Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Wednesday. Ahhh. Today was so busy at work that my head was spinning. On the good side, my pregnant brain seems to be functioning well and I seem to have regained lots of my will to focus on work. I am not sure how long this will last though!

Had a midwife appointment yesterday, and all is well. I think I have grown enough in the past few days that people are starting to notice a bit, if I had a dollar for each time I was asked "when are you due?" today, I would be rich.

This Friday I will close my bead retreat party. I can't believe how much stuff I will get for free, and half-price too!

The crib should be here before long. I can't WAIT! Like I really can hardly contain myself. In fact as I type this I am pretty confident I might have typed it before. LOL.

It's been muggy and hot here, but I am dealing with it surprisingly well. It was almost 90 the past two days, and (I know I work in the air) but my comings and goings to and from work have been fine. I have been really concentrating on dressing in cool clothes! Tonight Evan wanted to turn the air on but I was okay with the windows open and fans running. It surprises me... especially considering I am supposed to be unbearably hot. I am sure that is yet to come.

I had someone email me through Flickrmail and ask me what the sparrow in Jack Sparrow's tattoo means to me. What? What does it mean to me? What the hell is that about? strange.

I am so bored with all the shows being over for the season. I have been watching movies and reruns and trying to occupy myself in other ways. Tonight I am watching the pilot episode of Painkiller Jane, which I love.... and even though I have already seen all the episodes, I am pretty okay with watching this again. Last night we watched Children of Men, which was good.... kinda long and violent... but good. Monday I watched Spiderman 2, because I wanted to see 3 but hadn't seen 2 yet.

I do miss Grey's Anatomy, and even CSI Miami. Whatever happened to Men in Trees? Guess I will have to wait until next season to find out if they cancelled it or what. It's like they keep starting new shows like October Road and Men In Trees and then showing them for like a fraction of a regular season. Greedy fuckers. The website for Men In Trees says the next episode hasn't been scheduled yet. And the October Road website says the same thing. Damn. No scoop.

My sunburn from Sunday is already getting better and isn't very painful anymore. Hopefully sleeping will be better tonight.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend

Well, it's been an interesting Memorial Day Weekend. Friday night Evan worked and I had my Bead Retreat Party. There were 13 people in attendance (including me) and we made the ocean treasures bracelet. It was fun and I am really glad that everyone came! I am almost to $500 in sales, and when I reach that level, I will be getting $125 in Free merchandise, SEVEN Half price items, and the May Flowers Bracelet for free. That's an ENORMOUS amount of stuff. I literally went through the catalog and the summer flier and circled everything I want and with those hostess benefits I will GET everything I want. It's insane.

So on Saturday I made an anklet and two more bracelets, because it was rainy and I was super bored. I can't believe how much it poured. We got somewhere between 2 and 3 inches of rain in this area. We need it badly, it's been so dry, but it still made for a dreary day. I did't accomplish much.

Sunday (yesterday) was a cookout at Evan's parents house and we had a great time. Everyone brought food to pass and there was SO much good food it was great. We played two games of badminton in the pool and the excercise was great, especially easy to be in the pool and be active since I was weightless. (now I know why my midwife recommends it so highly) Earlier in the day I had gone over to Anya's and helped her pick out plants to dig up from another friend's house. In the hour or two that I was outside watching and naming plants, I must have gotten sunburnt. After leaving there and picking up Evan's grandma, and going to the cookout, I didn't feel it yet, but we sat outside for about 20 minutes before I put my suit on, and by the time I put my suit on I Had dark red tan lines from my tank top. SO I proceeded with applying my SPF 30 twice for the remainder of the afternoon and although I did get burnt, at least it wasn't as bad as it could be. I was able to sleep on my sides pretty well, except that my shoulders hurt a decent amount.

After the cookout I met my parents at Veteran's Park in Sheffield. We walked through the flagstone path that is paved with flags dedicated to veterans. My Great Great Uncles, the Hortz brothers, were both killed in action and the legion is named after them in Sheffield. Their flags are positioned at the beginning of the flagstone path, right in front of their home.... which is now owned by my friend Zack. My great grandma grew up in that house and her father built it. When her brothers were killed the funeral caissons were in front of the house and the procession started right where the flags are posted today. We also have one other relative whose flag is posted there in the park.

