Thursday, April 12, 2007


Well, being pregnant is expensive. It costs a lot to look good when pregnant. It costs alot to dress up for work and still have clothes that you can wear around home and to outings that aren't requiring dressing up. In the last few days I feel like I have spent at least $100 per day. Ugh. I finally had to break down and buy maternity underwear. My Victoria's Secret Undies are about cutting my belly in half and I can't stand to have briefs shoved down low like bikinis.... it feels like a rubber band wrapped around your belly. My belly needs room to breathe and grow. So I shopped online, and like ALL Maternity underwear are bikinis. I am not sure that's a good idea. I finally found some super cute cotton briefs in neat patterns online at Motherhood Maternity, a 3-pack was like $13.50- not cheap but I tell you, I saw some of the prices at like Penney's and Target- $20 for 2 pair of underwear. Uh No.

So I bought about 9-12 pair so that I would have plenty, and then when I saw the shipping of $15 I about crapped, so I added in a couple of pair of maternity pantyhose (which I have to wear at work, dress code) and forked over $78 for underwear and pantyhose. Oh well. I guess that I have paid more for Victoria's Secret and at least I can hopefully wear these with my next kids too. Although someone told me that Motherhood's maternity undies are cheap and fall apart so easily. But perhaps if I take care when laundering. I have lots of lingerie bags....

Evan probably feels like he is dressing a demanding Barbie doll with all the clothes that roll into our house. But this pregnancy has crossed seasons, which messes with your budget and your wardrobe. I had to have winterish maternity clothes and I have to have summerish. So sweaters to shorts.... although I only bought ONE Sweater. LOL. I thought I would make it through without needing to buy new underwear, but the waistbands are about killing me. I am constantly thinking I need to take them off and I am not sure about going commando for the next 4+ months.

So Besides being pregnant and spending cash like crazy, The snow didn't hit like it was supposed to. I am not sure what happened since I slept through it, but I woke up at 5:30 to a dusting stuck in amongst the grass, and by 8am it was melted. There was still some on hoods of cars and on the patio swing outside, but mostly melted. It was like 35 degrees around 9am today.

I am suddenly getting all of these "Unknown" and "withheld" numbers showing up on my cell phone and I don't know why. It pisses me off. No messages and I am sure as hell not answering. I usually leave my cell phone on all day at work, only people who would call me are potentially my husband, my sister, and my mom, and they do have my work number.... so it really NEVER rings while I am at work. But yesterday it rang three times and it was always unknown or withheld so I ended up having to turn it off. Pisses me off because I forget to turn it back on when I leave. And if I turned it to silent it would be the same thing... except It would vibrate and even that would piss me off. (and yes my cell phone is on the Do Not Call List.)

We have picked out our hotel room in Milwaukee and I have decided to splurge on the king bed with breakfast for two each morning. Ahh. Relaxing and Romantic. I hope it is wonderful.

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PCinAZ said...

When I was pregnant with my now 16-year-old son, I was an office manager in a hospital and had to dress nicely. I was a plus-size girl going into the pregnancy so I knew it might be hard/expensive to find clothes. I bought larger sized (plus size) cotton panties from wal-mart/target, bought plus size elastic waistband cotton shorts and pants from wal-mart/target/kmart and even a few from lane bryant cheaply, all in a couple of sizes larger than what I normally wore. Worked out just fine. Wish I had kept all of that stuff but didn't expect to have another baby ever. Ooops, seems that I have a now 7-year-old. hee hee. Did the same when pregnant with him tho' bought plus size stuff instead of the maternity stuff. Have fun!

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