Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Shopping and Reading

Well, the pregnant thing is going well. I got new shoes to wear to work, my loafers and my mary janes were all busted uncomfortable, and my feet were killing me by the end of the day. So I looked for something that could hopefully work as comfort and could potentially be worn with skirts like Mary Janes.... and I picked some Sketchers Bikers in Black. They arrived (FINALLY) yesterday and I do love them. I love how the bottoms have great grip and traction, so I hopefully won't slip and fall while preggo. The only thing is that they don't have much arch support, but I bought my regular size and they seem to be a little bigger, so I think they will work well even if my feet start to swell or something.... and I may be able to add some insoles with some arch support.

I also ordered a pair of slides and a dress to wear to a wedding we are going to in May, for our friend Joe. I can't wait since I am pregnant I don't get to go "out" really. I tend to be at home crocheting or watching TV or organizing or sleeping. LOL. I can't wait to go! I really want to get a pedicure since I can't seem to paint my toenails accurately now. But my nail-doing/hairdresser friend is too pregnant to do pedicures... so I will have to find a new place for this one time. I grabbed a cute Maternity Wrap Dress for $24 from Old Navy, and some cute slides from payless for like $16.99, which will allow me to be comfy on my feet for the reception and hopefully be able to wear them all summer comfortably too. They have a low wedge heel, so I think they will be fab. I used to have a pair almost identical years ago, but they got icky and I tossed them. They have always been my favorite kinds of slides. The dress is super cute but it's hard to see details in the picture (click to make larger) since it's all black. it has turnback sleeves or you can wear them full length.... and it has a cute tie with a bow on the left side in front, and it wraps across the chest. The tie is just above your belly for an empire waist look. It also has a johnny collar neck. So that's exciting for me. LOL.

It's Wednesday, which I am happy about, but of course I can't wait for the weekend. The house is clean and I am working on laundry, Evan was so nice last night to help me by rolling the dishwasher over after I loaded it with dirty dishes and soap, and then helping carry clean towels and rugs up and then helping me fold them without even having to be asked. I just love when he does little things like that.

I got a new magazine called Mothering. I actually really enjoy it, although it can be a bit too granola munching, Latched on Babies, and Slings. I want to breastfeed. I want to have a sling.... but I don't believe that my baby needs to sleep in my bed for the first year to be healthy and happy, and I don't believe that I need to wear my baby all day long, and I don't believe that I need to breast feed for 5 years. The first year would be an awesome goal that I will try my hardest to do, but hey, Baby steps here! They can go really over the top about the whole thing, but they have good articles that do give out good information on topics that I find interesting as a new mom. I think 1 year won't be a bad subscription.

They are also very into natural or green living, and cleaning with vinegar and wearing all organic cotton, and in the back there are a few scary advertisements for things like washable cotton maxi pads and sea sponge tampons. (that may be taking it a little too far.) If I were a SAHM I might have more time to think of those things, but I do try to think of the environment. I don't like styrofoam and I recycle and I donate to arbor day and sign petitions and try to stay aware. But I don't feel the need to use cloth diapers or sea sponge tampons. Sorry. I have to draw the line somewhere. But they do have great articles about supporting breastfeeding mothers and allowing breastfeeding in public places, which I am all for.

They have a few things that I think are meant to scare the bejeezus out of you and force you to think you are a bad mother if you don't exchange your mattress and your baby's for an all organic mattress, because there is some chemical in your mattress that is found in ALL Mother's breast milk and how come you don't feel AWFUL for feeding your baby these poison toxins!? But I did read something else interesting... that wal-mart sells nursery water (marked as such, for babies) with Fluoride. And this is a HUGE no-no. Apparently babies are getting TOO Much fluoride because it's in their formula AND it's in their nursery water (in certain cases) and Dr.'s for the American Academy of Pediatrics say that it's too much fluoride and I can't remember the side effects or whatever it causes.... but it was like WHOA! So I learn things that are relevant.

I am coveting the La Leche League Book and a few other breastfeeding books at but I am too cheap to buy them now, since I am saving cash for our weekend to Milwaukee. But eventually, I will own them.

So since my mind is mostly consumed with being pregnant, that's all I can think of, and that's all I have to say.


Michelle said...

Um, washable cotton maxi pads and sea sponge tampons - that makes my tummy turn! I seriously wonder if many people use the washable pads?

very cute sketchers and dress too!

PCinAZ said...

La Leche League has good information and not too tree hugging.

Can't say that I could be an advocate for washable maxi pads or sea sponge tampons. That sounds totally disgusting!

Trish said...

Those shoes look super cute. Congrats on the baby!

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