Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I'm Thawing!

It's almost like my brain unthawed. This morning. Suddenly this morning I was up at 8 and I FORCED Myself to sleep until 9 because I really wasn't in the mood for working. Then Once I took a shower and all of that, my entire body got all ready to go and I was HUNGRY and of course last night Dear Evan had to empty EVERYTHING from the Fridge and Both Freezers and trash it. So all we had was dry cereal, bottled water, and ketchup and mustard.... and chips.

So I wanted MEAT and CHEESE. Instead of going to work at 10, I opted to go at 10:30 to swing over to Burger King and have myself a fabulous breakfast. Little do I know that BK has a couple of new menu items for breakfast that are about to change my life and make me the happiest pregnant woman in the county. I ordered the new Hamlette Sandwich and the new Cheesy Tots. YUM! Cheesy Tots are almost identical to the Casey's Cheesy Potato Bites that I love so so dearly. They are more crunchy and not as large, but you can get 6, 9, or 12 of them. I got 6 and was perfectly pleased. The Hamlette is smallish and perfect. It's a sesame seed bun with sliced hot ham, melted cheese, a skinny little egg patty, and the best part of all HONEY BUTTER! YUM! It was freakin awesome. I was so happy, my brain just started THINKING again, like it used to in the morning when I would be on my way to work and think about 15 things to blog about. I was so excited! It's nicer today, about 37 now and looking for highs in the upper 40's and I can't wait. The ice is thawing and so is my brain.

I wore a maternity dress that is sleeveless and goes to my knees, topped with a denim jacket. Ahhh. I am comfy! I can already tell that I will be so happy to be pregnant in the spring. The summer might be a different matter altogether, but I am SOOO Looking forward to the spring. I can't wait for Evan and I to be able to take walks together and take the dogs and enjoy the weather. I can't wait for that springy feeling and easter and bunnies and green grass and daffodils and hyacinths and tulips sprouting up. By the way, why does Easter keep getting earlier? Do we want to celebrate easter with snow on the ground? What the Hell? God meant for us to wear easter dresses and pretty hats and carry cute baskets and purses and search for the eggs in the deep green grass and think every bunny rabbit might be THE bunny rabbit. I remember when I was in high school, I made an outfit that I wore on easter in Home-ec class. It was blue with white flowers on it, and it was like a short sleeved top attached to a cute skort and I got so many compliments! That's the last time I think I have had an easter dress or outfit of any kind. I can't wait to have kids so that we can put them in little easter outfits and color eggs and find easter baskets again.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Did I mention there's no closet?

Babies_Room_Finished_06 (2), originally uploaded by DeArment.

Ran Across this on Flickr and it just made it seem SOOOO Obvious that our Nursery has no closet. I have my eyeballs on an armoire... but my checkbook has to prepare itself.


Forgive me for not posting, and for this meager post. We spent most of the weekend without electricity, and therefore without heat. No computers. No Internet. No cable. No Stove. No Showers. No Home Phone. It was cold cold cold in the house and then we eventually split off and stayed with relatives. I spent most of the weekend huddled up in blankets and quilts in the dark and wearing the same sweatpants and tshirt all weekend.

Now comes the daunting task of emptying the fridge and freezer of everything since it has all gone bad, and disposing of it.

Be back in a coupl-a-days!

Friday, February 23, 2007

Friday Fiver

1. What do you try to stay away from?
  • Wow. This could go so many ways. I stay away from drugs. I hate drugs. I do not ever do them. I never have. I don't need drugs to be creative and I don't need them to be different. I also don't really drink much alcohol (before being pregnant) I never get anything from it. I also stay away from Celery. And Hot Weather. I hate humidity. I stay away from situations where other people could be in charge of me. I like to make my own decisions and I don't want to put myself at the mercy of some idiots decisions.

2. Are you clumsy or graceful?
  • Probably clumsy? I tend to run into things and trip. I get bruises. I break my toes. I don't usually break things (besides my toes, I mean like objects. I don't drop things much) and I don't really fall down too much. Usually I think I trip because something is in my way or I am going too fast.

3. What is it too late for?
  • Um. Well I tend to be pretty positive.... but it's too late to get my money back for a college education that hasn't done shit for me. And it's too late to tell a previous employer to go fuck themselves before they screwed me over royally. It's too late to buy pet insurance for my dog that has Colon Polyps. It's too late to mail my bills on time to avoid late fees.

