Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pictures from our Zoo Trip!!

Well, the Mother's Day trip to the zoo was AWESOME. For all you flickr friends, there are a TON of pics on there (about 300!) and I have a whole CD of pics that my mom took with her camera that I hope to get uploaded tonight. We had such a great time, and the weather was just WONDERFUL. Ardyn LOVED the animals. Here's a few pics:

Marek and Ardyn with their animals:

Marek sleeping:
Mom and Marek on the Zoo train ride:
Ardyn with Grandpa Dave and Grandma Deb:
Ardyn in the tulips:
Daddy and Aunt Liz with Ardyn, in the petting zoo:
Mom and Ardyn Monkeying Around:
Marek enjoying the weather:
Mom and Ardyn on the Endangered Species Carousel:
Mom and Ardyn:
Ardyn and Daddy in the tulips:
Ardyn and a goat who licked her and made her giggle hysterically:
Aunt Liz and Ardyn with the Elephants:
Dad, Mom, and Ardyn:
Mom, Marek, and Ardyn at home before the Zoo, in my Mother's Day Gift, a white Rocker for the yard:
I had a wonderful day. This has been the best Mother's Day in my history, and I will never forget it!


Michelle said...

love the pictures, looks like you guys have a fantastic zoo! What town is that in?

dazed said...

it's technically in Coal Valley, but near Moline and the Quad Cities. About 40 minutes from us.

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