Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Nothing's Sacred

This week is a busy one. Starting Monday with an Oil Change, 10 million errands, and then taking the kids to my mom's so I could do colonoscopy prep. Yes Again. It's been almost a year and I was starting to have symptoms return of the previous problems I had (colitis) and also of the Hiatal Hernia and the stricture. So I had both an upper and lower scope on Tuesday, and biopsies were sent away, and my PPI (Proton Pump Inhibitor) Meds have been doubled for now.

The scope was, as before, a simple experience, no pain, no trauma, nothing like anyone ever assumes. The hardest part is the prep, and last time the prep was pretty simple. This time, however, Dr had switched to MoviPrep (brand) and all it did was give me horrible gas and stomach cramps for the majority of the time I was taking it. I also had the disadvantage of being pre-flavored. The previous prep came with several flavor packet choices, and I tried a couple and discovered that it was much easier to tolerate straight, without any fake aspertame sweetened flavoring. This time, I wasn't so lucky, as the horrid lemon lime sickeningly sticky flavoring was built right in. And it was NOT delicious. Not even a tiny bit. But I made it through getting up at 4:15am to finish the second half of my prep, and checking in at 8:30am.

I must have come to a bit during the procedure because It seems I remember Mary talking to me and them telling me to relax because I was fighting the scope, but I barely even remember that, and there was nothing uncomfortable or anything about it, just like from somewhere in a fog I remember that. It took forever for me to come out of recovery and I remember Lisa saying "How do you feel" and me not being able to form a word and her saying "Tired?" and I think I nodded and she said "You had a LOT of medicine" which I later put together with the waking up and probably getting a double dose of the double shots I had already had to knock me out. I don't remember getting from recovery to my room, and I woke up in my room just before noon and Evan was sitting there looking at me. I don't remember anyone taking out my IV, I don't remember anything that they said to me except somehow I knew that there were biopsies which were routine (she explained) and that I was to take a double dose of my meds. I don't even remember WHO told me that. Haha.

When we got discharged, I was of course awake (?) I even got myself dressed and waited for the wheelchair, and went to the car, and then to Subway. I remember ordering my food and I remember eating it, but it took me like an hour later last night to remember what I ordered or ate. It's so strange how that works. You can be high as a kite still and make all kinds of decisions that you don't remember later. And for the most part, at the time, you are like "I'm fine. Really I am just fine" and then an hour later you don't remember anything you did. I don't remember getting across town to Subway, although I know I did. I don't remember getting home from Subway, but I know I was eating, so I know I did. I remember laying on the couch. Then I woke up like three hours later and wished I had laid in bed instead. So I moved. Then I woke up at like 6pm. Evan asked if I wanted to ride along when he got the kids and I could barely think about moving my mouth to talk to him, so I said no. then at 6:30 I decided I DID want to go so I got dressed and we went to get them.

I was awake for like 4.5 hours and then after a bath I went straight to bed and slept till 7:45 when my alarm went off for the zoo trip and I realized it was downpouring and we weren't going. So I slept till about 8:30 when the kids got up. We all got dressed and ate cereal and then I decided we had better go get a few errands run before the next round of storms came through and it was pouring again. we went to Wal-mart for milk, eggs, bananas, soap, etc and Marek barely made it through the store. I don't know what his deal is lately. He will have a really bad day where he just whines and carries on and won't walk and won't use words and he is just ANNOYING and just when I think something is wrong, or he is getting sick or something, he snaps out of it. Then a couple of days later, he's at it again. So although it turned out to be nice and sunny and warm so far (4pm and no more rain yet) I am kinda glad that his bad day didn't turn out to be zoo day. Although I was super excited to go to the zoo.

So we got our stuff and brought it home and put it away, and then I made lunch. then I made pasta salad (although I am short an onion. Grrr.) and then boiled a dozen eggs, and Washed and sliced 2 quarts of strawberries. I had Ardyn do her usual "job" of taking the green grapes off their stems. I set her up at the kitchen counter on a chair, with a colander full of washed grapes and a new bowl for the grapes to go in, and a paper towel for the stems, and she was just working away and got almost to the end and I looked at her and said "hurry please, I need that colander for my eggs" and then I realized that there were all these grapes off the stems, but no stems. Hmmm. Suspicious. I said "ardyn, where are the..." and no more got the sentence out of my mouth than I saw a grape stem (large one) that she had stuffed down through the Air Vent in the kitchen floor. Yeah. She put them all down the vent. Oh My God. This child.