4. What/who was your first love?
  • Oh boy. Why are you asking me this? I have had beagles my whole life and loved them all. I have had cows that I loved. I loved agriculture. I loved the idea of working in agriculture and farming and raising animals and crops. But I did have a first "love." A boyfriend who I thought I would be with **forever** and we had lots in common and we had so much fun and really good sex and all those things that come with a "first love" but it also had bad aspects and the bad got worse and the better got less and We went through a tough breakup that pretty much ruined my idea of what love should be (for a while) and made me less trusting and more stronger and probably more demanding. It made me raise my standards and expect more from the person that I love and it made me expect more from a relationship and believe that I deserved better. It was your classic crushing first love and first heartbreak. I don't have to name any names. That's not fair to anyone involved. I really try to not harbor any anger... or resentment... but it wasn't pleasant and I still feel unresolved issues 11 years later. But that's life. Not every Issue has to be resolved.

5. Friday fill in:
  • I believe that love will prevail.

This has been an especially long week. I have been in early every single day this week, with the exception of today, and worked an 11 hour day on Tuesday. I am so so so happy to see the weekend. I know it's not here QUITE yet..... but it's super close!

I have so much housework to do this weekend! The cleaning people had to cancel 2 weeks ago, so it has literally been 4 weeks since the house has been cleaned. I vacuumed the living and dining rooms and the spare bedroom- but the rest is a nightmare. Dog hair. Dirt and mud from the outdoors and salt granules being tracked in. Laundry and Dishes (although I did run the dishwasher last night) and just plain messy. Every surface covered with papers and magazines, socks, gadgets, bottles of water. It's a nightmare. It will probably take me the whole weekend to regroup. Today is mom's birthday, tomorrow is Evan's Grandma's Birthday, and Sunday is Evan's Dad's Birthday. I have a card for mom but I need to get two more.

Last night we ate a great supper over at Evan's parent's house. Today his brother came over and they got all the cardboard boxes out of the garage to burn at the farm, and went to Menard's to get a new light for our back porch so the pregnant chick (and visitors) don't fall down in the dark.

Last night I tries to spray paint a peg rack that I had for the nursery. I want to hang it above the changing table. I had driven to Peru and bought Rustoleum American Heritage Spray paint in Apple Green, and when I tried to paint, it was leaking EVERYWHERE and dripping in dime sized droplets like rain, all over the cardboard and my hands, and the thing I was painting. I was so upset. Called Rustoleum and apparently the can must be defective. They were going to get another can for me today so I can continue painting, except NOW it's like freezing out and there is a winter storm warning in effect until Sunday night... When this whole last week it has been 45-50 degrees and sunny. Damn. So much for spray painting that wooden peg rack!

Our new KING SIZED Bed should be delivered next Friday. It's only ONE WEEK until I will be sleeping in Pure Comfort! I can't wait! Sealy Posturpedic Plush.... here I come! I need to wash the two new sheet sets and the mattress pad and the bed skirt this weekend, so we are ready to roll. When we got married I registered for King sheets.... and I bought a set identical to our queen sheets when they went on clearance. I also bought 2 King sized pillows a few months ago when Penney's had them buy 1 get 1 for $1. This week I found a king bed skirt on clearance too. The only thing I still want to get is a king sized comforter, I am sending ours with the other bedding to my sister's house for her spare room. We do have several... king ... quilts, but no king comforter. Penney's had a big sale and their down comforters were super inexpensive. A ing was only like $59. But I was buying a mattress pad and the mattress that day, and 3 maternity shirts and my new shoes, so I was limited on my spending spree.

Well, that's all the interestingness (okay so it wasn't really interesting) that I can muster for one day.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


First... Go visit my new renter

Second... I thought of another rapid TV gestation. The O.C. In the last five episodes, Kiersten told her family that she was expecting, she had her first ultrasound, and just last week she was barely showing, and *get this!* This Thursday (as in TOMORROW) her water breaks and she is delivering a baby! What the heck is this all about?! It's amazing really. It's insane. And I sit here 12 weeks and 3 days pregnant and I say "damn!" Because I have a long way to go.

This week has been kinda hectic, my schedule is all monkeyed up again, with 5am wake-ups. Yesterday I worked about 10 hours, and last night Brad and Anya's dog disappeared and I watched Ava for a little while at their house while Evan and Brad and Anya drove around looking for her. Just when we had all given up, Evan came back to get me and Sadie came running down the road to him. Whew!