After seeing the flags, I went to my parents and dad lit the bonfire. We sat around and chatted and Had Smores. It was nice and relaxing and I stayed there until just about midnight, then I came home and put on the Ocean Potion Aloe and went to sleep. Tonight we are having them over for supper. Nothing fancy, just food. I know I should take a shower, but my sunburn hurts and I would prefer to just get dressed as I am before I run to work and then to grab some food for tonight.

Friday, May 25, 2007

I don't wanna work....

Ugh. It is so super hard to work when you are pregnant. Not because you don't have it in you to work, but because work sucks and it requires patience and concentration and I am finding that I am like a tire with a nail hole.... It's slowly leaking out of me and leaving me round on one side but still feeling kinda flat.

Hopefully no one will notice that work is so ANNOYING to me right now.

But, per usual, I will prop myself up out of bed and drag my ass to work every day. Feeling pretty good this week. I have done so much that it kinda freaks me out. I think I have worn myself out and I am looking forward to going to work (just to get Friday over with) and having my Bead Retreat Party tonight and a nice relaxing weekend with a Sunday cookout and Monday OFF work. Yay!! That way I can just sit around with my feet up eating popsicles. Orange ones. Or maybe those bullet kind that have multiple flavors and are shaped like sex toys. You know, why don't they make penis popsicles? Oh right, because women don't WANT to suck on those. Right. I remember now. My bad.

My house is so freaking clean! It's insane! The scrapbook room is all organized and the dishes are all DONE and the bathroom has no dog/people hair crowding the corners. I even organized the Longaberger basket on the back of the toilet tank that holds my hair clips and ties, and then I cleaned and organized my dressing table (all my perfume, make-up, etc.)

The dog beds are washed, even the dog's stuffed babies are washed. My dearest husband threw out all the plants that I let DIE this winter because I was neglectful. Apparently I can only nourish one growing being at a time. It's probably due to my husband that my dogs are still nutritionally stable. It's gonna be interesting when we have more than one kid.

Being pregnant is cool. I am thinking that anyday it's time to design and order myself a new shirt from cafe press... especially now that they have maternity shirts. I think it will have areas of velcro so that I can attach different "fill in the blank" answers depending on the day.

I am 6 months pregnant.
Yes I'm SURE
I know my belly isn't big enough for your standards
I am due September 3rd, 2007
Yes I'm SURE
It's a Girl
Her Name is Ardyn Isabel
She doesn't appear to be deformed
I do not have morning sickness
My feet are/are not swollen today
I am feeling fine
I swear
I am eating right
I am resting
My husband is doing dishes
Yes I can feel the baby
No I am not constipated
No I don't have hemorrhoids
Yes we're excited

Maybe I had better make a dress. I don't think the shirt will be long enough to answer all the questions I have been asked.

And now, on to the Friday Fiver!

1. If you could have a superpower, what would it be?
Um, Automatic Cleaning Power. Everything I look at is clean and organized.

2. Which is more attractive to you: physical appearance or personality?
Personality. Because if you're a dick I am smart enough to figure that out. Eventually.

3. Who did you last fight with?
Hmmm. Probably Evan. Or maybe my mom. Or my boss.

4. What did you eat last night?
2 Hot Dogs with onions and ketchup (on the grill) and Mac and Cheese

5. Who are you mad about?
Mad about? I'm Mad About YOU! Of course I couldn't resist. I am mad about Pirates of the Caribbean. And I haven't even seen part 3 yet. Dirty Hot Mouthy Pirates. I love them.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Is it Friday Yet?

I got more done yesterday than anyone in their right mind should ever accomplish in one day. My biggest triumph was cleaning and organizing my scrapbook room and our office. Ugh. It had been piling up since Christmas (ugh) when I made Cards.... and I had piles of papers that I needed to organize.

