's newer Durango. But it was a nice loaner. Except I left the stroller in the back like a Moron. But in my defense it WAS Pouring rain all day. And I didn't like moving the baby, car seat, diaper bag, purse, etc. in the rain.... let alone the stroller. I just forgot. Until about three hours later when I was mentioning strollers when talking to my mom and I was like "Holy shit I have to call the car dealer!"

Tomorrow are Ardyn's 1 year shots. I am not looking forward to them. At all. They worry me because she will get ones that she has never had before, and because MMR is "the" controversial shot. I am sure it will all be fine, but mom's can't help be be anxious abut these things.

Lisa's Bridal shower gift arrived today via UPS and I am SO Excited to give it to her. I also got a dress and shoes in the mail today, that I will wear to her wedding. I already had a dress with a cute little sweater that I bought at the beginning of the summer, with plans to wear it to the wedding and reception, but that was BEFORE I was pregnant, and it still has the tags on it because NOW I can't wear it. LOL. Oh well. My shoes are so freakin adorable. They are Kenneth Cole Reaction and I got them from PiperLime. I adore them and will be able to wear them comfortably forever and ever. That's the best kind of shoe there is. When I measured my belly last week it was already 46 inches! Holy Cats! They are right when they say that you show quicker the second time around. By 6 weeks I couldn't button my pants and had to break out maternity clothes. The only bad thing for me is that all of my maternity clothes (most of them) are too big for me. So either I can't wear them (in the case of jeans and some of my shirts) or they look frumpy. I have asked my mom for some smaller maternity clothes for my Birthday, which is actually approaching fairly quickly. I sent her links to ones I like and am pretty sure she's got me covered. Evan my maternity underwear are too huge, and my swimsuit too. For Ardyn's birthday party I was able to wear my regular swimsuit but my stomach was all squished and killing me after an hour or so. I had to get out of that suit.

The weather was awesome today. Low 60's, rained all day. We opened the house up yesterday and it is so nice and cool. Ardyn and I have snuggly pants on and long sleeved shirts and socks and slippers. We drank tea (juice for her) and baked cookies this evening. We have all the Scentsy warmers going with Sugar Cookie bricks. It smells heavenly here! If you haven't heard of scentsy, my best friend Carrie is a consultant and you NEED to check it out. Flameless home scents with wax that isn't hot enough to burn. It's heated by a regular lightbulb, and the warmers are beautiful. They JUST released a plug in warmer that I want to get for my kitchen. They are awesome. Check them out here

I was actually motivated to clean off the dining room table, which was a mess of paper and glue and scissors and glitter from working on decorations for Ardyn's party. I was pleased when I finished. I am really wanting to get my 2 yards of Organic Sherpa Fleece cut into 9" squares so that I can start matching them up with my flannel and cotton knit fabrics and making wipes.

I just bought 5 Goodmama One Size OBV Dipes to add to the collection today. Lavender, Purple, Hot Pink, Orange, and Light Blue. I already have Lime, Red, Circus (rainbow Serging), and Marigold. Ardyn is just now growing out of her Size Medium Thirsties AIO's.

They recently re-vamped the Thirsties AIO Pockets and removed the fabric from inside the leg gussets. The V1 model had leakage issues, which to my dismay, we have experienced. It is frustrating because I paid $17 plus for each diaper and we have a full dozen of them in Medium and another full Dozen in size Small. That's alot of money ($414.00 to be exact), and that doesn't count the Ten Thirsties PUL Covers that I have (@ $11.50 each) or the Thirsties fitted or the 18 Thirsties Prefolds.

Even though the thirsties diapers are under warranty, the manufacturer doesn't feel that the leaking warrants a replacement or a discount on replacements, even though the leaking did warrant a redesign of the product into a V2. This has been something that I have been thinking alot about and I have made the decision to no longer purchase Thirsties AIO Pockets. I think. So instead of moving up to the size Large, I will move into using more fitteds and OS diapers, like the BG 3.0's that I am so happy with, and the Goodmamas. If I want some AIO's I will be trying BG AIO's. I like their Organic AIO but it is pricey at $24.95 per diaper... but really not bad for a OS AIO (which there aren't many of.) AND I was recently able to send in 3 BG OS 3.0's that I had aplix issues with (they had the older style aplix) and have them completely replaced at no cost to me, with new identical diapers with all the newer aplix and newer foldback tabs. Now. That is what I call customer service. And THAT is what makes me be a repeat customer, when you will stand by your product. I adore thirsties, but when you feel like you have $414 in diapers that you can't use for your second child, that frustrates you. It frustrates you enough to not invest another $217 to buy a dozen large diapers. I saw that Kelly's closet is clearancing out the V1 for $11 each. Ugh. Proof that they have been improved and aren't worth as much anymore.