So last night I propped my eyes open to watch a new episode of Law and Order SVU, and then crashed into a deep sleep.

The snow is rapidly melting and things are either frosty or muddy, depending on the time of day. It feels almost like spring.... but we hear there is another snowstorm on it's way this weekend. But it's been 45 this week, and it's a HUGE change from -10.

My appetite has increased amazingly, and my metabolism is skyrocketing. My Midwife says that she won't be the least bit surprised if I only gain 5-15 pounds during this pregnancy, because of my body shape and me metabolism being so high now. Yee! I hope so! She also said she is watching me closely for hypertension and toxemia and that I should set my mind with the possibility of working part time or being on partial bedrest for the last two months of my pregnancy. Yeah. So I am planning for that. I have warned my boss and my husband. And I need to get everything done that I can now!

Luckily I have lots more energy, even more this week than last week.

I don't have much else insightful to say... so go visit my renter!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Miraculous TV Land Rapid Gestation

Being pregnant, it's really becoming annoying all the "rapid gestation" that I am seeing on TV. Like a few episodes ago, on Men in Tress, Lynn was telling Jack that she was pregnant, and one episode she isn't even showing, and one later she looks 6 months pregnant. I am like.... yeah.

And on crossing Jordan, exactly THREE episodes ago, Lilly found out she was pregnant. Now Lilly looks about 8 months pregnant. From 2-3 months to 8 months in three weeks.... Wow.

No wonder real pregnant women feel like they are pregnant forever. LOL.

Good Day.

Well, it's so far been a nice and productive weekend, even if the house is still a wreck. On Friday I went and picked up my glasses in Geneseo, then to Peru where I had an ultrasound just before lunch. The ultrasound was good, the baby looks good, heartbeat, pulsing umbilical cord, the whole deal.... but the baby was moving so much that he couldn't really get a good picture so I don't have much to "show." The specialist is releasing me to my midwife for care now, so that is good news.

After the ultrasound I went shopping for a new mattress. Lay's in Peru had the BEST Prices and a huge 40% off sale. I grabbed a Sealy Posturepedic Plush (King sized! YEE!) that was originally $1600, for $944, so with tax I came in just $11 over my tax return budget. The sales people were EXCEPTIONALLY nice. Not pushy, very informed and polite. Did you know that if you get a stain on your mattress it voids your warranty? Jeez! Nazis! So they wanted to sell me a $75 waterproof mattress pad, but I found one at Sears in the mall for $40. I can just picture my water breaking on the new bed someday, or baby spitting up all over or something like that. Even though we don't have kids, I have already had one kid pee in our bed since we've had it. So I bought a waterproof protector. My friend Anya said that when she was pregnant, she put a plastic shower curtian under her mattress pad in case her water broke in bed. Smart! So the only issue I do have, is that the bed frame was $75, over my budget, and more than I wanted to spend. So I have two weeks to find a metal king sized bed frame. If ANYONE in my area has one to get rid of, please let me know!

Friday afternoon I grabbed my Ultrasound Roast Beef (Arby's is my ultrasound tradition) and then went to Menard's to buy green and antique white spray paint to match the baby's room. I have some wall things that need painted. I also picked up the safety 1st blind cord wraps, which I have wanted for a while, but they are hard to find in a store. I got 8, that's enough to do all the roman shades and mini-blinds in the house, as well as the roman shade we plan on getting for our bedroom very shortly.

After Menard's, I ran through the mall. The plan was to pick up a new Penney's catalog, since my card came in the mail and look at the mattress pads. When I got to Penney's they had a huge maternity sale, and they had $16 t-shirts by Duo for $8, so I grabbed a turquoise one, a hot pink one, and a red one. Great deals. I also grabbed a little JC Penney Maternity Catalog. Cute Stuff in there! There weren't any waterproof mattress pads in Penney's so I walked the entire length of the mall to Sears. My feet were killing me. That was when I remembered that I keep promising myself new tennis shoes for this pregnancy, something with lots of support since my feet have been hurting already. So in Sears I bought a pair of New Balance on sale, that you don't have to tie, they are regular tennis shoes but they have this cool elastic tongue and elastic laces. White with Pink and light silver accents. They are super comfy. Before I walked back across the mall I put them on and was so much happier!

Friday night I spent 5 hours making 6 loaves of Italian Sweet Bread. I watched my TIVO'd episodes of The O.C. and Grey's Anatomy. Anya and Ava stopped by for a while.