I also washed bedding, and rugs, and towels, on top of all the laundry. AND I picked up the entire house, and we ran the dishwasher twice, emptied the recycle bins and the garbages, and vacuumed up some dog hair. It was very productive, but by about 6pm I was feeling exhausted and I could feel my feet aching and swelling. I took a nice bubble bath and then put on clean pajamas and sat on the couch with some ice water to watch Desperate Housewives.... and put lotion on everywhere and tummy butter on the bump. I even massaged my own feet till they felt a little better. How about Edie killing herself? Yeah. Not sure if she is really dead or what. Someone will probably find her, or the scarf will slip or something.

I tried to call it an early night but at 10:30 when I got into bed I found myself writing in my pregnancy journal for the entire 6th month (which I haven't filled out yet) and reading a whole two chapters on the baby at this stage... and before I knew it, It was 12:45. Ack. This morning came early.

My allergies have been really acting up and I wish more than anything that I could take a Claritin D.

I have 13 "yes" RSVP's now for the Bead Retreat party on Friday night.... and I hope they do all show up. The rest of the week looks uneventful, but if my hands and feet continue to be as swollen as they are today, I don't think I will accomplish much.

Everything is pretty calm and quiet on the homefront, and work has slowed down a tiny bit, so I don't have much to write about!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Lazy Sunday

This weekend I am an interesting mix of "bored" and "Don't make me do anything."

Friday night I did clean up around home a bit, and Saturday I did too. Cleaned off the dining room table, picked up and reorganized things in the baby room, etc. I did some laundry, rather half ass.... and I have lots more to do today, laundry and run the dishwasher and I really need to tidy up the bathroom and our bedroom. Ugh.

It's really nice outside. Not too hot. Nice breeze. Sunny. All the windows are open. Last night I went to Josh and Lisa's. Anya and Brad and Ava were there for a while, and Ryan, who was totally and completely drunk. Josh and Lisa and I just sat around the whole night in their lawn chairs in the door to the garage, watching people drive by and talking. It was relaxing.

Evan's mom called yesterday and she has ordered our baby crib and has the mattress, which will be our gift for the baby, and I am SUPER Excited to get it and get the room even closer to finished. That revelation has prompted me to order the Armoire with my first June paycheck, and then I can start organizing better than having to have things piled on top of the twin bed waiting for a home.

I have been trying to read here and there, but my head just isn't in it. Hanging out on ebay bidding on Maternity Dresses to wear this summer to work, and hopefully something to wear to my shower in August. I need to shower today but that just takes energy that I don't feel like expending. I will anyway. At least I washed my feet and my face and brushed my teeth before bed. But it isn't like I DID anything yesterday and I didn't sweat.

The dogs are on permenant living room camp out this weekend, and they are shedding terribly, at least Hadley is. We brush him but it doesn't help much! I am hosting a bead retreat party this Friday and I have to figure out how to quarantine them from Monday till Friday so all the cleaning that happens on Monday won't be un-done before the party. So far I have 11 YES RSVP's plus me..... so that is awesome. I hope that everyone does come and that we have a fun and relaxing time. I still need to finish tidying up the scrapbook room. It is loking better but I have PAPER stacked everywhere in towers. I need a good way to organize my 12x12 patterned paper, and I have found the way that I would PREFER to organize it, but the truth is I don't have ROOM to put the organizer so I just keep stacking it. Not that stacking it is productive! LOL.

Have a great Sunday and do some relaxing yourself.

Saturday, May 19, 2007


Last night Heather and I went to enjoy Mexican food and Mi Margaritas. I broke out of the usual for the first time EVER and instead of Chicken Fajitas, I ordered a beef taco and 1 cheese enchilada. It was fabulous. I ate the enchilada and had a couple bites of taco and I was STUFFED. Of course all night I was worried that I might bring back the bad kidney pain so I was trying to be super careful and not eat too much, or anything spicy. But it was tasty.

Then we went to Kohl's, because Heather had some babies to buy for, and that worked out well for me, because I got to go shopping for the first time since knowing that I am having a girl (except Wal-Mart) and of course, everything was on sale for 40-50% off and then there was a 60% off clearance rack. I bought an adorable blue dress with a matching blue sweater, a cute pink and khaki jumper style dress, and on the 60% off rack, a pink and white polka dot dress with pretty white trim and a white rounded collar.... which should fit next spring around easter time. (awww!) and then I got a stuffed puppy dog that is white with pink spots... sooooo cute! I couldn't resist since the nursery is puppies, and she needs at least 1 pink puppy. So the trip was fun and successful, The clothes were inexpensive.

