Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Why must I WORK!?

Oh My God I was SOOOOO Freaking bored at work today. I wanted out. I wanted to take a nap. I wanted to read a book. I wanted to do ANYTHING but work or be at work.

Last night we ate tacos and then we assembled the armoire for the nursery. It went well, and Evan only blew a gasket once. It looks super cute in the room and I had fun putting stuff "away" even though it was too late for me to do too much. I was sore and tired when I trodded off to bed, and Evan tucked me in with a cold glass of water. Then I tried my hypnobirthing CD out, which I got yesterday at my Dr. Appointment, and was pleasantly surprised that I was "hypnotized" the first time. It was strange, because I remember that my limbs felt all fuzzy and thick and WIDE and I couldn't help but feel this deja-vu like I had been this way before. except that I can't for the life of me think of how or when. It was a little scary for me, because I was alone and I remember thinking "If I keep listening to her, what if I never wake up again" but I think I eventually got over that. But the best thing would have been to just go to sleep at the end, but I was afraid too, in case I never woke up again. So I let her count me back out of it and then I went to sleep on my own. Freaky. I am supposed to do that every night so I will let you know how that goes.

My appointment yesterday was great, Evan came as usual and I was so glad to see Angie again. She was exhausted from late night deliveries since she got back from vacation. No one mentioned if I gained weight... but I think based on the scale and my recollection of last time I may have gained 1 pound. My Blood Pressure was good. My "fundal height" (like a length of the uterus) was 34" which apparently compared to other people was plenty long.... which matches with the fact that the baby was measuring 3 pounds 4 ounces and "long" at an ultrasound over a week ago. But I am a tall person too, so I suppose I just have a longer torso for my uterus to expand into.

Angela Joan emailed me a funny Budweiser commercial clip about a swear jar at work, and it made me laugh. I had to share it. I wish I were smart enough to get it on here but I do not feel like trying to figure it out. So I will just provide you with a you tube link and you can check it out there.

I know a lot of Angela's. I will try to keep them straight so as to not confuse you. I have a co-worker/scrapbooking friend Angela and a midwife friend Angela and a life-long friend Angela and a cousin Angela. Holy cow, eh? It's kinda like all the Sara(h)'s that I know.

What does it take to get a really good pedicure? Well usually it takes Trish up at Rita's but since she's been of having her baby, I have been going to Ariva in Peru. Brooke gives a great pedicure, and I really love her massages and the conversation, and the soaking.... but she never cleans under your nails, and the polish is all chipping off after less than 2 weeks, even with a top coat. I inquired to Trish about this and she said that her polish also chipped from Ariva, and at Sophisticuts. Trish suggests it's all about prepping the nail prior to polish. Hmm. So now I am frustrated because although I am in bad need of a pedicure, I have one scheduled for July 12th. Which is fine, I can touch up paint and wait, but I have my baby shower on August 5th and I want my toes pretty but I KNOW that the polish will be long gone by then, and Trish won't be back yet, so I guess I will have to schedule another pedicure literally like two weeks from my pedicure on the 12th, in order to have pretty feet for my shower. Well, I guess that two pedicures in your 8th month of pregnancy isn't a BAD thing.... but if it were a Trish Pedicure, that damn polish would still be there almost two months later. I miss you Trish!! My toes miss you!

Sooo. let's see.... what else? Tonight mom is coming over and we will work on baby announcements. That's about it. I am so glad to be finished with work today, I just thought it would never be over!

I think

That I might really need this.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Sometimes people piss me off. They do very smallish things that a pregnant person can be very annoyed by. And once I am annoyed by a smallish thing, it seems that everything that person does for the rest of the day just GRINDS me and annoys the piss out of me. Why?

So last night we went fishing. I caught a couple of decent sized bass. We didn't keep any though. But it was fun. My first cast of the night I lost everything to some cattails.... bobber, steel leader, hook, worm, etc. My second cast I gave up on all that crap and went with the moss mouse because there was too much moss and weeds around the edges of the pond. The second cast I caught a big bass, and the third cast I caught an even bigger bass. But hey, enough fish stories.

So even though it was almost 11 when I got home, I had to take a bath because of the bug spray and the itchy ankles from the weeds, and because I wanted to inspect for ticks and soak my head in case they were in there. So I didn't get to bed till late (again) and that made me tired this morning. Evan promises that TONIGHT is the night to assemble the armoire for the baby room. And this afternoon we have a Dr. appointment at which time I get to see my midwife again since she has been on vacation and I didn't see her at my last appointment, so it's been 4 weeks since I have seen her.

Evan took some 30 week pictures of me on Saturday, before I went to the benefit. They didn't turn out too bad. Ever since he got his digital camera, he has been pretty avidly taking pictures, and every once in a while he will have the camera.

There are more photos and more fishing photos too, on my flickr photostream.

I also have to say that I hate it when people give things away on bureau county freecycle and they don't give enough details. It's never anything I want, but at the same time, it's like, how can anyone KNOW if they want it? Like this chick who always has a "bag of women's clothes" to give away, and NEVER says what size they are. Now who in their right mind is gonna drive to Spring Valley to pick up a bag of clothes from someone they don't even know, without knowing the SIZE of the clothes? And then there's the lady who says "I have a computer to give away that was left in my basement and we found it when we moved in 3 years ago." okay. Computer is a BROAD term. Is this like a Tandy? An old Apple? A Commodore? Perhaps an IBM PCjr? I understand that people don't know much about computers but for god's sakes most of them at least have a LABEL on them.