Saturday I had my scrapbooking potluck day. It was a snowy and blustery day. I took my gondola bread and we turned it into garlic bread with cheese. I made a baby brag book for my mom to use once she has her first grandbaby. It turned out really cute. It just took a cereal box to make the covers, cardstock and coordinating paper, and 3 notebook rings. And some embellishments.

Saturday evening I put together the new glider and ottoman. They forgot to send the allen wrench! I had a set of allen wrenches that look like a swiss army knife, and was able to tighten all but two of the screws because the allen wrench I had was too large to fit into the tight space, so I hand tightened them. One of the padded armrests had the velcro sewn on backwards and had a dime sized stain on it. Otherwise it was a very nice set. I called Target and the only way to fix that is to send me an ENTIRE new glider and ottoman. For an arm pad and an allen wrench. She said the parts orders take upwards of two months. So they are sending me another glider, I take out the pieces I need and ship it back, all at target's expense.

Saturday night I finished the assembly of the Changing table that Evan had started. Then I put stuff on the shelves and in the drawers, which helped with the clutter in the nursery. Eventually I will probably unpack all the sleepers and put them in one of the drawers, and socks and stuff. The more furniture we get in there, the smaller that room looks and the more I think we might not be able to keep the twin bed up in there after all. That is kinda bothering me, but since there is no closet, I REALLY want to have room for an armoire. I don't think it will all fit and not be too cluttered without taking the twin bed out. Only time and a crib will tell me that.

Of course I was awake at 7:30 again today (ick) and couldn't get back to sleep although I tried for two hours. Evan's snoring was driving me nuts, so I just decided to get up. Now I need to clean the kitchen and do laundry but I refuse to do it alone while he sleeps. After all, I did make bread, clean the living room and the spare bedroom, and assemble the furniture. By myself. So I think cleaning needs to be a joint effort today. So until then.... I will just kill time.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


I hate mornings. Really. I have always hated them, but the older I get, the worse mornings are. I don't get up early, and I go to work later in the day than most people. I also work later. So today when my alarm went off at 5am and it was DARK I could have died. Misery. I have been miserably awake for the past 4 hours. Normally I would just be getting UP now. But no.

So after a 5am wake up, and Trudging through snow and wind to get to work (in the dark) I also had to park in and walk across an unplowed parking lot, and into a workplace that was virtually quiet and I was all alone. Now I have a headache, my neck is killing me, my back hurts, and I can guarantee it will only get worse as the day completes.

I was not made for morning. Call my whiny, but it literally makes me sick and tired. I can't wait till I can go home early and I will probably climb into bed. Even though I got 6.5 hours of sleep last night, I feel like I might as well have stayed awake. Stupid 5am. Stupid work ethic. Stupid expectations.

It's supposed to continue snowing all day today, probably just up until the point that we are all snowed in at work and I can't get home to my own bed.

Monday, February 12, 2007

His Blog is about Nothing... And I like it!

Hey peeps... check out my new renter! I do love his blog.... Especially his winter poem. Although today I think it hit like 25 degrees and it feels like SUMMER! But I hear of about 9 inches of snow coming my way starting tonight. Of course I have to get up at 5:00am tomorrow (4 hours early) to go to my mystery job, to do my mystery work, and I am NOT looking forward to screwing up my entire life and putting myself on virtually a different shift, especially when my body is just starting to feel mildly normal again and my sinus infection only flares up at night.

My renter is also in the blessed cold midwest.... and is worth the visit! Go see!

Sunday, February 11, 2007


Just give me a laptop and a credit card and I can make a boring Sunday turn into a FABULOUS Shopping extravaganza! LOL. Last night I ordered the Changing Table in Antique White from JC Penney, and the changing pad and a changing pad cover in light green. Today I am so excited I can't hardly wait for it to arrive, I spent Friday and Saturday nights lying on the twin bed in the nursery arranging it in my mind. I am thinking all about the little socks and sleepers that I will put in the bottom drawer of the changing table and how I will stack diapers and wipes. Good fun.

When I got home Friday night I put all my new books in the bookshelf and now, it is full. I have readhed my limit on books for a while. Plenty to read here!

After ordering the Changing table (I got free shipping before Feb 15th) I got an email from Target today, with 10-20% off my furniture purchase, and so today I ordered the glider and ottoman. So essentially I got free shipping on BOTH Pieces or furniture. I coulda got $$ off the crib, but I don't have that kinda cash lying around. I am sure there will be another sale before September!

