Monday, April 16, 2007

My Tongue is Burnt

This morning started out badly. After not feeling fabulous yesterday, I am starting to feel like I am "straining" my belly. I know that sounds crazy, but It's getting harder to turn over in bed or just plain sit up because whenever I do it feels like I am pulling muscles in my abdomen or on the side of my belly. I am starting to have problems getting out of the car, I feel the same way. I hate it. And I know it's just going to get worse! The sitting up from bed I can manage because I can just roll over to my side and push myself up, but rolling over still has to happen. I tend to change positions between my left and right side every few hours throughout the night. I used to sleep on my stomach but my belly is a little rock now and I actually can't do that anymore. At 4am my husband began a snore that kept me awake for an hour until I moved to the couch where I slept till 8 this morning. Then I took a shower only to discover that we must be out of softener salt because the water felt worse than hotel water. Eewww. And then I had to go commando again because I couldn't even stand the thought of putting on underwear and I remonded my husband to keep his eyes peeled for mail filled with maternity underwear and informed him that I would be going commando until further notice. And the worse part of the morning was how BADLY my tongue hurts.

Yesterday at Culver's I seriously burned my tongue on pork BBQ. I was actually pretty pissed about it. The lady brought out my sandwich, and while you expect your food to be "hot" you don't expect it to be scalding and not yet edible. It was so hot that I was reminded of when you are making Italian beef or something and you leave the crock pot on high all day instead of low and when you take off the lid the steam rolls off and you just about burn yourself trying to stir it, so you turn the crock pot OFF and then leave the lid off and stir until it cools enough to be serveable. As in you would never ever serve anyone food that hot if you had a conscious or any type of mothering instinct whatsoever. What pissed my mothering body off even more, was what if I had been a child ordering that sandwich? Or what if I had been driving in my car and burnt myself and gotten in a horrific wreck? Even as an adult, when I went to take a bite, the edges were cool enough and I just bit right in and I burnt my tongue so seriously I almost dropped the sandwich and I did spit it out. It hurt so bad I was crying. Evan was like "are you okay?" and then launched into a speech about how I need to be careful that just about put me through the roof but I kept my mouth shut and tried to drink and not think about the skin peeling off my tongue. At most eating establishments they would warn you about your plate being hot. And I am not even planning on putting the plate in my mouth for God's sakes. And when you order something like Fajitas con sizzle that come on a hot skillet they tell you THAT is hot, out of courtesy and kindness, even though any moron can see that it's a cast iron skillet that is SIZZLING so it must be hot. It pisses me off the most because no one could have made that sandwich and not known how incredibly hot it was inside. No one. So today my tongue is permanently white and I can't taste anything and it pisses me off. Stupid Culvers.

Last Friday I called a couple of friends because I got invited to an open house for jewelry. I really wanted to go but it's a little ways away and I don't feel like driving there alone on a Monday night. I called and invited my friends to go with, but no pressure to go, but would they please call me and let me know? Turns out neither of them even called me back. That frustrates me.

So today I am frustrated. That's about it.

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