We stopped and each rented our own movies on the way home. I always seem to go for the movies that are on the shelf in the video store that are like "B movies" that I have never heard of and people don't usually rent. The one that is a lone copy all by itself in the new releases, that you can buy for like 5 nights for dirt cheap. I got two of those, but this time I managed to pick ones with hot guys in them.... Heath Ledger is in one and Ryan Gosling is in another. And then I got that one with Jack Black and Jude Law where the chicks switch houses. SO anyway, the Heath Ledger one was called Candy. It was about Heath Ledger's character Dan, and his girlfriend Candy (Abbie Cornish)- and how they were desperately in love, but how heroine and other drugs took them to a kind of heaven (in their own eyes at least) and then brought them crashing down to earth (she marries him and becomes a junkie who works as a whore to get their smack money) when she becomes pregnant from a night of unprotected sex with her husband after they shoot up. Then they try to detox themselves when she is pregnant to do the right thing and her body and baby are so stressed that in the middle of the detox she miscarries and has to deliver the baby stillborn. Then the heroin (which they start again) takes them to a place like hell, when they move to the country and start to fight between themselves and she has a nervous breakdown, but because he doesn't get what's happening to her, he leaves her alone and she gets institutionalized. It's a crazy ass movie. It was good, not great, and I can see what they were trying to do. There were many comments made in the movie about how it isn't about HEROIN but about a love story and how their love tried to overcome their addiction.... or as someone said in the commentary, a Hero, a Heroine, and Heroin. Hmmm. I can see and feel their pain, and their struggle to do the right thing, and their struggle to get away from the smack... but it's really hard for me to imagine a junkie as a hero. But it was a good movie.

Friday, May 18, 2007


Wouldn't you know that after my last post on Tuesday night I ended up in the hospital? I just knew I wasn't feeling right! I have Hydronephrosis... and you can read the whole story at the baby's website.

I am feeling better now, today was my first day back to work. I am a little slower and more tired than I have been, but overall okay. The baby is great, and it's a Girl! Ardyn Isabel Johnson will be her name.

After that revelation I just had to run out and buy a few pink things... and I grabbed some groceries too. Tonight I am going for dinner with a girlfriend... Mexican!

This weekend is looking to be calm and relaxed... no plans AT ALL! It it is nice and warm, maybe I will get to go swimming... otherwise I don't have any plans.

My co-workers sent me flowers when I was in the hospital, and I believe that my in-laws are buying a crib and mattress as our baby gift. I am excited about that... since my parents bought the changing table and the glider/ottoman set as a gift. It's exciting!

Well... everyone have a great weekend!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Still kicking (or being kicked!)

I might be a little behind! Sorry about that! I have been extremely busy alternated with not feeling right....

Last week I got a pedicure and prenatal massage on Tuesday and then on Wednesday and Thursday I worked 12 hour days, traveling to Rockford to the Midwest Bioterrorism Planning and Awareness Conference. I had 40 hours in by lunch on Friday and then that afternoon/evening we attended a wedding for our friend Joe.

Saturday I wasn't feeling well and Sunday was Mother's Day, and we had three places to go, including brunch at Wise Guys with one side of the family, a cookout with the other side, followed by me visiting my mom Sunday night.

Monday morning I wasn't feeling well and was awake at 4am, and at 6am I ended up going to the hospital and stopping in OB for observation because of a persistent pain in my right side that I had had for three of the past 4 days, and the UTI that wouldn't go away after 6 days of antibiotics. They thought I had kidney stones, but not they are thinking otherwise, and I am feeling much better.

Monday night we worked around home, watering flowers and new grass seed, doing laundry, washing dishes, etc. This morning I had my 6 month OB Appointment, and I had gained 1/4 of a pound since last month, for a grand total of 1 and 1/4 pounds since getting pregnant. Now I will start seeing the Midwife every two weeks as I rapidly near the third trimester.

