Saturday, May 30, 2009

Saturday- Shopping without the kids!

This will be short. Although it might be long because I feel like I have a ton to say about just today! But really, I need to go to bed. Because I am tired!

Friday was a great day, but I was seriously operating on exactly 3.5 hours of sleep. Marek woke up at 6:30 and spent the next 35 minutes working on the poo that he does once or twice a week. After taking care of that situation, I decided I might as well stay awake because I needed to get us all ready to leave home. I got myself and Marek completely ready and then woke up Ardyn and got her ready for school. We dropped her off and then went to a yard sale. Lisa had tipped me off that there were a few in the newest subdivision in Princeton, and based on the size of the houses (and the income) in that subdivision, I was pretty sure that there would be good stuff. I had planned on going to several, but I spent ALL my cash at the first yard sale, and came out with an entire garbage bag of boy clothes from about 6 months to 2T. All were exceptionally clean... Old Navy, Tommy Hilfiger, Baby Gap, The Children's Place, Nike, Lands End.... It was an AMAZING Sale. I really had to concentrate hard to get only what I knew I could really need, although I think I have WAY to many pair of Jeans for Marek now.... but I figure that boys can't destroy jeans as easily, since Ardyn doesn't destroy jeans easily.... and if we don't use them, they will EASILY resell. After that sale, Marek and I headed to pick up my wedding set at Zales, as it was sent away to be sized down AGAIN. We picked up the ring and then went to Maurices. I got a pair of Jeans that were originally $40, on sale for $20. The first pair of jeans I have bought since before I was pregnant with Ardyn, which was about 50-60 pounds ago. This is the only pair I own that I can't pull off without unbutttoning. Ha.

Then we ran to Hobby Lobby. I had my 40% off coupon and needed an album for Ardyn, because I have filled the ones I have. Then we went back towards home and stopped at the dodge dealership to get the oil changed. I had to nurse Marek and the girls allowed me to use the file and server room for a bit of privacy. It was comical but it worked. I refuse to feed him in a bathroom unless it has a lounge or chair in it.

When we finished with the oil change, we ran to the post office and then home, where we were EXCITED to find the entire front yard fence completed! yeah! All that is left is to saw off the tops of the fence posts, and make and mount the gates. Grandpa Bob and Evan and Uncle Kyle worked on it that afternoon, and they went ahead and temporarily screwed two fence panels over the gate openings so that Ardyn could use the front yard to play over the weekend in safety. I am so excited about that fence I can't even put it into words.

It wasn't long after getting home that we had to turn around and go get Ardyn from school. Evan had band practice so we packed a bag to go to Grandma Deb and Grandpa Dave's. I needed to use the cricut and that's where it lives now. I wanted to cut out some letters and numbers to put our address on the side of the mailbox, as we will be getting home mail delivery soon! I was just going to buy the letters, but it was $2.99 a pack and I had to buy a whole pack of numbers and a whole pack of letters, even though I only needed THREE numbers. Then I saw the blank vinyl outdoor sheets and just bought two of those so that I could cut them on the cricut.

Well, it worked, but it was ESPECIALLY sensitive, and I really had to work on the pressure and the speed and the font size so that the vinyl wouldn't tear. I was able to get it finally. I didn't want to buy the cricut vinyl because it's insanely more expensive and I don't know that it will work outdoors for long. These were $1.99 a sheet, so I saved $ over any off the other options I had. Hopefully I can affix everything to the box sometime tomorrow.

So last night at my parents, my sister Liz came over, and we all ate supper. Problem was I was still going on 3.5 hours of sleep, and I could barely keep my eyes open. I put the kids in overnight diapers and pajamas and we went home and straight to bed. Marek slept for a 6 hour stretch, which was nice, and I slept for about 9 hours, which I really needed.

Today I went to Peoria with Cari, and Evan kept the kids, which was something I was SO looking forward to. I went intending to spend almost NO money. I didn't do half bad. But I did spend money. But Old Navy had their graphic T's on sale for $3. So I got two t's for me, 3 for Evan, and then hit the kids clearance racks which were 50% off the already clearance priced items. I got two $2 tank tops for Ardyn, two $2 t-shirts for Marek, and a pair of $0.99 shorts for Marek too. So all 8 shirts and a pair of shorts for $25 when all was said and done. Now I don't care who you are, that's a damn good deal!

I also got a shirt on the clearance rack at dressbarn, with a matching necklace that I got a % off on because it was cracked (which I intend to glue.) Then we ate lunch, and went to other stores that Cari needed to hit. I pumped milk in the Old Navy changing rooms and the Dick's sporting good's bathroom. I decided that I won't pump in a bathroom again. Not worth it. Nowhere to sit. Germ phobic.

Then we stopped at the pet store. I hit the clearance bins looking for a small dog collar. I found a few but they weren't very cute. Then I saw that they had all their toy breed gear on clearance, and I got an ADORABLE collar that is white with sparkles and pink and green and blue flowers, and a pink buckle. It was cheap so I bought it. The plan was to make a tag for the collar and put it on Ardyn's stuffed dog, whichever one she chooses to take to school or anywhere else with her, so that it doesn't get lost or sent home with the wrong kid. She only goes once a week and we have already had another kid's stuffed animal, a sweatshirt, a blanket, AND a coat sent home with us that don't belong to her. SO I am especially careful to label all her posessions so that we don't get anything lost. I used the machine to make a tiny blue metal tag that says "Property Of" and then has Ardyn's Full name on it. I attached it to the collar and surprised her with it tonight, putting it on a stuffed dog. She was excited about that.

While Cari hit Target, I pumped milk in the car, and then we went to Scrapadoodle, which is BY FAR the coolest scrapbook store within an hour of us. I was overwhelmed with desire for paper. They have THE COOLEST papers. Oh. Boy. But I stuck to the plan, and just bought exactly enough paper to match my Thanksgiving layout, since I had been unable to find any, or enough, at the Hobby Lobby and Joann stores I had already been at. It was extremely difficult to stick to just what I needed, BUT the sheets of paper there are $0.79 to $1.99 EACH there, so that was my motivating factor. That and the fact that just before we finished up there, Evan called to tell me that Ardyn had thrown up three times and had red bumps all over her back and bad diarrhea all day. Poor kid. I was all kinds of nervous that she had gotten a stomach bug at school, but when he said the red bumps were there, I was pretty sure it was a bad reaction to dairy. Looks like they gave her something with dairy again at school. I don't know how to handle this, it's becoming a pattern. Every Saturday she has a bad diaper rash and diarrhea because she eats at school and they let something slip through. At this point in time, we are having a hard time deciding if school is worth it. I don't know how to comminicate with them that they need to talk to the caterer and see what is IN each of the meals that they are giving her, and this includes her snacks. I don't know what else I can do to be more clear about the fact that this is serious.

By the time I got home, she was in a bit better spirits. This evening she quickly went back to her old self. I gave her a banana and some pedialyte. She wasn't too interested in food, and I don't blame her one bit. But she did dance and sing and play, and wanted to go outside, which Evan said was the most active she had been all day. So I did take her and Marek outside. It was great, to be able to hold and nurse Marek and watch Ardyn play without the fear of her getting to the road. I love the fence.

Evan went to see a movie, and I gave Ardyn a MUCH needed bath, and then got both kids ready for bed and read Ardyn a few books. I was going to do laundry and such, but I am just tired, so I am wrapping this up to go to bed!

More later. Hope you all are having a great weekend!

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