Tuesday, April 10, 2007

It's a..... !!

Hello! Sorry I am a sucky blogger these days, but I am growing a baby and all that. So over the weekend we had Grandpa's 80th Birthday party, which was fun. I was tired by 7:30. LOL.

Sunday we did NOTHING. I watched cable and ate a whole cardboard pizza.

Monday was the "BIG" Ultrasound, where we we re supposed to find out baby's sex. Well. Baby didn't think that was necessary.

We couldn't tell if it is a boy or girl.... Everyone together now "Damn!"

The baby had it's ankles crossed for 99% of the 1 hour ultrasound. We even got a little video of it's ankles crossed. LOL. The ultrasound tech said that we can hope that it's a good little girl since the ankles were crossed.

At the end, the legs did uncross but they were totally together. We did see the "3 white lines" of a girl, but the ultrasound tech said there is NO WAY that she is saying girl or boy because without a good view, this can still be a boy. She said she "sees no boy parts" but that's with the legs closed, but that isn't unusual and sometimes it turns out to be a boy a few weeks later. Testicles can descend up to 26 weeks. So I guess it will be a little while before we can tell for sure. For now it's still just Baby Johnson!

She did say that everything looks great, the baby measures right on with our calculations and the due date matches exactly what I told the Midwife and the Midwife told me. Looks like a labor day baby! We heard the heartbeat the clearest we have yet, it was at 153 BPM and we saw an excellent photo of all 4 perfectly sectioned chambers of the heart. And the baby waved at us. And we saw the usual spine, heartbeat, brain, arms, legs.... the whole deal. My favorite was the little arms and legs with all the bones intact.

We will try again in 6-7 weeks to see what we can see.

Well, besides that work is busy as usual and I have plenty to do. Hope all is well with everyone.... if anyone still reads!

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Michelle said...

I'm still here as always! I bet you are anxious to find out what you are having! We found out with our first 2 (boy & girl) but decided to wait on the 3rd (girl). It was hard to not tell the US Tech "just tell me"! I'm so glad I waited - made the delivery much more exciting for me.

Oh, and your little "bump" is so cute! You are glowing! Pregnant ladies are so beautiful!

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