First it was the markers all over the entire front porch.... on the ironing board, sewing table, train table, toys, cubicals organizer and fabric cubes, train set, paper towel roll, broom and dustpan, dog food storage container, and the poor Cabbage Patch Newborns' Faces, heads, and bodies. Then Two days later it was four colors of fingernail polish all over my silver train case. Then the day of dance recital (one day later) it was a brand new bottle of baby powder emptied and spread all over the entire bedroom. In Marek's Hair and clothes, on their beds and bedding, on the red reading chair, on the books, on the floor, on the stuffed animals, in the chair, on the crib mattress on the floor, smeared all over the nightstand table. Then the grapes down the vent. Does this child live to destroy? Great Grandma said "Well you need to put the baby powder up" and I explained that it WAS up. And that they have reached the age when there is no longer "Up." She had gotten Marek's stool, pushed it across the room, climbed up onto the changing table and dresser, and reached the baby powder hanging IN THE BASKET way up on the wall. this was probably 5'7" off the ground. Easily. I can't see into the basket when I am standing right in front of it, that's how high off the ground it is. *sigh*
Nothing's Sacred.

So this afternoon when we finished lunch we went outside to play for a while. We took the chickens out and the dog, and Evan came home and mowed the yard, then I pulled weeds in the garden, put the downspouts back on the house (which is one of those "little" infuriating things that my husband can't seem to remember to do) and then went around and pulled all the weeds and tall grass from the inside edges of the fence (another one of those little things. Last year I bought him a new weed eater so that he would do it, and he hasn't started it or put it together yet.) Didn't take long after that and Marek was completely soaked from head to toe, and I have no idea how, and Ardyn was starting to have major listening problems, so we came inside to get our naps done. And now of course, they won't sleep. Ugh.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Today was an awesome day. I have talked with several people recently about how my kids are amazingly overwhelming. They overwhelm me, and I often think they must seriously overwhelm other people on a constant basis. They are continually feeding off each others energy... and they get so wound up so fast. Marek has a new (well, maybe it's just now getting incredibly annoying) extremely high-pitched girly scream. People always think it was Marek, but he can out scream her anytime now.

In the last few days Evan and I have looked at each other, I can't tell you how many times we say WHAT have we done WRONG. How did we get to this point? It's not like we don't discipline, or we don't give time outs, or give spanking after they have been warned repeatedly and in time out, or like we haven't lay down the rules, or anything like that. Perhaps people without kids (who don't really understand, even if they think they do) think that we have spoiled ungrateful kids.... but honestly I am not as worried about what other's think as worried about them turning into these two hellions that we can't control ourselves. So, anyway, I was relieved after a recent conversation that led to a more experienced older parent saying that he still asks himself everyday "where did I go wrong" even though his children are from age 9-18. At least I am not the only one.

This morning I woke up with a new attitude. We had things that we wanted to do, and I made absolutely certain that there was no question in the kids' minds.... if we don't work together to accomplish what we NEED to get done, to finish our chores, then we will not do the fun thing that we have planned for later. So today, we had a playdate planned after lunch with Christiana at Plow Creek. I am sure that I was more excited than anyone, because I just adore her (and her kids of course) but the kids were not privy to the information... because all I said was that we had a playdate and I wasn't telling them where until we were almost there.

So, believe it or not, they got dressed and brushed their teeth and we got hair all done and had blueberry pancakes and strawberries with orange juice, and then we went ahead and picked up the playroom and the bedroom. Actually THEY cleaned both rooms and made their beds. Then we went outside and took the chickens out. We put everything back "out" in the yard... (after Evan mows, all the toys are stacked up on the sidewalk and we have to put all the toys back.) and the kids played while I started working outside. I planted all but one last square of the garden, (I had 5 left) adding Pickling Cucumbers, Lavender, and Sweet Mint. Now I have ONE Square left. What to plant, what to plant. So anyway, I planted in the garden, added a perennial to the "new" triangle garden in front of the fence, and then hung out a load of clothes. Then I sold $15 worth of goodies from my "sale" tote and made the kids lunch before we took off to go to our playdate. So, a very successful morning.

The realization that I came to? I am a drill sergeant. At toddler boot camp. They have attitudes, and they have their own opinions, and it is my job to keep them on track, and perhaps in some ways to break them down in order to build them up. Being a drill sergeant is QUITE exhausting. From afar, a military drill sergeant's job looks cushy... but it must be EXHAUSTING. I know I am exhausted. Constantly trying to keep them on task. And you need to know, I am not that strict. My house is not immaculate. (FAR from it) But when I ask you to put your sopping wet stinky pee loaded PULL UP in the "diaper chomper" (code for Diaper Genie) please do not repeatedly leave it on the bathroom floor. I will tell Ardyn TWICE a DAY to put a pull-up where it goes. It frustrates me. Just the repeated keeping her on task, and Marek by association, is exhausting. And now there is the screaming fighting arguing over toys thing. But that's to be expected I guess. So, I guess I have to just come to the realization that I will have to be a drill sergeant. And hope that I continue to have enough energy to keep up with them.

