Sunday, April 15, 2007

Did I mention.....

That I bought the Eddie Bauer Equivilent to a Nalgene? I have been eyeing different ones for a while, and now that I am preggo, I decided to buy one to have around this summer, for walks and golf and hot occasions like parades, summer festivals, and family reunions. Or just sitting on the couch. LOL. I got the one with the ice core that goes through the center and then I bought a pack of 3 refill ice cores. So you should be able to see me coming this summer, with my Nalgene and a folding chair.

It's cleanup days here in town and I just saw a truck go by completely loaded with junk, mostly metal for scrap. And by completely loaded I mean the back was heaped higher than the cab of the truck. Insane.

I also have been eyeing baby slings and bid on a Maya sling on eBay. I have to decide if I want Khaki or Black. I thought black, but then I thought that the khaki ones really match more, even brown or navy blue outfits or coats, as well as black clothes. And the khaki ones wouldn't show spit up stains or milk stains quite like black. I hope I win the auction so I can practice for a while before the baby gets here. I love how the Maya wraps have a "tail" that you can use to cover up with if you want to nurse in publie (or even at a friend's house.)

I also bid on the bouncer seat that we want, they have now been around long enough to be gently used on ebay, for about half the price as retail, but the shipping isnt cheap. But I am frustrated because I have a registry at Target, and they say the bouncer is available in store but now they aren't listing a price and I don't ever see it in the store anymore.... although you can buy it online at Sears and other baby stores. Evan picked it out and I think he made an Excellent choice, so I am hoping to get a nice clean used one on eBay.

And now I am watching Desperate Housewives.

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