And probably even worse is that one guy. The one who, every week, has a new thing he wants. Like "I need a digital camera." or "I need a flat screen computer monitor" and then two weeks later it's "I need a Nokia (insert model number here) cell phone." Wanted "laptop"... and then every few weeks there is some incredibly insane item that he "needs" that no one in their right mind is going to have and just give to some guy via email. Come on and get with the program folks.

And then the same lady that wants the clothes spent a month on freecycle trying to furnish her home. One week she needed dishes and silverware. Then she wanted any kitchen items. Then it was a couch. Then it was "beds" and then it was a dining room table. It's like "jeez lady, do you think we don't catch on to you?"

Monday, June 25, 2007

I got my baby fix!

YAY! Trish and Matt had their baby this morning and I already got to hold him! He is so super cute and perfect. He looks like Matt when he opens his eyes. He was almost 10 pounds and I am so happy for them!

It was nice to hear about her labor, and reassured me that waterbirth is the way to go. I am so happy that I got to hold a baby again! It was so hard to hold him and imagine that I would have one of my own soon! LOL.

UPDATE: 9 pounds 14 ounces, 23 inches long


I am wayyyyy too tired to still be awake. I have been recording shows on the travel channel, like "Great American Log Homes" and "Amazing Houseboats" and now "Lake Front Escapes."

In the meantime, I have cleaned the linen closet and the medicine cabinet in the bathroom. They were beginning to be a nightmare. Okay, okay, they WERE a nightmare. If I am to be honest, I haven't cleaned them since we before we remodeled sometime.... so I guess that would be before we got married, before we remodeled, probably in the spring of 2005. Ack!

Guess I am nesting. LOL. I wanted to fit the baby bath stuff in the linen closet with our stuff. I pitched a whole BIG garbage bag of crap. Outdated meds, old lotion, almost empty shampoos, etc. It's insane! Well... here is a pic of the medicine cabinet.... and a pic of the linen closet.... eat your heart out organizers! LOL. Now I need sleep!!!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Earwigs have feelings too!

I hate earwigs. I hate them. I don't know what is is about Wyanet, but before we moved here I had never SEEN or HEARD of an earwig. In the country, we did not have them. They creep me out. They live and hide where it's damp, so every summer when it gets humid we start to see them. Usually they are primarily outside, in the gutters, under potted plants, under lawn furniture, anywhere it's cool and damp. They always are able to sneak into the front and back porches, but usually that is where they end. Not this year. Those freaky little bastards with ass pinchers are getting IN my house.

It started a few weeks ago, and it gets progressively worse. They think my bathroom is their home. I am on red alert whenever I go in there. Then they started showing up crawling across the floor in the living room, or on the wall in the bedroom. About two weeks ago, when I got in the shower there was one in the wall hanger where my razor is kept. Then there was one peeking out from under the cap of Evan's face wash. I saw one on the wall really high up above the shower, and there was one trying to swim away from the current that was the tub drain. I was mortified. I felt like I was taking a shower in mortal peril. I was so happy to get out and wrap up in my soft towels UNTIL I found one IN MY FREAKING TOWEL! Ahhh!

So then After brushing my teeth, I went to use mouthwash and there was on UNDER THE LID and I almost drank the sick bastard. I washed him down the sink and closed the stopper in case he tried to crawl back up. I have finally made myself start grabbing them with toilet paper and flushing them, which is new because I was always sure that TP wasn't strong enough and their pinchers would fight through and TOUCH me. Two days ago there was one in the container that holds our toothbrushes and I almost went withouth brushing just as a precaution. Now I inspect my toothbrush and rinse it super thoroughly before each use.

Last week I had the sudden horrific image of them in the baby's room. In the crib, Crawling towards little unprotected and unknowing ears and tiny helpless limbs. It gave me the heeby-jeebies and I had to call the bug sprayer guy and beg him to come spray inside. He came last Monday, and I SAW him spray but I'll be damned if those things haven't died. I've been on a mission. Whenever I sit down to go pee I check in the toilet, around the toilet, under the seat, etc. But it never fails that the second I sit down to pee I see one on the shower curtain, or one menacingly close on the bathroom rug. I suck my feet in under me and pin my arms to my sides and hope it doesn't get close. If it starts my way I will start rapidly balling up a wad of toilet paper so that I can grab it before it gets too close. Although in my mind, if it's within arm's reach, it's already too close. Over the weekend I have been telling myself (in the most Buddhist way possible) that earwigs are creatures of god (not that this has stopped me before) and that they have feelings too. that they have families to go home to and all that crap.... but I just don't buy it.

when seeing the pictures of an earwig online to put in this post, I had to tuck my feet up underneath me on the couch lest an earwig crawl out from some scary crevice and try to climb my leg.