I also bought three other things I have been coveting since about a month or so ago, when mom and I were at Target in the Quad Cities. There is a Maternity sweatsuit that is tea green, really soft and pale and has all distressed edges and ruching between the breasts.... but the top and bottom together were $40! But I was like "I could REALLY use something like that to wear when I want to be relaxed, like on the weekends." My own adidas pants are already becoming tight and uncomfortable.... so I bit the bullet and ordered that too and added in a green fold-top purse that I was coveting so that I can get free shipping. The sweatsuit color is much neater in person, online it looks grey.... but I saw it at a store and it's adorable.

Now I am done. Scouts honor. I also ordered (Friday night) Evan's valentine's day present, which was a $40 t-shirt that he saw and really liked. I HOPE that it gets here on time... but it may not so I might have to print a picture.

This week is Valentine's Day! Yeah! Evan is taking me to get a Pre-natal massage and then we are going to purchase goodies for him to cook me a fabulous dinner. This weekend I will probably be assembling furniture and shopping for a new mattress since our tax return will be back! Yeee! I am hoping that the sales people will feel at least a little sympathetic since I am pregnant and I can get the bed frame thrown in for free. Cross your fingers! We are SO going King this time! I have three unopened king sheet sets and all my comforters and quilts are king. We registered for King sized sheets for our wedding because we KNEW we would be upgrading soon. I can't wait to get them all out and wash them and sleep on a new bed with smooth new sheets! Just one more week!! yeee!

I did get some crystal light lemonade... and I LOVE it, but wouldn't ya know it's giving me TERRIBLE heartburn? Damn. Maybe in another few weeks that won't happen anymore. Thanks Michelle for the Crystal Light offer, but I don't want to take you up on that until I know that It won't give me heartburn! LOL.

Yesterday I received THE MOST FABULOUS pink and yellow swap from fourlittlebirds! It was FABULOUS! I can't wait till my secret swap partner receives the swap that I sent!

Saturday I started and finished the 4th book in the Traveling Pants Series. It was good. It had been so long since I read the first three that I was confused at first.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Friday Fiver

1. How's your weather?
  • Frigid. about 5 inches of snow and it's been at about 0 degrees or -10 for the past week. No end in sight!

2. What can you hear right now?

  • Typing. Music.

3. Do you like to spy on people?
  • Certain People.

4. When is the last time you had to prove yourself?
  • Daily I think.

5. What would you like to take back?
  • The Kitchen Garbage Can to Wal-Mart. It's one of those stainless steel metal ones, oval, with a step lid. Fancy. The Stepper is broke and it's only a couple of months old. It cost like $40 and I am pissed.

Ready for the Weekend!!!

What have I been up to? Well, I suddenly seem to be getting some energy back. I have had this happen once before, so I am not going to get overly excited, but magically I was still awake at like 12:30am, when for the past 3 months I can't barely function past 9:30, and I am ALWAYS asleep by 10:30 or 11pm. AND I woke up Early, on my own, the last two days.

I launched a new blog, for the Computer User Group that I take part in, and have got the template tweaked and a few posts out. It's 4 posts look so small compared to the 895 posts on this blog!

I think the content will vary, computer and technology reviews, and computer advice. We will answer questions that we are asked at our meetings. Keep in mind that this will be written in an easy to understand, and hopefully un-geeky manner. Something that even the basic computer user can learn from and understand without being intimidated, while keeping enough information for more seasoned computer users to not get TOO bored.

I have a fairly eventful weekend, and I hope that my body keeps up. I need to go to Wal-Mart and but Lemonade Crystal Light (craving) and socks for work as I have an entire drawer of unmatching ones. It's like a black sock singles mixer. I have worn two different socks for 6 of the 7 days this past week. Bummer.

Sister's birthday is tomorrow, have dinner planned with the family this weekend and a surprise visit to my sister's work also, with cake and cards/presents.

Today there was a book fair at work and I bought a bunch of kids books to add to my bookshelf. When they start to run low on a certain book, they mark the price down from like $9 or $10 to $4 or $5.00, so I got several good deals. I love the little bundles where you get like 3 or 4 books (usually board books) for $9. Here's what I bought:

Thursday, February 08, 2007


damn those B-52's. If they don't make me want to get up and dance. And put my hair in a beehive. And whatever.