Tonight I spent the entire night paying bills and going through stacks of paperwork and unpaid bills. I also watched 3 TIVO's shows and crocheted more of the baby blanket, which I also worked on last night and this morning while waiting in the Dr. Office.

So - plenty of eventfulness. If you are interested in keeping up on baby details, including belly photos, ultrasound photos, and short journal entries, you can go to the Baby Johnson website at

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Secret is out!

I am a smart chick. I am also open-minded in a new-agey, yoga practicing, meditating kind of way. I am not afraid to try new things. Even things that other people would laugh at, scoff at, or just plain make fun of. I love a good conspiracy theory(and by that I mean a GOOD one. I am not all into every conspiracy theory like SOMEONE I know.) I like to think outside the box.... but I have been ALMOST Letting myself feel guilty for not reading (or perhaps putting on my iPod and listening to) Rhonda Byrne's Book, The Secret. I like books with alternative ways of thinking. I like to read things like The New Revelations: A Conversation with God by Neale Donald Walsh. I like to find and read about people who have discovered that their natural way of thinking is actually shared with other people, and even though it may go against the grain of society (or in Walsh's case, Organized Religion...) just the fact that so many people think and feel in a similar way, WITHOUT someone telling them to.... it's eerie and it just makes sense. It's natural and real and it's like "I feel this way for a reason. I feel this way deep down inside because this is how I am SUPPOSED to feel. I don't need to think and feel like someone else tells me to."

But something about The Secret really throws me off. I think, honestly, that it's the title. And the Cover. And well... the SECRET. It's almost like an infomercial.... that doesn't give any info. It's like "I have the secret of life! I do! I do! And for the Special Introductory Price of $16.95, you can spend a few hours of your life reading about it, and making me rich!" Honestly, if you knew the secret of life... I just don't think you would be writing about it in a book. I could believe that you might CHARGE for it. I could believe that you wouldn't ever share it with anyone except perhaps to your family on your deathbed (like a secret family recipe) But write a huge nationally distributed book and sell it? That sounds like more of a moneymaking scheme than a "secret" to me. And the cover? Making it look all sealed in wax on old cracked paper like it came straight outta DaVinci Code? Just not fair. It's a ScAm I tell you! BEWARE!

So really, I kept tring to tell myself that I needed to read it, to listen to it, anything.... and that it would drastically change my way of thinking and then I looked at the price and I was just so cheap and there are always so many OTHER books that I would rather have, and then I started thinking "What's wrong with the way I think?" and then I thought "What's wrong with deciding what the secret of life is all by myself?" And then I thought... "Do I even WANT to know the secret of life?" and "IS there even a secret?!" and I decided this book is not for me.

This Blog Posting on MSN today really made me giggle, and I enjoyed it. A woman who read the secret and lived by it's principles for an entire two months.... and talked about where it got her.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Is it MONDAY tomorrow? ACK!

Where to start! I had a fairly busy weekend. Friday night I picked up around home, ran to wal-mart, caught up on Tivo... How about Grey's Anatomy? Honestly, the episode was a little lame for the "2 hour spectacular" I thought I was going to get, but I did cry a few times, so hey.... it was good. I tried to stay up and wait for Evan, but at 11:30, in the middle of a Tivo'd episode or Painkiller Jane, I was asleep on the couch after two bowls of oatmeal/granola/almond/raisin cereal. LOL.

Saturday I DESPERATELY tried to sleep in, but was wide awake for good before 9am. I picked up some more, started laundry, got the mail, and went to Jamie's to pay for Longaberger, when I discovered that she was having an open house and was making some awesome knock-off hostess cupcakes that I need to get the recipe for. I went to Wyanet Locker and got meat, and then grabbed a couple of sandwiches from the Community Club Cookout for Evan and I. Then Anya and I went to Jamie's open house for a bit and took lunch to Josh and Brad.... and then went to Piehl's in Princeton so she could pick up her new Tahoe.