Sunday Stuff

Sunday. So Soon. It makes me want to cry! Where has the weekend gone!? What about my time AWAY from work? Evan hasn't been feeling well this weekend, has had a pretty much constant headache/migraine that caused him to be nauseous/sick yesterday. So I have been pretty much on my own. Yesterday I took a bath. Then I made a prototype of the Baby announcements so that I can work off that one and make sure it's how I want it before I cut 50 thousand pieces of paper out. It's so freaking adorable. I will post pictures later, because that's what I want to do. Then I had to go to work and do the weekend duties, but first I ran top Wal-Mart and bought $112 worth of crap. It wasn't really crap. I bought milk and bread. Then I bought lotsa paper products to have on hand after the baby is born. 2boxes of kitchen garbage bags, one box of really cheap generic ones to put recycleables in, and 1 package of the smaller bags for the bathroom/bedroom/nursery garbages. Then I bought 2 things of toothpaste, 2 BIG packages of paper plates and a bag of plastic forks (no dishes for a new mommy!) and laundry detergent, dishwasher soap, etc etc. I still have a few things to stock up on, but hopefully this will help alleviate wal-mart trips and $$ that I will have to spend when I don't have any $$. I bought an 8 pack of paper towels and a 24 roll pack of toilet paper, although we will need much more TP than that. I have 12 packages of diapers and 5 diaper genie refills, plus a while basket full of samples (diapers and baby wash, etc) that I got from the hospital.

And I have all kinds of pacifiers and baby wash, lotion, and those disposable baby washcloths that you use for their first bath before they can have a tub bath. I feel prepared.

Last night was the Landon Smith Benefit at the Rediger Auction Building. I love auctions. I guess that's part of being a Johnson. I have to tell you that is the best benefit I have ever attended. They sure know how to throw a party. Between the food, the beer gardens, the silent and live auctions, the tip boards, the 50/50 auction, and all the other activities like the live band and the fireworks, it was a good time. I got to see lots of people that I haven't in a while (being pregnant tends to make you a shut-in) and was especially happy to see Trish- as today is her due date and I haven't gotten to talk to her in about 2 months. I drank 4 bottles of water, and had a great pulled pork sandwich. I didn't bid on anything because most of it was wayyy out of my price range, but that's a good thing because that means more money for Jamie and Jason. I did really covet the Pioneer Wagon with the wooden sides, but I don't need it yet, and I know Teske's will take good care of it.

My favorite part of the auction were the pies. Evan's great aunts... Rita, Phyllis, and Margie... made pies and they were selling for $200 a pie, and then the owner of Skoonerz in Princeton took his pie, cut it up into pieces, ate one for himself and donated the rest back to the auction and they sold for $35 a slice. I could see Rita, Phyllis, and Margie getting a real kick out of their pies going for $200 each. It was fun. Jason and Vicky Jaggers donated a monthly meat bundle from Wyanet Locker.... That's $80 of meat per month for an entire year. That was an awesome idea, and it went for good money, as it should have. There were quite a few generous donors and buyers, and I hope that it made the benefit very successful. I did get to see Landon in person for the first time, since he hasn't been home each time I have been down the street to Jamie's. Sometime I would like to hold him, but last night he was a busy little guy. And I guess before long I will have my own to hold. But I havent got to hold a baby since Ava was born, and that's been over a year. I am itchy. Maybe I can hold Trisha's when he is born.

This morning Evan still has a headache, and I am dying to assemble the armoire, but instead I forced myself to just relax about it and work on Baby announcements. I cut 50 6x6 squares in pale plum, and then 50 5x5 squares in White... and then I started on the 50 smoky plum squares in 5.5x5.5 inches. Whew. I got tired of cutting so I stamped the word "welcome" 50 times. After I cut the smoky plum squares, that leaves 50 scalloped circles to be punched out of plum, and 50 regular circles to be punched out in white.... and then 50 six inch lengths of plum grosgrain ribbon cut. Then I have to stamp 50 fleur and swallow backgrounds, 100 scrolls, and 50 tiny handprints. Assemble. Repeat. I figure in one-two weeks I will be finished. Then I will address envelopes (which I still have to buy) and be ready! And then I will painstakingly get the baby's information on them, mail them out, and everyone will look at them for a week and throw them in the garbage. Ahhh Ironic, eh?

This week I have plenty to look forward to. Monday I am going fishing, Tuesday my midwife is back in town so I have an appointment, and mom will come over one night and sit with me and probably assist in punching out circles while I work on stamping baby announcements. I will go to work every day, attend Lisa's bead party on Friday, attend a 4th of July Cookout on Sunday, and hopefully hang up tiny outfits in the newly assembled armoire. Once the armoire is done we can finally hang stuff on the walls in the baby's room and it will be officially "FINISHED!!"

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Big Girls Don't Cry

Well, today has started off as one of sadness. It's gloomy and overcast with no sign of the sun. I went to get the mail this morning and my June Coloriffic Swaporama package had arrived from portugal and I was super excited, until the postmaster told me that the package had arrived empty on both ends. When I opened it up, EVERYTHING but two items was gone. I was so so saddened. The picture of what was originally included in the package is below....

It just made me feel sick because the only things that got through were the magazine and the smiley stress ball. She had worked so hard to make the baby bib and included all the goodies that I couldn't wait to see, and then they are all "gone" and no one can offer any explanation whatsoever as to what happened. I feel sad.

Evan got me the Dirty Dancing 20th Anniversary Soundtrack, that has way more than the original soundtrack, and so this morning I popped that in for the first time today and the first song made me cry like a baby (damn hormones) which was fitting because the song was "Be my baby" and then the next song was even more fitting and stopped my crocodile tears "Big Girls Don't Cry." How Ironic, eh? So I am thrilled with the CD already.

So that's all for the icky morning. Besides that I seem to be okay. Still have an icky stomach, which I have had for like DAYS but I think it's just because all of my insides are squished.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Today's like.... what... Wednesday? Yeah. Wednesday.