I am alive. Today I actually started to feel "normal" and I was surprised when I had a hard time getting back to sleep when I woke up from a nightmare at 5:30am. I tried to lay down and relax, but first I was alone. So I drug Evan off the couch. Then I had a headache. SO I took two tylenol. Then my nose was stuffy. So I blew it and did some saline nasal spray. Then my skin was itchy. So I put on some lotion. Then I was thirsty. So I went to the kitchen and drank an entire bottle of water. Then I tried to sleep, and then I was hungry. So I went BACK to the kitchen and ate 1 strawberry frosted pop tart. Then I lay down. Then I was thirsty again, so I drank ANOTHER bottle of water. Then Evan was snoring. Then I fell back asleep. It took a little over an hour.

Feeling better now. Although I could still pretty much nap at any given second.

I can't believe it's really been so long since I last posted. I apologize for that. I watched TIVO'd episode of CSI Miami last night and I am so upset that it appears they have killed off Eric Delco!! (Adam Rodriguez.) Damn! I was upset when Rory Cochrane went (Ahh Slater from Dazed and Confused) but I knew it was coming. This I wasn't so sure about. I saw him go down on the preview, but he got shot in the LEG right? So he wouldn't DIE. But they forgot to show him getting shot again. Whoa. He can't come back in part deux, right? If you've been shot near the head and you have your eyes open, and are unresponsive, can you come back from that? I dunno. I think it's over for Delco. And I have to say, WHAT in the hell were with Callie's boots? What cop, who carries a badge and gun, is gonna wear stiletto heeled knee-length black boots to work. You can't chase a perp in those!! Everyone knows that. She doesn't need boots to make her totally hot. It was strange. I was unimpressed.

I also watched some Malcolm in the Middle, some Mad TV, and then Kid Rock and Hank Williams Jr. Singing "The F Word." It was entertaining. I really enjoyed it and I have never really been a Kid Rock FAN per-say.

I took a bath, and put lotion on because my skin is SOOOOO dry, and then went to sleep.

That's the excitement! that's why I have nothing to blog about, because I am DOING nothing!

Monday, February 05, 2007


Today I am sick still. I went to work but I only worked about 6 hours because at the end of the day I just wanted to come home and try to eat something. All weekend I felt ick ick icky. The Antibiotics I am on are making me super icky. Nauseous and tired. I slept 13 hours Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights... AND I pretty much lounged all day.

Tonight I watched Hitch, since I had it tivo'd and I have to say, how can anyone NOT like Will Smith? We used to watch Fresh Prince of Bel Air as kids and he just gets better and better. I loved him in Enemy of the State, and Hitch is also great. I can't wait to see his new movie.

I also caught the beginning of the show "the class" and one of the girls came home and the guys were eating pizza. They were "done" and the girl was on a diet. She said "if you are going to throw the rest of that pizza out, when you put it in the garbage, could you make sure that it touches other garbage?" And the guys are like "what?!" and she goes "Well yeah, cuz if I'm lying in bed tonight and I know that there's pizza in the garbage that's only touched the box, I'm gonna eat that sonofabitch!" LOL. I about died. Not that I would do that. Or anything.

I am already tired and it's not even 8pm. Blah. I need to save my energy anyway, because on February 17th I have a potluck scrapbook day to attend, and on the 18th I hope to be shopping for a new mattress which we DESPERATELY need. So I need all the energy I can get and if I start saving up now I might be able to do ONE of those. LOL.