Now, Plow Creek was awesome, and Christiana is great. I feel like we have such similarities, especially in our interests and sense of humor, that I really like being able to just hang out with her and watch our kids go batty. Today they played in the house for quite a while. Then they wanted to go outside and it was a GORGEOUS day. We looked at the goslings, and the goats, and the scottish highland cattle across the pasture in the shade. Then we checked out the CSA garden, which was so cool, and right next the Christiana's house and yard. Their rhubarb patch is of course larger than my entire garden. It reminds me of Rhubarb at grandma's growing up on our farm. The best part was (even though it was WORK!) hiking up the hill. The coolest "cow path" (in my terminology) that had been compacted and had some pea gravel packed in. Then as you ascended the hill, the railroad ties set into the dirt for steps. it was narrow but beautiful and the kids were thrilled. I got a good workout (good news, my ankle did well) and at the top of the hill was the actual "community" with the pretty houses and the gorgeous grapevines and more chickens, and the community/church building, and the playground that the kids were entertained with for the afternoon. The trip back down was necessary when the kids started to get tired, and Ardyn tripped in the gravel at the top of the hill and had a meltdown over a scraped knee. Then we got about 5 steps down the hill and Marek said "Hold me." and so I carried him down, which ended up being easier because he was having a hard time going down the steps without being on his hands and knees.

Then we had to take off and head to Wal-mart because we had been without milk for longer than any good mamma would actually disclose. When we GOT to walmart Marek started having a massive meltdown right away "I don't WANT to go to Wal-Mart" and then the read faced screaming crocodile streaming tears began. He wouldn't stand, wouldn't walk, and I was like oh boy, here we go. I tried explaining, but he was too tired to be explained to. I ended up grabbing the babyhawk, and strapping him in, giving him a sucker, and Ardyn and I walked through the outside garden center in an attempt to calm him. This did not work, and then of course every person on the planet who doesn't understand babywearing, or shopping with a 2 year old, looks at me like I am the crazy hippy mamma strapping her kid in when he just so OBVIOUSLY wants to walk. So I ignored all their stares and marched through the inside garden center and then into the store with him still screaming. Eventually I got him to eat the sucker. When the sucker was done, he was about passed out, and he did pass out COLD and slept through the entire rest of the store. Ardyn, on the other hand, was exceptionally well behaved and also very helpful, putting things (that I asked her to!) into the cart, and holding the bags for the produce that we picked out, and helping me to put things up on the conveyor at checkout. This was a bonus and she got *squinkies* at her request. I wasn't thrilled at first about having to BUY her something to get her to be good, but in the end, she had been SO good and made the trip so much more bearable, I would have bought her more than squinkies if I had to :)


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Ardyn's plan for a new Savior

Tonight when reading about Adam and Eve being cast out of the garden of Eden, our story mentioned how God promised he would send them a savior, which Ardyn immediately wanted defined. I explained that Jesus was God's son, sent to earth as our savior, to save us from our sins. Ardyn said "but he couldn't DO anything, he was just a tiny baby!" and I said yes, but he grew up and was a great teacher and he died on the cross for us. She said "yeah, I am really sad that he died like that (kinda like we screwed up and she never got to hang out with him) Maybe God will send us another one!" I said, well I don't know about that Ardyn. It's said that he was our one savior. Then she said "I KNOW!!!! We can have a baby sister and we can name her JESUS!!!!!" she was SOooooo excited about this master plan.

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Monday, May 09, 2011

Did Amazon Mom Cheat me out of my Amazon Prime Membership?

Recent Feedback Sent to Amazon.

"I have been an Amazon Prime Member with a paid prime subscription for about a year now. I recently heard about your Amazon Mom program, in which you allow mom's to order through your subscribe and save program (which I already used for some items like vitamins and supplements) and save 15% on the regular Amazon Price, while having items sent on a "subscription" basis. One of the Benefits of using Amazon mom was that these items were not only discounted, but were also shipped for Free, and you could earn your Amazon Prime Benefits when you purchased anything in the Baby area for $25 or more per order.

Because of the Amazon Baby program, I was told that I needed to WAIVE my already purchased Amazon Prime Membership, but that it would be replaced with Amazon Mom, in which I would be earning free Amazon Prime Benefits.

I placed Orders on April 12th (After signing up for Amazon Mom, and AFTER Waiving my PAID Amazon PRIME Membership) and the items were paid for at the 15% off Subscribe and Save price, and were also shipped via FREE TWO DAY SHIPPING because of the Amazon Prime Benefits I had earned as an Amazon Mom Customer.

This week, when I attempted to track my most recent subscribe and save items, I see that they are suddenly shipping via Free Standard Shipping, and no longer via my Amazon Prime Membership?!

A conversation with your customer service rep tells me that all subscribe and save items are not eligible for PRIME... and if you wish to use your PRIME membership, then you lose your Subscribe and Save Discount.

This information was NOT Provided to me when I signed up for Amazon Mom, and when I waived my paid Amazon Prime Benefits. I am very disappointed in Amazon for this situation and I believe that I was "duped" into waiving my prime benefits without being told that by using Amazon Mom, my items would no longer be shipped via Prime when ordered via Subscribe and Save. This is a very frustrating Situation. Please explain if your policies have changed in the last 30 days?"
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