I guess halfway through the week isn't half bad. Last night we did a whole lotta nothing. When I got home I went through the bill basket and paid a shitload of bills. Anya stopped over to get some paperwork for our daycare provider, she's gonna check her out and Ava might go to the same place that Ardyn does. Evan brought home KFC, and biscuits and mashed taters. Yum. I wasn't feeling tip-top so I just had once piece of chicken and then the taters and biscuits.

The dogs came inside and raised holy hell with their stinky fur and tainted breath. Wow they need to go to the groomers. BADLY. I pity the fool who pets them unknowingly. The outside of our house is a festival of weeds, growing thick and unruly. It's too hot for a pregnant chick to care, but I am telling you, WHY must we have more weeds than anyone? WHY! It is a source of daily frustration. One of those things that you wake up at 3am and can't get back to sleep over.

I think I spent most of the night watching pointless TV reruns and lying on the couch, which really was only about 2 hours, before going to sleep. Of course for some reason I was awake at about 3:45 and couldn't get back to sleep till 4:30, after I had peed 15 different times, drank another glass of water, roamed around the house in my underwear, turned the AC down, lay in bed for 15 minutes, then turned it back up. Then finally got my iPod out and plugged it into the wOOfer and listened to some relaxing music which apparently put me to sleep finally.

Tonight I have no idea what I might not accomplish. Yesterday I made a huge list of things I still want to accomplish before the baby gets here. Whoa. Not nearly gonna happen. Although I have ordered the last of the supplies (cardstock!) needed to make the baby announcements. So that should occupy me for a while. And although I have like THOUSANDS of bracelets to make from my bead retreat party, I don't seem to be in any real big hurry to do that either... But I figure that is something that I can do in my leisure, while on Maternity leave or while snowed in this winter. Not a huge deal. I have the rest of my life, right?

Another of my big things to accomplish is to find SOMEONE who does car detailing. SOMEONE That I can trust to not put swirls in my black paint job and who will make the inside of my car sparkle. Kevin Blanford used to be that guy. Auto Bright Detailing is no longer and it makes me so freaking sad. There is enough dog hair in my car from vet trips that if I put a baby in there she'll get a hairball. And vacuuming just doesn't really make it all go away. I need a detail. It's bad. I tried to call Motor over at Wyanet Body shop to see if he knows of anyone or if any of his guys do detailing on the side... and I am just WAITING to hear back. I am so impatient.

I am also waiting for the armoire to get here, and an amazon order with some new books to read (Including a Baby Care Reference Book, Ina May's Guide to Childbirth, and Birthing from Within) and the Happiest Baby on the Block DVD... and the Itzbeen baby timer, which my mom and older moms everywhere make fun of, but then again they didn't have a dad who would help feed and change the baby and they didn't work full time AND take care of a baby. I think it will be helpful. It helps you keep track of when the last feeding, diaper change, nap, etc. happened, and if you fed on the right or left (breast feeders) etc. It also tracks last medicine doses, etc. And mom and dad can both use it. I think it's a cool invention and that we will use it alot in the first few weeks. What I hate the most is how LONG it apparently takes for an amazon or target order to SHIP. I mean come ON! Does it need to take you one-two weeks to get the shit shipped? I don't think it should!

So what else. Hmm. I still need to designate a spot in the kitchen for bottles and baby accessories. I have an idea, but it's like MAN where will I put the shit that's in that spot now? Ugh. Babies make you wish your house was bigger. I figure with breastfeeding it will be a while before I need to worry about bottles, but that doesn't mean we don't HAVE them. But this does mean I have a breast pump and breast milk storage supplies, etc. So I will probably need to stash those in the cupboard. And there will be bibs, and eventually spoons too, and then someday baby food.

Well, that's probably enough blabber for now. See you tomorrow maybe?

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


I am just NOT feeling good. Not myself. Not functioning well.

I was home from work yesterday, I had a migraine that lasted all afternoon/evening until 7:30 this morning. I took Extra Strength Tylenol (3 times), but it wouldn't cut it. Finally this morning it went away. But I still don't feel very peppy. My stomach is kinda icky today too.

That's about all the excitement that I can muster. Evan did find a fuse blown for the dryer, so it's working again. Thank God. But I haven't touched it.

Maybe tonight?

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Dryer Quit?

Well, the house is almost all picked up. The dryer Quit. And that really pissed me off. I checked the breaker and unplugged it, and everything I could think of. It's like there's no POWER. I started the jeans and it didn't even work for like 10 minutes according to the dryer timer. And the light inside is out, so it's like there is no power at all. Damn. So After I spent the night picking up the house, I spent another 20 minutes stringing bras and underwear all over the dining room chairs and the bathroom shower curtain rod and the back of doorknobs... and hung up an entire load of dress clothes on hangers in the laundry room so HOPEFULLY something will be dry by tomorrow.

What a royal pain in my ass. We just bought it from Anya this spring, and it was brand new, so I hope that it doesn't mean it's dead.

Well, off to listed to some music and go to sleep. Have a nice night.

Father's Day.

Sunday. Father's Day. The day before the cleaning people come and I have to race around the house and pick shit up. Ugh.

Let's start with Friday night, which I anticipated I would spend at home. I ended up going to Mineral to watch my sister LIz play softball for the Michlig Ag team and then the Dawg House team showed up so I got to talk to people from the hometown (my current hometown) which was nice. Had a hot dog. Then after the game mom and I were at my house and we got the totes of baby clothes out and decided what that I have could be considered unisex and what is "girl" specific. We sorted all of the 0-3 months clothes into two clothes baskets, one that I can wash right now and one that she will take with her and not wash until the baby is born and we are SURE it's a girl. After 4 ultrasounds it's still a girl, so that is a good thing.

