Wednesday, May 06, 2009

~*The Perfect Day?*~

Today has been eerily easy. I am just tiptoeing around, waiting for the other shoe to drop, and for all holy hell to break loose. Even yesterday was a little too nice.

Over the weekend we went to Menard's and ordered our fencing. We had a nice nice trip and the irony of the whole thing was that when we GOT to Menard's, and walked up to the fencing, who was standing there looking at it, but our bitchy neighbor, who is the whole REASON we decided to get a fence. LOL. She burned us a look and waited for her boyfriend and then they left. It was great.

Sunday night we went to my parents for a bit, just the kids and I, and ate supper with them. Then Evan watched the kids while I went for a late walk with Lisa.

Monday I don't remember a whole lot about, we had a weigh in appointment at WIC for Marek, and I took both kids, and the appointment took FOREVER. Then we went to Sullivan's and got a few essentials like Milk, Juice, Eggs, Bread. That night I took both kids for a walk. That night my friend Anya also had her baby boy, Adyn Elliot.

Tuesday (yesterday) we went to Evan's Grandma's house where the guys were pouring concrete. Great Grandma watched Ardyn and Marek for about an hour while I walked to the hospital and saw the baby and visited with Anya and Brad. Then we stayed at Grandma's for lunch and the kids and I went on to Wal-Mart. Last night we ordered some supper. They sent Ardyn a cheeseburger instead of mini corn dogs, so she had to share with Evan. I was upset because that's the second time IN A ROW that we have ordered food to go from that restraunt and gotten the wrong order. that night after the kids went to sleep, I ran back to WalMart to return something that I had gotten earlier in the day that was broken when I got home and took it out of the box.

This morning started well. Marek and Ardyn slept till about 8:30. I nursed Marek and got Ardyn up, changed her diaper, and got her dressed. Just as I was finishing her pigtails, I heard a LOUD semi pull up alongside the house, and we peeked out the window to see that our FENCE was being delivered! YAY! It was the coolest thing, the driver unhooked the trailer from the Semi tractor and the BACK of the Semi became a forklift. How Transformers is That?! Totally cool. So he unloaded all the supplies for the fence.

I got Marek changed and dressed, and myself dressed, and pushed Ardyn in the swing for a while. Marek was napping so I fed Ardyn her cereal and started cleaning. I got the living room and dining room clean, and the DINING ROOM TABLE CLEARED (Whoo!) and then changed the easter tablecloth out and put all the spring decorations away. I dusted. then I picked up in Ardyn's room and in Marek's room, and put some things in clear containers and labeled them. I washed Diapers. I blew bubbles. I nursed Marek again and wiped Ardyn's nose a thousand times. After a diaper change, Ardyn said "Mommy, I want to poop in the potty!" and ran to the bathroom and started shaking the doorknob. I let her in and she sat on there for a while, and we sang songs, but no pooping. Oh well. When she got down, I said "look in there, do you see any poop?" and she looked. And Looked. And LOOKED in the potty. She looked at me, and I said "Where did the poop go? I thought you were going to poop in the potty?" and she looked at me and then turned around to look at her naked butt, in case the poop was somewhere to be found. LOL. Cracked me up.

At lunchtime she came walking in to the living rooom where I was cleaning and said "Eat Eat!" and I was thinking "My GOD what will I feed this kid!?" I am working on a grocery list so we can go get some food.... she said "Soup! I eat Soup!" and thank GOD we had one can of soup left. So while she was eating soup, I started planting Herbs in my kitchen Herb gardens, on the newly cleared and clean Dining room table.

I was talking to her about planting seeds in the dirt and giving them water and watching them grow and I looked up and she was half asleep, eyes closed, spoon still in her mouth, head nodding forward. I laughed and said her name and she lazily opened her eyes and I said "I think you're done." We washed her hands and face (which we now do in the bathroom sink with her stool, which she LOVES) and then changed her diaper and put her to bed for naptime.

Marek is still sleeping, the diapers are in the dryer, the wetbags hanging dry, and I just ate my lunch. I plan on cleaning the kitchen next, but I think that Marek will be up soon to eat again... so I might just wait until after that, assuming that he goes back to sleep. I can feel the milk coming in already.

Yes, today is a very good day. I have my post office packages ready, and assuming the rain stays away we will take an afternoon walk after naptime and get the package mailed, and pick up the mail. Otherwise we will probably drive.

Well, maybe I can get the other three Herbs planted before he wakes. Have a nice week!

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