Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Hump Day.

This week I have been sending my husband "spam" emails with links to baby products online. I found an ungodly amazingly huge lot of toys on ebay for $16. He loved it. But I keep telling myself, does ANY child under 1 need that many toys? Probably not. We probably have enough toys right now and we don't have ANY kids. LOL.

But I see things that are just GENIUS like the backseat mirror that has lights and music that are activated by a REMOTE and after watching one too many friends twise like a pretzel while driving to push a button on some music making device to keep the baby happy in the car, I am like "I NEEEEEEED That!" and so I research the price and then go to eBay. I did win the $50 bouncy seat for $9.99, which was awesome. It's just so much cheaper to buy certain things used.... and they really are in great shape!

Last night seemed to go fast, it was cleanup days so Evan put stuff out on the "curb" and I didn't accomplish much. Ate Supper, watched 1 TIVO'd show, drank my Chamomile Tea and watched Roseanne episodes while I cut my toenails, filed my fingernails, and put on tummy butter.... then off to sleep for me.

May is already shaping up to be a busy month for me, We meet with our potential Pediatrician one Friday, then for work I have a Expo to help with that Sunday, cleaning people coming on Monday, a pedicure on Tuesday night, and a 2 day trip to a conference that Wednesday and Thursday, and then when I get home from that and unpack, I will have a wedding to attend Friday afternoon, and a Dr's appt the following Tuesday morning.... Plenty going on. The end of the month I am hosting a bead retreat party and I will do the work duties on Memorial Day and Memorial Day Weekend.

Lots of baby movement to be felt last night and today. Rolling around. I did have an appointment with the midwife yesterday, I have gained 1 pound in the past 5 months. The baby itself weighs 1 pound, not counting placenta and amniotic fluid. She did the usual discussion time, followed by the feeling around outside my belly, and the heartbeat on the doppler, which was strong but the baby was moving out of the way and she commented on what an active baby we have. Evan couldn't make the appointment but he did call me afterwards to get the scoop. The midwife thinks that my lack of weight gain is normal for me, and the baby is growing and measures right on target.... but she did comment that since she can't gauge the baby's weight gain based on my weight gain, I will probably be having several more ultrasounds to measure the baby's growth. Sounds like fun! So we should get to see the sex SOMETIME before the baby is here!

I have a lot going on the next few days and this weekend, so you may or may not hear much from me.... till Monday-ish.... but I'll be back.

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