Saturday morning we had to get up early and go to prepared childbirth classes. I am really glad that we went but I have to say I was frustrated that it seems everyone but me thinks it's a better idea to have an epidural the second your water breaks than to try out labor and try relaxation techniques and waterbirth and hypnobirthing and see if you can do without. But I guess that's to be expected.

For lunch on Saturday we got to come back to Wyanet to the Community Club cookout at the locker. My hamburger seemed smallish, and I could have ate three, but I will chalk that up to the fact that I am pregnant and that all food seems small, and to the fact that I REALLY wanted a hot dog but told myself that two meals in a row consisting of hot dog weren't the best option. Although now that I think of it, Friday night I ended up eating half of a small Casey's Veggie pizza because the hot dog didn't do shit for me. LOL.

Saturday afternoon Evan suggested that I take a bath. Not because I was stinky but because I haven't had one in almost a month, because I have had to take showers. I enjoyed the bath immensely, and re-read a pregnancy buyer's guide. Then we got ready and went to Peru, where we saw the movie "knocked up" with Katherine Heigel. It was EXCELLENT and Evan commented afterwards that he went into it prepared for a chick flick but thought that it was awesome and would recommend it to anyone, and that it was really true to life... what with the dealing with becoming a parent and learning to sacrifice for your wife and children. We laughed so hard at lots of things in the movie, and I cried of course about 10 times, because that's what hormones do. I even cried during childbirth class. I don't know what makes me cry more, seeing the baby finally born or seeing the dad support the mom in delivery. SO anyway I used all the napkins from the popcorn to sop up the tears through the movie.

Then we ran to Target because there were a few things that I wanted to add to the baby registry that you can't add online, like baby spoons and bibs and some blankets and such. We bought some stuff that I had coupons for, diaper rash cream, baby lotion, a pack of 4 pink and white burp cloths. Evan got scanner happy and was looking at toys for a toddler, but I had to stop him and remind him that this is a BABY registry. Of course I wanted to add the "Happiest Baby on the Block" DVD to the registry, and although they have it online, you can't add it to your baby registry. WTF? and of course they didn't have it in store for me to add either. Damn. I know there's the book but I have read enough books and I want something that stressed out new parents can just pop into the DVD Player. I ended up calling Target for help adding the damn DVD.

What really pissed me off, was that I scroll through the 15 toll free numbers on their website to find the exact number that I am supposed to call for Gift Registries, and then dial it, and then I have to go through a 5 option menu and gift registries aren't even an OPTION on that menu, so I have to wait on hold for a person that then tells me that I need to be transferred to the gift registry department.. and then I get to a guy who barely speaks ENGLISH and keeps trying to walk me through accessing a number that doesn't exist and it very quickly becomes clear to me that I know more about Target's website than he does. ARGH. But in the end, the DVD couldn't get added to the registry because it's an AMAZON item and not a Target item. Whatever. They sholdn't be affiliated at all if they can't make it work. Bastards.

So after at the end of our Target trip last night I was having this really annoying pain in my upper belly, and I kept rubbing and rubbing it and Evan keeps asking if I am okay, and I tell him I am but that it hurts, and that when we get home I am drinking some water an lying down. When we got home, he felt the spot where it hurt and was insantly freaked out by the knot that you could feel there, and that knot has been there all week. I assume that it's an internal organ of mine that's squished, and Evan says "I thought you told me that lump didn't HURT!?" and I said "it didn't hurt until now" and so I ended up lying down in bed at 9pm, watching the last hour of Pirates of the Caribbean on cable, until I fell asleep at about 10pm and slept till 11am today. So. 13 hours of sleep later I am feeling much more refreshed. SO I talked to mom on the phone, took a long bath, and then proceeded to lie on the couch in my underwear and with a towel on my head and continue reading my book (Nicholas Sparks "A Bend in the Road") until Evan got up from what he called "the great Father's Day sleep-in."

Now he is getting me food because I am STARVING and I need energy to sustain me so that I can pick up the mess around here and get organized. I just don't have the energy to accomplish right now, so I guess I will go back to reading my book.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Friday Fiver and More

Could this be? A DAILY Blog? Holy Cow!~
Let's start with the Friday Fiver...1. When do you doubt yourself?
When I think about my pain tolerance and how I will deal with an un-medicated childbirth.
2. Who do you owe an apology?
He. He he. Um.... Some guy named Nick who I ditched once on a date. I didn't even know him but boy did he know me. He called me and called me until I finally gave in and agreed to go out with him and then I canceled on him at the last minute. I felt bad but I didn't even KNOW the guy and it made me uncomfortable.
3. When is the last time you felt embarrassed?
Um. It's hard to be embarrassed when you are pregnant. Because all kinds of crazy shit happens and everyone gets to look at all parts of your body. But probably more embarrassed by things that my husband sees me screw up, and things that he sees me forget.
4. What do you ignore?
I work in IT. So mostly I ignore it when other people bitch about computers and technology (and believe me that happens alot) and I ignore it when they blame their entire life's problems on computers and act as though computers are preventing them from being productive and doing their jobs. I just know better. But in IT you become "that person to bitch at" and so you let it slide as much as you can. It's usually not personal - you don't have anything against the computer user, but it's a vital skill for survival in the IT/Helpdesk world. It's sometimes the only thing that keeps you from snapping.
5. Do you love yourself?
I do love myself. And what I love most about myself is that I get to have my husband who is wonderful and that we get to have a baby who will also be wonderful. The best part about me is often the people around me.

