Saturday, October 02, 2010

October :)

Wheel of Fortune in HD? Yep. That's what a Lazy Saturday is all about. Well, I feel like it's been lazy. I did sleep till about 10am, although I was up with Ardyn at 4:30 and again at about 8am, when she crawled into bed with me and started watching cartoons.

I started the day by folding all the laundry (4 loads) that had been piled on my bed, and then decided it was a good time to pack up the kids' summer clothes. It was freezing cold here today, and the wind was wicked. We stayed inside. I painted two walls in the "new" area of the kitchen, which I will from this point forward be referring to as the pantry (stay with my people.)

The paint color that we chose (by we, I mean my mom, my sister, my sister-in-law to be, and myself) was really darker than I had expected and had a bad tint to it that I hadn't seen coming... but Evan and I were convinced that we should at least put a second coat on it in case that was just what was needed. So the section of one wall that I had painted, I put a second coat on and we both agreed that really WAS what was needed. So I proceeded and painted the second wall. It needs another coat which I am hoping on doing here in a bit.

I also loaded the dishwasher and ran it, and made chocolate chip walnut cookies and rice krispie treats. It was chilly so I put on my sweatshirt cardigan and my slippers and lay on the couch and read Ardyn a few new Halloween books before daddy took her to Grandma's for the night. Marek took a HUGE nap, like 3.5 hours. I was jealous, but I thought that if I took a nap after Ardyn left, Marek had been asleep long enough that I would likely just be cranky because he would wake up before I actually got a decent nap in. So I baked instead.

I started working a bit on Marek's Halloween costume. I am a little freaked out about the fact that this month is INSANELY busy and I have two Halloween costumes to get made. Marek's shirt is in the dyeing process right now, and next up is some bedazzling (mwahahahaha!)

The house is still all torn up but not in the construction sense as much as in the "we still have so much to paint" sense. And in the "half the kitchen is living in the dining room" sense. Last week I ordered cabinets and countertop for the pantry, and flooring for the whole kitchen. I am completely changing the decor in the kitchen, which I didn't really want to do, but the retro 50's thing just doesn't seem to mesh with this bungalow craftsman thing we have going on, and the flooring and cabinets and countertop that I was drawn to say "craftsman" instead of "retro."

I am excited by the kitchen changes, but am worried about choosing things like Curtains. I just don't know what "theme" I am going to go with, if any at all. Flooring install should be in two weeks, and cabinets will be delivered after that sometime. I just transferred our October calendar to the wipe off board and I was overwhelmed instantly. This week will be the most hectic. Evan's brother gets married this weekend, and so this week means haircuts for Marek and I, color for me, hopefully a pedicure (any reason for that is a good one) and also a Haircut for Evan. Ardyn has a hair appointment to get her hair styled, but it's a catholic wedding so pictures start at 11am... which is just an hour after her hair appointment. Basically I am going to have to have my things and Ardyn's things packed and ready the night before, as well as having Marek's things packed, because I will have to get ready at the salon while Ardyn is getting her hair done, and then get Ardyn ready after that and go right for pictures. Evan is in the wedding too, so he will get Marek ready with him and bring Marek to meet Ardyn and I at the church. I also have to have spare clothes and overnight bags packed for the kids as they will leave the reception with my family.

Add to all the wedding fun.... two days of school for Ardyn, dance class, rehearsal dinner, and a MOPS meeting that I have a ton to prepare for, and yeah, I am feeling a bit overwhelmed. LOL. But if we just get through that week, then all that's left is Halloween costumes and installation of everything in the pantry area. Oh and painting. Lots and lots of painting. Tonight I need to start (and finish?!) The spreadsheet and then the directory for MOPS, and then the table assignments need to be redone, as well as the discussion questions typed up. Oy. Hoping I can wait till Marek goes to sleep to have some silence. Oh and I have website updates to do also.

Tomorrow I am going to actually do something for ME. Pottery Class. As in on a pottery wheel, making my own pieces, with the extremely talented and fun Ann Dittmer and my co-student and mamma friend Courtney ;) I can't wait!

Well, that's the lowdown, and here's to what is sure to be an exciting week!
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