Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Rain Rain Go Away

When it rains, my pants are like Wicks.... the hem sucks up water like you wouldn't believe, until the bottoms of my pants are wet. Yuk. And it's raining. It started storming around 12:15 last night and by 12:30 I was all freaked out, the winds were blowing and the windows were rattling and it was lightening so bad that the street lights were out. The dogs didn't like it either, they were whining and pacing, their toenails clicking the floor.

It's supposed to rain today, Thursday, and Friday. Ack.

It's supposed to be nice this weekend.... and I am looking forward to it. I finally feel like it's safe enough to clear out flower beds from debris. But I have three people who want me to be somewhere this weekend, plus it's my weekend for work duties, and I really don't want to commit to anything. I would like to just be able to do whatever I want and if that means NOTHING than so be it.

Last night I started reading a book, again. Angie bought it for me a long time ago, at my own request, but everytime I start to read it, it gets me so inspired that I stop reading it and take action, but since I never get to the end of it, or even halfway through, the action only lasts a short time. So I am re-reading the part that I have probably read 5 times already, and I am already feeling that call to action, but I am forcing myself to just READ until I get the whole damn thing done. Might take me a while. One of the strangest things about pregnancy is that I can't focus on one thing for long. I can't read an entire book. I have three half books read right now and still am not sure when or if I will finish any of them. Maybe if they were like EXCEPTIONAL books and real page turners, it would be better. But nothing really holds my attention now.

The Mayan Baby Ring Sling arrived today, I haven't taken it out of the package yet, but I can't wait to practice with it.... I need to dig out my baby doll that looks like a real baby. LOL. Evan will either participate or think I am completely crazy.

I hate rainy days, because I feel like staying in bed all day, and when the alarm goes off it feels like it's still the middle of the night. I snoozed once today and was preparing to snooze twice when Boyd started his "I know you're awake and I have to potty" whine, 1 foot from my head. So I got up and let them outside and ate my cereal and took my shower, pretty much as a zombie.

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