Tagged by Leeanne....
I may have already used some of these weird things about me in a previous post, I can't remember, but anyways. Leeanne wants to know 6 weirdo things about me and I can't let her down!
  1. I have all the presidents memorized. In Order. I can recite them by last name at lightening speed and have been able to do so since grade school.
  2. I/we/people who know me- believe that I have a photographic memory, although science hasn't proved that there actually IS such a thing. I memorize phone numbers, birth dates, license plates... pretty much anything- and I can store quite a bit in my head. I don't remember EVERYTHING but people are often incredulously saying "how do you REMEMBER that?!" I tend to match license plates up to make and model and color of vehicle, and if someone has transferred plates from vehicle to vehicle, And I have their plates memorized, I can tell you the history of cars they have driven. I have gotten away from that recently, as more and more computer crap clouds my brain. I can only hold so much, after all.
  3. I am really not that frightened by things like mice, lizards, snakes, bugs. Granted I don't like bugs crawling on me, and I don't want to be bitten or strangled by a big snake.... but when I was a kid I used to spend my mornings petting the mice caught in the traps to make them feel better, and I had salamanders in an aquarium as pets. I also had a bullfrog, named Jeremiah (naturally) that lived in a giant jar. We have pictures somewhere. I am not afraid of snakes as long as I know they won't bite or attack me, and I always begged my mom to let me have a pet mouse. I did get a guinea pig, but mom was allergic and I had to give it away. I also had a rabbit in high school that we bred in Ag class but he died of cancer. Because we had no brothers, Liz and I were exposed to all kinds of creepy crawly things. We always got our hands on frogs and lizards and bugs. When I started dating Evan, he had a boa, but it was a mean and biting snake, so I didn't really ever hold it, because it always bit. I have always laughed at girls who are afraid of mice. A chick standing on a table screaming is pretty funny. The only bugs I really despise are things that are large or move fast.... june bugs, flying grasshoppers, and most spiders are pretty icky...
  4. I am very particular. If you don't stack the plates properly or fold the towels with the folded edges facing out, it might drive me insane. I have gotten a LITTLE better since living with Evan, but I really like things a certain way. I get this from my mom. She probably wouldn't admit it.
  5. I like to be naked. Not really in a sexual way, I just like to be naked. I don't like clothes. Now that I am preggo, I think it's worse. I don't like things rubbing on me. An ideal weekend for me is one spent either entirely or partially undressed. When I get home from work, The first thing I usually do is take my clothes off. Sometimes I put on pajamas, sometimes just a t-shirt, sometimes a sports bra and athletic or pajama pants. I like to be barefoot or wear sandals. I love long skirts because there's a lot less fabric touching you all the time. Looking back, even when I was a kid I ran around in my underwear most of the time. If it were up to me I would stay naked for hours after I got out of the bathtub. Sometimes I will get into bed and curl up and read a book or watch TV just to avoid getting dressed. I can't tell you the number of people who have "unexpectedly" dropped by and I have had to either get dressed or put on a robe, and have many times been caught in a t-shirt and underwear. I can almost never sleep with something on, when I try I usually take my pajamas off in my sleep, sometimes without even being aware of it. Sharing a hotel room or staying at a friend's house is always challenging. The moral of this is that you should always call before coming to my house, and if I am wrapped in a blanket, there's a good chance I am naked.
  6. I hate celery. It is my mortal enemy. I don't like anything about it. The taste, the crunch, the strings, ack. It looks like little boomerangs when sliced. Disgusting. People try to slide celery in EVERYTHING and unless it's been cooked well and is super soft, I can't ever stand to eat it. I pick it out of everything. At school they used to put that stupid ants on a log on my plate and I hated it even near my food. Sometimes if I was feeling froggy I would lick off the peanut butter but was especially careful to leave a film of peanut butter so I never had to eat the peanut butter that touched the celery and so the celery never touched my tongue. People think this a very bizarre food to not like, and I am not sure WHY but it sure is icky.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Stupid Commercials Everywhere

Today we got our taxes done, and the 2nd ultrasound. Baby looks great, heart beating away, feet and hands, head, spine, all in place. We saw the Yolk sac and the umbilical cord and the amniotic sac. Pretty cool. No movement yet, so the specialist is thinking the baby might be closer to just past 9 weeks versus just before 10 weeks as we have calculated. But I know without a doubt the date of conception. We will see. Only time will tell! I personally think that after the quick trip to peru, the baby was just napping. LOL.

I got my favorite ultrasound day treat, Arby's Roast Beef for lunch.

I have seen some pretty RETARDED Commercials tonight. The one from Cascade. First, the woman is standing in front of her dishwasher with the door open, unloading it. And instead of, for example, taking out all the plates, making a stack on the counter, and putting them in the counter, she litterally picks out ONE plate at a time and puts each one in the cabinet seperately. Um. Does ANYONE do that? Anyone who has things to do? I can pick up 9-10 plates at once, all out of the dishwasher in one swipe, and stack them and put them in the cupboard. That one at a time crap looks ridiculous. So then, as she is unloading the dishwasher, the lights flicker and go out. So IN THE DARK she keeps unloading the dishwasher. The moral? "She KNOWS the dishes are clean." So what. If the lights are out, I am not going to keep standing there in the dark and put away dishes, unless I am like heavily medicated. WTF? I would be looking for flashlights or lighting candles.

