Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Review: Booginhead squeeze 'ems reusable squeeze packs!!!

Aha! The cooooolest thing! Today I discovered booginhead squeeze 'ems reusable squeeze pouches! They also make a funnel for easy filling and a stand that can go in your fridge/freezer. They only sold the pouches at my local wal-mart, so I'll have to start by using the pouches.

Let's just say that we go through an expensive and horrifying amount of go-go squeeze applesauce!! In fact, I've been buying it in the display box from market day, two boxes a month and we still run out. This is the only way my kids will eat applesauce. I don't know why... But put it in a bowl, on a plate, or In a serving sized cup and they ignore it completely.

The first question- how hard are they to wash? Are there a million pieces to get lost in lunch bags and at school?

These reusable applesauce squeeze pouches are cool. They seem sturdy and they wash fairly easily by hand. They are dishwasher safe too. I have the brezza baby brushes from toys r us and they work great in them!! Perfect fit!

Stay tuned and i'll add to this review as we use them!!

Meagan ~ via blogpress on my iPhone :)
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