Sunday, April 15, 2007

My Underwear Are Killing Me.

Blah. Today I just haven't felt myself. I slept in really long (which was AWESOME) and had a dream that I was supposed to be having sex with Patrick Dempsey but instead I was dating his brother.... who was a "little person" and although he was very nice, I was not attracted to him. Ugh. Pregnant Dreams.

Besides that, Evan took me to lunch and to do my weekend stuff at work, and then we came home. I had to take off my underwear. I swear they are making me miserable. I feel so icky when I have to wear them digging into my belly. They hurt. After going commando more than once last week, I am praying that my maternity underwear get here soon! They have been shipped via DHL, and their tracking system sucks ass. They don't even tell you WHERE they are or when they will be delivered. Stupid.

I just feel strange today, kinda tired but not enough to sleep, kinda cranky, but not enough to snap. My hips kinda hurt and my right side has sharp pains (which I also had last night) and just an altogether blah feeling. So now I am on the couch, in my pajamas at 7:18 crying over Extreme Makeover Home Edition, which is like crack for pregnant chicks. You don't want to watch, but you can't help yourself.

Last night I had a great time. Angela came "home" and took me out for a hot date to Red Lobster, her treat. I had stuffed halibut and shrimp scampi and scallops.... and veggies, salad, and garlic cheesy biscuits. I also had a strawberry smoothie that was FABULOUS. Then we walked through Target for quite a while and I added a few things to my baby registry, especially infant medicines and a few bibs. I bought a few more pieces of the layette, both for girl and boy, since we don't know what we will need. We had a small "purse incident" and then I got home and had my nightly Chamomille Tea and Evan came home and cuddled with me for a while which was so nice. I slept fabulously... clear till 11:40am. Ahhh.

Hopefully tomorrow I will start to feel back to normal. Just going to take it easy tonight!

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