Saturday evening Evan and I got a little golf in. 5 holes to be exact. After 5 holes I had to pee once, it was getting pretty windy and cool, and I did plenty of walking (although we drove) and we were hungry. I am such a crappy golfer that Evan laughed at me and probably said "Don't be such a dork" at least 15 times. I have a bad habit of chopping at the ball and being afraid that I might take a piece of grass. LOL. But we had a good time and I enjoyed using my new clubs. I finally got to use the 3 and 5 woods that I hadn't touched yet, and get a feel for some irons. Last time I golfed I think I used the driver, then the hybrid for everything in between the pitching wedge and putter. I just LOVE that hybrid!

Saturday night we grilled out at home. Today I had to work at a Women's Healthcare Expo that my employer put on. I enjoyed it. Especially the talk that my midwife gave about Waterbirth. I worked enough to be tired by the end of the day. Then after that I went and had a Urinalysis done at the hospital because I continually have this pressure like I have to pee, even when I don't have to go. Wouldn't you know that my White Blood Cell count is up again, so tomorrow I start an antibiotic to see if it will help with the pressure.

One of my favorite parts of the expo was gathering info on pregnancy and kids. I discovered that a MOPS Group is coming to Princeton (Mothers Of PreSchoolers) and grabbed a pregnancy magazine that I learned TONS from, I got great info from March of Dimes on telling the signs of premature labor.

A nice part of the day was coming home, taking off the khakis and polo shirt, and putting on comfy lounge pants and a tank top. Ahh... Then I lay on the couch and read through the info that I had gotten today. Then Evan and I cuddled up for about 15 minutes and I just relaxed. One thing that I have never figured out, is that when I am cold, he is warm, and when I am warm, he is cool. The only explanation I have is that I am the crazy one and his temperature stays perfectly steady. He's like my perfect compliment.

Tonight I ordered a pizza from Maria's.... and I was astounded at the SIZE of it. I don't mean size around, but size TALL. I ordered meat lovers with mushroom and onion. Holy Cow. There was so much meat on tha tthing it was freakin ridiculous. I had 3 pieces and some Garlic Bread with Cheese... and a coke.... and followed it up with some gas-X to be safe! LOL. Tonight I have watched TIVO'd episodes of desperate housewives, and the last two episodes of Dancing with the Stars. Can ANYONE believe that Billy Ray is still there?! Is like EVERYONE who watches Hanna Montana voting for him? It's really kinda a popularity contest like the Stupid Small Town Festival Queens that win because they get the most $$ in their jars at the local gas station and cafe.

On Saturday, the mail brought the Bouncy Seat that I got on ebay for about $28- ($9.99 plus shipping) and It was amazingly clean but I was upset because the screws to assemble it were floating and rattling around in the box. It was poorly packaged. It was in an HP computer box, so there were cutout handles on the sides and I was sick just thinking that the screws would not all be there. Luckily and amazingly, they were there. But assembling it was a total bitch. No instructions... so I got online and grabbed some, and I STILL could barely get the damn thing together... and I am a handy chick. What a pain! And then I discovered that the toys that snap into it weren't included! Argh! So I tried to call Fisher Price and order some tonight, but of course their customer service is closed on Sunday. Damn.

So that's about all. Cleaning people come tomorrow and I am totally unprepared. Surprise! ha ha. So someone needs to unload the dishwasher and reload it, and pick up the shit in the bathroom, and the dirty clothes on the floor of the bedroom, and (ugh) all the crap that I got from the Expo off the coffee table. Ick.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Friday Fiver

Today started as a really good day. Evan and I got a lot done last night, hung the new roman shade in the bedroom, rearranged the dining room, cleaned off the dining room table, emptied and reloaded the dishwasher, and got the laundry gathered and down to the laundry room. It was nice. I love when we can work together to accomplish something.

Then this morning I woke up fairly refreshed, I had slept pretty well since getting my neck straightened out at the Chiropractor last night. Before work today I was able to get conditioner at Rita's, which I was out of, and then grab Burger King Hamlette and Cheesy Tots for Breakfast. It's my favorite but I haven't had it in probably 2 months. Then I got more mineral veil powder and foundation and some brush cleaner from Great Lengths, and then I went to work. Work was okay today too. But Today just isn't panning out as great as the morning predicted. and it's rainy and cool. Oh well. Here's hoping the weekend is better.