Well that was fun! Not too bad of questions for Friday. I almost didn't think any of them were retarded. Today was ANOTHER Busy day at work. I didn't get to go home and relax last night like I wanted. I ran beads and Shrek DVD's to Anya's and wanted to stay and chat but I had to be at Evan's parents for supper, and I had the burgers with me so I couldn't screw around. I swam a little bit, at least I got myself wet from the waist down and walked around the pool... and we relaxed until the bugs started biting and eating me alive. Apparently pregnant chicks are fabulously tasty, what with all that extra blood circulating through their bodies.

So I didn't get home till about 10pm... and then I brought the dogs in and fed and watered them, and hauled stuff in from the car and hung up my suit to dry, and started packing my hospital bag. It was actually pretty fun and much easier than I thought it would be. The best part was stashing those tiny newborn socks and 3 newborn diapers into the diaper bag for the first time. It's almost 10 weeks till the due date and that is SOON! LOL. This morning I got ready and the dogs hung out in the house with me. Then I went to the bank and signed papers to finish off my car loan, which I will have paid off in just two more payments (thank god! After 5+ years!) and then I went to work for the day. Work was okay, kinda busy. I had lots of stuff that I had said all week "I can do that on Friday" and wouldn't you know that meant I had to do them today.

I also got to talk to my dad today on the phone, his Father's Day gift and card had arrived in the mail to surprise him, and I talked to mom a bit too. This evening I ordered the Armoire for the baby's room from Target, I saved 15% off the purchase and it should be here by July 1st so that dear Evan can assemble it and I can start to wash clothes and hang things up. That should take care of the last piece of furniture and the last little corner of the nursery that needs to be together... and then we can hang stuff on the walls. One thing that I didn't really think about until after ordering it, is that I had envisioned sitting some things on top of the armoire. Things that were cute but that baby might not be able to reach for a long long time... and now I see that the one I picked out has a beautifully curved and graceful top.... not especially surface friendly for knick-knacks. Darn. On to plan B. Which I am sure to develop soon.

Tonight I will just be staying home, focusing on laundry and dishes, and perhaps some other organizational things that will help prepare for baby, and in the short term, help prepare for the cleaning people on Monday.

Everyone have a fabulous weekend!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

June in Bloom....

Well, today seemed good. Yesterday was good too, but work left me exhausted. Mentally. And Physically. I was so glad to leave! Evan took me to supper at Subway before his band practice, and then i went home and tore into the box that arrived from Bead Retreat. I sorted all my orders and delivered some to mom's house.... saw the bucket calf tied to the tree in the backyard, and watched some good TV like Cash Cab. LOL.

Got home after 10:30 last night and watered all my container plantings and hanging baskets. It was soooo nice and cool last night! I loved it. I slept like a rock, and really did NOT want to get up today. I slept an hour and a half longer than usual and STILL didn't want to get up.

I will post some pictures of the container plantings that I have going right now, As long as I remember to water them we are golden.... No weeds to pull! That is not the truth of the flower beds but oh well. A pregnant chick can only do so much! But even the wildflowers in the ditch are starting (just barely) to bloom. I anticipate pictures of those in the next week or so.

This weekend we have prenatal classes. Tonight and tomorrow I think I will concentrate on laundry. This weekend I would like to pack a hospital bag also.... but it's something I may or may not get to. My goal was to have one packed by 32 weeks, and Evan seems to think it's a good idea to "pack NOW!" Which I am sure comes from his once emergency trip to the hospital when I was in so much pain that he couldn't get me to put on clothes instead of my pajamas, or even a bra. I did put on underwear though. LOL. He's thinking he can get me there much more comfortably and won't have to worry if I have packed ahead of time. He's probably right. But it's hard for me to let me favorite pair of lounge pants and a tank top and a nursing bra and some of my much needed maternity underwear sit in a suitcase by the door. Not to mention my maternity/nursing pajamas, of which I only have two pair.

Unfortunately, this afternoon got so busy at work that I didn't get to deliver any beads to co-workers. Bummer!

I am late in mailing my coloriffic swap. It has been ready to mail on the dining room table all week, and I feel terrible about it. I need to get the customs forms filled out and take it to the post office tomorrow morning. Another nighttime goal for me.

I already sent out my "letter for you #14" swap and I just got my partner for the "US Only bottle fill" on swap bot. Now to find the bottle that I can fill and start!

I am also working on some cute letters for the baby room, and I have yet to take any pictures besides this one, which isn't anywhere near indicative of where I am at right now in the time line of craftiness. And I washed my first load of baby stuff.... which I think I already blogged about but here's a lil picture of the freshly folded fabulousness.

I am so so glad that tomorrow is Friday. I think if it were up to me, I would not work, but would stay home in my pajamas all day long, cleaning, organizing, and doing laundry and dishes. I might even give the stinky dogs baths and pull some weeds here and there. But I'll be damned if I don't have to work like the rest of the freaking people in the country. Did I mention that I look forward to maternity leave more and more each day? I love my job but I was MADE to be a housewife.