Then, immediately after that, the Pepsi commercial with the giant red and blue ball (like the one on the pepsi can) bouncing around the city like a giant pinball. I understand the pinball concept, and I thought it was cool. Except. There was a GUY.... lying on the top of the pinball. And no matter how much the pinball ROLLED, by just lying on the top of it, he was always on top. Um. Okay. That's logical. I wasn't thrilled. Have you seen these commercials.

And how about the next Trading Spouses with the gay women. I can't believe that the other wife said "your birth defect is that you were born gay." Whoa. Closed minded much? Talking badly about mexicans, homeless people, smokers, fat people.... How about ugly mouthy bitches with big egos. How about calling your daughter FATTY at practice in front of others? How about you don't EVER call your kid fatty, whether or not they are in public. And the father said "She is LAUGHING" when she is playing sports (because sports can't be fun) and told his daughter to keep playing when she broke her collarbone. It's like they are white trash living in a nice house in Oregon. Goes to show that Lesbians can be better parents than LOTS of straight couples. Ridiculous.

I LOVED the look on the evil mom's face when she saw that her "husband" was a woman... and the look when Pepper said she was a lesbian. And I can't BELIEVE that the evil mom said that they live in a community that isn't diverse, and that she then made the point that it's "an excellent place to raise children... or at least it was until the Mexicans moved in." And how about "I really like kids IF they're nice kids... but if they're dirty little runts..." Uh. Okay. She has probably made more enemies in the first 10 minutes of this show.... In the first 2 seconds of meeting the daughter Shay, she said "What happened to your teeth?" And then later she said "I would probably DIE before eating leftovers." Wow. Bitch?

Thursday, February 01, 2007

I want a Little Sugar in My Bowl. And 50% off sex toys.

Visit my new renter "I want a little Sugar in My Bowl" She's a mom and a "retired" owner of a big sex toy company called intimate pleasures. She has closed down her business to spend more time with her family and via her blog you can email her to get 50% off anything in her online store (separate site.) By clicking on her you are not going to be inundated with photos of sex toys. Don't panic boys. Her blog is sweet and innocent.... but THIS is where you get the sex toys.

Visit! Tell her I sent you!

AmerenIP Strikes Again.

Ya'll know how much I dislike AmerenIP (remember this? and this?)

But come ON this is ridiculous.

Don't Touch my Belly. Actually, How about you just don't TALK.

So today, at work (in an undisclosed location with an undisclosed employer), I had a woman who works for the same undisclosed employer, Say to me "So how far along are you" and I said "I am 10 weeks, so in my third month now" and she said "oh. And you are ALREADY wearing maternity clothes?" with this look of disdain on her face. And I said "Yes. I wasn't that skinny to start with."

What the fuck is that about? She has two kids. Why do mothers judge other mothers like that? So what if she's like a size 8. She doesn't do her hair or put on any makeup, and I look better pregnant than she does on any given day. I don't judge her for that. She's a mom. I support whatever she does. Who cares if I am wearing maternity clothes at 10 weeks? I am pregnant. My old clothes don't fit. I have only gained 2 pounds in the past 3 months, and that is mostly water weight. If you are pregnant, and your old clothes don't fit anymore, aren't you SUPPOSED to wear maternity clothes? Isn't that why they make them? It's not like I am a knocked up 16 year old trying to hide it from my parents. I am a 28 year old happily married pregnant woman. In Maternity clothes.

Jeez. I have had THREE people touch my little belly. One was okay. It was nice. The other, was a stranger, in an elevator. Not okay. She seemed sweet but probably a little mentally disturbed. The third was one of those people who you don't really get along with, but you deal with because you have to as a part of your job, and it was like, uh... okay. What part of our acquaintances makes you think it's okay to touch my belly? I have to admit that I have heard of lots of stories about people randomly thinking that they have permission to touch your belly, and I am sure it is going to get much worse. But let me tell you, it is much more uncomfortable and awkward than I thought it would ever be. Except for that one person who I felt comfortable with. Why do people DO that?

So that's this week in pregnancy. Another ultrasound tomorrow. "Ugh. You have had TWO ultrasounds and you are only 10 weeks? That is SO uncool." Whatever. And tomorrow I pickup my glasses (they got new lenses) and we also get our taxes done and find out if we have enough return $$ to get a new mattress as ours has springs poking through and is very uncomfortable. Cross your pretty little fingers!~
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