For me, It is making more sense to use more OS Diapers. OS dipes will fit the new baby and Ardyn at the same time. I can use the BG 3.0's, the MEOS OBV's, and the Goodmama OBV's for both kids at the same time, eliminating the need to keep different sizes of diapers separate, and also eliminating the need to pack two sizes of diapers for an outing. The only downside is the added bulk of a fitted and cover (but fleece covers seem to work well for us in substitute for pants) and the fact that the millions of snaps in pretty rows tend to make a grandparent's and daddy's head spin. Although Evan does really well with snap MEOS. Unfortunately, when grandparents see those snaps, their mind automatically says "Disposables at my house" which really does make me sad. Very sad. I don't mind education sessions, but the older you get, the more you can't remember from one day (or hour) to the next, and not everyone in the grandparent lineup is a good listener.

We adore prefolds at home, but if you think snaps make a person's head spin.... just let them face down the pointy teeth and snappin stretch of a snappi. LOL. I love snappis. I love prefolds. But it sets panic into the hearts of babysitters everywhere. Evan doesn't do snappis. But he does fitteds and that makes my heart beat faster. He he.

So tonight I put Ardyn in a Fattycakes Heavy Wetter Fitted By Butterfly Baby, and some wool longies for overnight. I know the fattycake will do well overnight, but I have never used it with wool overnight, so we will see what the morning brings. I usually use BG OS for nights, but they are all in the wash, with the exception of the 3 new ones that are on the way to replace the ones I sent back to Cottonbabies.

I also ordered 5 pair of Custom Fleece Longies from Michele at ThePeaChicNest (part of the inspired congo.) I have SEVEN of her fleece inspiration soakers and they are hands down the best on the market. She does great custom work. I can't wait for the new ones to arrive. Aunt Liz gave Ardyn some birthday money and that has funded the 5 pairs of Fleecey goodness that we are awaiting.

Well. it's midnight. I am falling asleep. Gotta Go!

My Review of Toys on the Go Backseat Organizer

Originally submitted at One Step Ahead

We asked our Parents Panel to describe their ideal backseat organizer, then made their wishes come true! Our ultimate organizer has a full 15 pockets in various sizes, including one big enough to hold 8½" x 11" books. There's even a detachable activity case for bringing special ...

Has worked really well for us!

By dazed81 from Illinois on 9/4/2008


4out of 5

Pros: Durable, Easy Use, Easy Setup, Strong Construction, Portable, Easily Accessible

Best Uses: Newborn, Travel, Infants, Toddlers, Daily Use

Describe Yourself: Pregnant with 2, First Time Parent, Used in both a car van

I bought this item when I was pregnant with my first child. She is now One and I am pregnant with #2. I initially used it in a 4-door 99 Grand Prix. It was close quarters in the backseat (even though the backseat is big!) and couldn't be used by the carseat at all (rear facing, not a good idea anyway) so it practically made anyone riding in the backseat impossible.

When we upgraded to a Dodge Grand Caravan, I loved this organized MUCH MUCH more. I have always used it to keep supplies handy. Extra wipes, a few extra disposable diapers (we use cloth diapers) and also wet wipes in a popup cup sized container (fit perfect in the cupholder areas) and sunscreen, bug spray, first aid items, extra pacifiers, sippy cups, etc. When I would get a travel size baby product I would stash it in the pockets and velcro them shut, and then I was always stocked. It seriously lightened the load in my purse and diaper bag. Bandaids, etc could be kept close at hand, for both adults AND kids.

My daughter isn't old enough to reach this yet, so we haven't used it for toys. My only thing is I wish it were a bit WIDER so that it took up more of the valuable space behind the seat. It's my estimation that if your car has small seats this will be in your way more than it's worth, so I wish it were bigger.

GREAT for a van. Okay for a car. Has lasted well, easy to move from vehicle to vehicle, very sturdy.


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