I love it when people go "Oh, so you think it will be like a vacation from work? Ha haha." I love it when they act like I have never taken care of or bathed a baby before. But they don't know that I started babysitting when I was 10 and by the time I was 16 I was taking care of a family of 5 kids under 5, all day, and sometimes staying the night also. If I can handle two kids in diapers, one on bottled breast milk or formula, and 3 others that are toddling around under the age of 5.... all by myself at the age of 16, I think I can handle my own child while on maternity leave. If I can cook meals for 5 kids, give baths to 5 kids, read stories to 5 kids, and take 5 kids to a parade or carnival or any other event, at the age of 16, I think I can handle my own child. Sure it will be work, but people act like since this is my first child, that I will be terrified to bathe or diaper the baby. I guess they assume that since I haven't had my own child, that I have never had experience with kids. Or babies for that matter. Fact is, I have babysat over 17 kids on a regular basis, and taken care of all their needs, and learned all about them from babies to teenagers. I think that at 28.5 years old I can handle my own baby.

I am not saying that it will be a breeze, but it's not like I don't know what I signed up for.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Sun'll come out.... tomorrow....

Tuesday. It's kinda been an icky day. Not completely icky, but just pieces of icky. I woke up snappy because a) I didn't want to get up b) I had to let the dogs out c)I found an entire load of good clothes that had been taken out of the dryer and instead of hung up, wadded into a giant ball in the hamper again d) I didn't want to work anyway.

I got ready for work. I was shaving *somewhere* that I can't see anymore because I had a OB appointment today, and I caught my FINGERNAIL with my razor and almost had a fucking heart attack from the pain and the freak out factor of the whole incident. I immediately put the razor away and tried not to even look at it for the remainder of my short shower, because it made me want to gag.

I received a call on my cell phone from a lawyer claiming that I had a returned check from my personal account in December of 2006 for $65.12 and since I "haven't taken care of it" they are planning on taking legal action and at this point in time I owe them $215.12 (yeah!) And so I start to investigate because I thought the check had cleared and all was taken care of, and it freaks me out that 6 months later someone who I have never heard of calls me and says that I owe them $215 for a $65 check that I thought was cleared and fine. So I spent some time on the phone with my bank, this new "law firm" and eventually my lawyer, making an appointment next week to determine what's wrong here. Ugh. What a mess!

THEN I have an OB appointment, and I don't get to see my regular midwife, but her OB, who is small and tiny and very weight conscious, and makes me feel bad about how I am not skinny enough and how I have gained 4 pounds in the last two weeks.... even though that's a total of 10 pounds gained in the first 28 weeks of pregnancy... which is EXCELLENT. And of course on top of that, Evan and I cross paths and he is sitting in the waiting room waiting for me and when I get there 5 minutes before my appointment, he was already worried and left to look for me (without telling anyone!), and so we miss each other and I get through my entire appointment and leave the office and then run into him and when he discovers that he missed the appointment he is all upset and pissed and then gets me all upset like it's my fault until I just want to CRY.

So, yeah. Interesting day.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Monday already???

Monday! Whoo-Hoo!


At least I remembered to blog! The weekend was nice. Friday night I went shopping and got Evan some new clothes for father's day. He dropped a pant size and quit smoking AND it's Father's Day. I got him 4 shirts and a pair of shorts and some brown flip flops.

I got me a pair of flip flops for free (for buying his) and a new headband, and another pair of black dress pants (maternity) so that makes two pair and that's a good thing!

I also bought 10 baby hangers (plastic) and picked out the umbrella stroller that I wanted on my registry. And I ate supper at the club with Amethyst and Evan made my dinner.

Saturday was soooo super busy. I had a pedicure in the morning and then went right to Evan's family reunion. Then I went to a cookout at my sister's and then right back to Evan's family in the evening. We got home around 10:30 pm and I was so exhausted I could hardly function. I went to bed and slept like a rock (a rock that pees every hour or two) and then was able to sleep till 9:30 on Sunday. Sunday I just didn't feel right. Kinda cranky, tired, had a pain on my left side, and really unmotivated. I ended up going through a stack of pregnancy and childcare magazines and tearing out what I wanted, and getting rid of the rest. I researched digital thermometers for the baby. I compiled a "medicine cabinet" list of meds and supplies that I wanted for the baby.

Evan went golfing and brought me Chicken Soft Tacos for supper. I washed my first ever load of baby items, all the blankets, washcloths, hooded towel, burp rags, crib and bassinet sheets. I then learned how difficult it is to change a crib sheet when the mattress is in the infant position and there is a bumper involved. And then I cut all the care tags off the blankets and washcloths and folded them into soft and sweet little piles.

I also went to Wal-Mart and returned three pieces of clothing, and then I bought a big glass apothecary jar and filled it with baby medicine items such as infants mylicon, tylenol, motrin, saline nose drops, orajel daytime and nighttime formula, vaseline, baby nail clippers, cotton swabs, and cotton rounds for baby eye care and umbilical cord cleaning. It was fun and the jar is so super cute all full of goodies. I feel so much better having used all my coupons and being ready with supplies to make caring for a sick baby a little easier.... and less expensive!

So after my Wal-mart trip I went and got a Waffle Crisp Blizzard at DQ. This was my second time having it, and I tell you, I love it. This time I loved it even more because the first time the kid didn't put much in it, it was more ice cream than blizzard. This time it was LOADED with caramel chocolate and waffle cone pieces. Yum! It hit the spot!

So now that it's Monday, husband and I are planning on what to do this week. We have a few movies that we want to catch up on, and we are having a fish fry with his family some night this week and look forward to that. So even though it's Monday, and I am not feeling tip top, (left side aches still) I am gonna probably make it through the week okay. Especially since my friend PG will be in town and so will others like TD. It should be a fun week!