1. Do you gamble? No

2. Have you ever rode a horse? Yes

3. Do you drink alcohol? No

4. What is your favorite Mexican food? Chicken Fajitas- except that the sides of rice and refried beans with cheese are my ACTUAL favorites.

5. Friday fill-in:
On Saturday, I plan to Golf with my husband (weather permitting) and then have a "date night" assuming he isn't pissed at me by then.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Kicking my ass

Yesterday was the busiest day on the face of the earth, and today is already running a close second. We were so busy at work yesterday, it was unbelievable. It was like full moon times 2000. By the end of the day, the day was not ending.... and when I finally left work, I was stretched thin but coping amazingly well. Evan and I met the daycare provider and secured our spot, and then we went to Culvers to grab a bite to eat. I was hungry! I successfully ate their pork BBQ special without burning my mouth (this time!) but I did BITE the inside of my cheek TWICE. What is it with Culvers that turns me into a retard?

We ran to Wal-Mart to get just a couple of things, and Evan pleasantly suggested that we go through the baby aisles, which was good, but just at the end of the baby section, I could feel myself breaking down from exhaustion. I just looked at Evan and said "We have to go. I can't take anymore." and he knew exactly what I meant. I was worn out. I couldn't hardly put one foot in front of the other. It had finally hit me! So I went home and did a foot spa thingy since my feet were killing me, and went to bed by 9:30. I was pooped.

My carpal tunnel has really been acting up so I wore my wrist braces to bed last night. I have a lump on my left wrist and when you touch it it feels bruised. It hurts so bad, I am just trying to be careful about how I position my wrists and how I use them.

So I slept okay, but at 5:30 I woke up and had been lying int he same position since about 3:30 and was sooooo sore. My hips hurt, my back hurt, my wrists hurt, Ugh. I had lines all over my body from the sheet pressing against me. I tried to go to the bathroom, remove the wrist rests, and go back to sleep, but just before 6:30 I realized it was a lost cause and I got up and took a bubble bath with the little heater on in the bathroom. I was so sore and the bath helped. I tried to kill time, but I was at work by 7:45. It's hard to kill time when the bank and post office aren't even OPEN yet!

I ate Biscuits and Gravy and a few strips of Bacon, along with some grapefruit juice for breakfast around 9:45, I was starving when I was driving to work and realized I hadn't eaten any cereal and my purse was suddenly a void of crap and not one granola or Luna bar could be found.... so I chewed gum and dealt with it until I had time to eat. The "busy" at work started literally the second I walked through the door...

I am accomplishing amazingly huge things.... but it's really kicking my ass. And there's still so much more to do. Husband has suggested a round of golf and a date night on Saturday.... I am excited and desperately hope I can stay awake! I am just reminding myself that next week I get my teeth cleaned and get a pedicure (why don't they do both at the same time?) and that's keeping my feet moving. They aren't swelling but they sure as hell hurt.

Hope everyone is still kicking out there....
The gas leak is fixed and all is well. Hot water abounds at home now!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Ameren IP Leaps Back

Tonight, my faith in Ameren IP has been partially restored, thanks to a Service Technician who came to my house after my pregnant nose smelled a gas leak outside. He found a leak in the mainline entering the house, in an elbow outside of the house and up against the siding. The leak is directly under a window and runs into the house under what is currently a baby room in progress, and would be located directly under the baby crib. This technician was extremely pleasant and thorough at 9:30 on a Tuesday night, even when he encountered two barking dogs and a 6 month pregnant chick in a baby blue robe and camoflauge flip-flops. The man was a saint. He shut the gas off and tomorrow we have a plumber/heating/AC guy coming to fix the leak. After my profuse thank you and assurance that I was not unhappy with him for turning off the gas (it was leaking for chrissakes) he told me that he was "just doing his job" and that it was "no problem." He then spent the next 30 minutes at the natural gas station near our house, repairing odors that my magical nose had detected there. Thank you, man from Ameren IP, you have been the second polite person I have ever dealt with in all of my escapades and I appreciate you!
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