Tuesday, April 17, 2007

No Sleep Till Brooklyn

This is one of the things that I have added to My Target Baby Registry. My brother-in-law apparently has his information all ready to take with him, in case he needed to evacuate his house, in case of fire/flood/emergency. Ever since I learned that over a year ago I have been itching to put all of our information in one place and now with a baby on the way, Evan and I are even more sure that we need to do this. I think this is the coolest tool to allow you to do that, and if anything ever happens to you, your family will know where to find all the information they need, and if you need to evacuate you can just take it with you. Everyone should have one, and now I am tempted to buy one for my parents and for my sister too.

Last night I had an awesome dream that I met the Beastie Boys. Well, technically only Mike D, which was bizarre because I always thought I would be more likely to run into Adrock. Well anyway, it was my sister and my parents and we were walking in Brooklyn (? LOL ?) And I walked up to a brownstone looking building and up these stairs to the front door (just like a scene out of Law and Order or NYPD) and knocked and Mike D lived there and he was like "HEY! Come on in!" and we hung out and his place was cool, kinda reminds me of PG's condo in Logan Square, but with a more "New York" outside look. Anyway, Mike was saying that there was this picnic, so we all went to the park, and ended up chatting and meeting cool people and eating chocolate cake (which I am sure is pulled from the Chocolate Cake that I ate at the jewelry open house before I got home last night!)

When I woke up I right away wondered why I had dreamed of the Beastie Boys when I had fell asleep to classical music... but I was so pleased. One of my best pregnancy dreams. Looks like I will have to be sure to put the Anthology (The Sounds of Science) Discs on the iPod, I think all I have on there now are Licensed to Ill and To The 5 Boroughs.

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