Friday, June 08, 2007

Friday Again?

Wow... have I been slacking! So So Sorry! Last weekend was so super busy! I think the week was pretty busy too!

Saturday morning I bought CROCS Sandals (black on black)! Ahhh! Can you believe it? Me, the anti-croc! But the sandals don't look like Crocs and they are comfy and they wash off easy. I like them. They are too wide for me overall... and the piece that goes between your toes is a little too fat and leaves marks, but I am pretty much used to them now. After that I went to the Seatonville Greenhouse Auction and bought some plants and container plantings. Evan's brother bought some and I also bid on some for my "neighbor" Pat and so I had LOTS to load up and lots to get home. After 4.5 hours of standing at the auction and loading up all those plants, I spent the afternoon planting and watering, and I weeded two flower beds. Then I re-arranged the nursery. Sunday I picked up around home and we took the baby crib out of the box and carried it to the nursery. Monday I worked and took off early for a nap because I wasn't feeling well and had been up most of the night with BAD heartburn that lasted till about Wednesday. And in the middle of that bout I ran OUT Of Zantac and the pharmacy wasn't open in the morning before work so I could get more.

Monday night we assembled the crib. I added the bedding and the mobile and crib soother- and the nest full of puppies too! It's so freaking cute I have to go in there like 3 times a day to just look at it.

Tuesday and Wednesday were long days that I spent in a classroom for work, and Evan was in Des Moines for work. Wednesday night I watched Shrek 2 and last night I saw Shrek 3.

Tonight I plan on doing some shopping, I want to get Evan some new clothes for Father's Day, although Ardyn already "bought" something for him, just from her. (it will go with THIS and THIS that we already have at home) I also need to buy ingredients for Crock Pot Lasagna and Cheesy Hashbrown Casserole because Saturday morning I am getting a pedicure and then going to Evan's family Reunion, and we need to take some food to pass. Then Saturday night there is a cookout for my sister Liz's boyfriend Brian's birthday. Plenty to do! Sunday we will be getting invites for the baby shower (august 5th) put together and ready to mail out.

So really I have had plenty to do!

Now on to the Friday Fiver:

1. Are you attracted to the naughty or the nice?
Naughty, but only if I can conquer them and make them nice.

2. Do you let your dirty laundry pile up?
Well, yes. But with maternity clothes you only have like enough underwear for a week or so, which makes it difficult for anything to pile up. I am more on top of it now than before.

3. What's the last excuse you made?
Hmmm. To myself or someone else? I never make excuses! LOL.

4. Do you play it safe or do you take risks?
I love to be safe. I am paranoid and I am sure that bad things are out there waiting for me and my loved ones. I like to play it safe. But I have my own ways of living dangerously. Like ignoring the dress code, for example.

5. Friday fill-in:
Let's go to Target and Shop.

This is an interesting fill in. It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to say. It reminds me of my favorite pick-up line of all time, which I learned in college. "wanna get a pizza and fuck?" and then when the person says no, you answer "You don't like pizza?!"

Friday, June 01, 2007

Friday Fiver

1. What year were you born? 1978

2. Who do you like to hug? My husband.

3. Do you runaway or face your problems? Face them.

4. How much cash do you have on you? $2.25

5. Friday fill-in:
I know exactly how to get the best possible deal on anything I buy.

June starts month SEVEN

It's June! How do I know this? Because this morning when I stepped out of the bedroom and into the living room I nearly STEPPED on a dead June bug all curled up on the hardwood floor. What the? Yep. Strange. It's like an omen.

Also this morning my husband was cranky **instantly** because today is Day one of "Operation Quit Smoking Cold Turkey" and it is apparently going to be his mission to be depressing and act as though his life is over which should in no way effect the way his wife, beginning her 7th month of pregnancy, feels loved and supported and all that good crap. Actually, I am super excited that he is quitting. I don't want the baby's daddy to smell like an ashtray. Really. But it will be exceptionally hard to deal with his attitude towards me and everything in general.

On a great note, the crib and mattress arrived yesterday and Evan brought the mattress in so I could see the little Sealy posturpedic thing. It's so cute. I can't wait to assemble the crib and Evan promised that we would do that together this weekend or perhaps next week but of course now I am worried that without smoke breaks to vent his assembly frustration we may end up with a crib that is smashed to bits with a hammer.

Tonight I close my bead party. That's good. Then I plan on going to eat supper at the club where husband will be cooking. I am nervous about that because I am afraid he might be so mean that I would be better off at home alone, and also nervous about it because there are tornado watches and severe storm watches out for us this afternoon/evening and There have already been tornadoes spotted in Muscatine, Iowa and the general area... and I might also be safer at home.

I have an even bigger tornado paranoia now that I am supposed to be protecting a baby inside me and I would be so pissed if I got crushed by a tornado to begin with, but now I have to worry about me, Both dogs, AND an unborn child? Good lordy. And you know I always worry about a tornado coming when I am at work, because I am not sure if I am safer at the top of a 4 story building, trying to ride down the rubble or perhaps being blown away when the top comes off the building, or if I am safer on the bottom floor where all that shit can land on me and crush me. Actually I feel like I might be safer to run outside and lie flat on the ground somewhere, all stealth and smooth-like. (I can totally be stealth and smooth-like.) I would probably be better off just being at HOME where I can go to the basement with the dogs and we can huddle together and hide under the table in the basement sewing room.

Oh, and today, I just wanted to point out that I NEED this. I do. It's a necessity.
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