Wednesday, June 03, 2009

We Breastfed Through Shots!!!

We are having lots of fun this week. The whole week had only ONE outing planned, and that was to take Marek for his 2 month appointment and shots. It was an excellent appointment. Grandma Deb went with to help corral Ardyn during the whole visit. That was a nice help!

Marek weighed in at 13lbs 2 ounces! (I accidentally said 4 on facebook, but it was like 3 in the morning, so give me a little break) He was 23.5 inches long and had almost a 16" head. He's my big man! I was able to do something that I had never done before, breastfeed Marek DURING his shots. I had read about it online quite a bit, and some moms said that their kids didn't react AT ALL to shots while breastfeeding. I had never been able to try it with Ardyn because the family practice physicians that we saw when she was small were not at all interested, and I wasn't crunchy enough at the time to tell them that I was paying THEM and it was my child... so I never pressed the issue. I asked our nurse Karen, and she said she was more than supportive and we could try, but that her past experiences were that it didn't really work logistically because mom's weren't able to nurse and angle the baby out far enough to get at both legs. Of course, Me being supermom, waas pretty sure I could do that. She was skeptical, and to be honest I had decided that we would just do the shots and forget about the whole breastfeeding through them thing, but then while waiting for the shots to arrive, he was hungry, so I was sitting there nursing him when the nurse got back into the room. So she suggested we try it, and so we did. I was easily able to angle him (Oh the things a G cup can do for you!) and he gt all three shots while nursing, although after the first one he pretty much stopped sucking and just screamed around the nipple. But he never unlatched completely. Very shortly after the last shot, he calmed a bit and resumed nursing eagerly to relax himself. Overall, I would do it again. Especially because I didn't feel any of that "mommy anguish" that I wasn't doing enough to comfort him while he lay on a piece of tissue paper and screamed till he turned purple. I didn't cry, and in fact, I was laughing at the whole scenario. I knew that by feeding him and holding him to me, I was doing the best thing I could to soothe him, and that soothed me also. My mom took a couple of pictures at my request (although I know she thought I was nuts) and they are on flickr for friends (beware the showing of the white postpartum belly!)

So he got three needle sticks, and they included all the vaccines like DTaP, HepB, IPV (polio), Hib, and PCV. He got spiderman bandaids (photos on Flickr) and was happy as can be once it was all over and he had eaten. He slept all the way home, and then most of the rest of the day as well as all night. Not a fever, not a bit fussy, no swelling or bruising or redness! Nothing like Ardyn. We never even had to give him tylenol! We all took a 3 hour nap that afternoon, it was overcast and cool, and it was SOOOO nice to nap!

This week Ardyn and I cleaned off the TV stand on the porch (which was an old shelf made out of barn boards by my great grandpa that I grabbed off the farm and painted white) and we put a DVD player out there and have been enjoying some evening DVD's while sitting in the cool breeze. We also moved her desk onto the porch so that she can color and such, she loves it!

Last night I did some sewing after the kids were in bed, and made myself a hanging wetbag for the bathroom. This is the first ever wetbag that I have made, and man was the zipper tough. I have no issues with zippers, but putting a zipper into two layers of fabric (or technically BETWEEN two layers I guess) so that no raw edges show, is quite a task. And then the fact that you are sewing on PuL nonetheless. Slippery stuff! I used this tutorial, thank GOD, or I would have been up much later than the 3:30am that I was up till. I had intended on serging the inner hidden seams of the PUL and Cotton layers of the bag, but I tried Serging on the PUL and almost lost my mind. I then switched to the sewing machine and used tracing paper as described in this website, and it worked! I also attached two top handles/straps (also between the layers and inside the zipper) with adjustable snaps, so that I could attach it to my hanging towel bar in the bathroom. It's looking great and is seriously functional, for all the Mamma cloth, and the Facial Rounds, and now, FC! If you don't know what FC is, then I am not telling you.... but maybe you can do some research on your own!
Made my first ever wetbag

I had a rude awakening at about 6am, when I stumbled to the bathroom to pee. I sat on a piece of CHEWED GUM that was on the toilet seat? WTF? Since Evan and I are the ONLY people who can chew gum in this household, I have a pretty good idea of where it came from. Seriously? How many children LIVE in this house?

Today the guys were working on the fence, and got the gates finished, and put up, with the latches and hinges, and then Uncle Kyle neatly sawed all the tops of the fence posts off. Tomorrow they start on the Privacy Fence!!! There are pics of the finished fence on Flickr, for friends to view. We had lots of fun outside today while they finished the fence. We blew bubbles, wrote with sidewalk chalk, swung, slid down the slide, climbed through the tunnel, rode the cozy coupe and the tractor, and Ardyn peeked over the fence "I peeking! I Peeking!" LOL.

Earlier in the week I also made three pair of training Pants for Ardyn, using the Stellar Transitions Pattern from Little Comet Tails. They fit great and because I used a two layer core of microfiber and a PUL Backing, they don't leak at all either, and I used the side snapping option and modified it to include 6 snaps instead of 4, and they are really really nice and easy to take off if you need to!
Stellar Transitions Trainers
Finished First Pair of Side Snapping Training Pants

This morning I cleaned up in the kitchen, unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher, and vacuumed and mopped the floor. I should be doing more laundry but I am not realy feeling it. Sounds like Ardyn is up from her nap, so I had better get going. Have a nice evening!

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