Friday, May 01, 2009

A tough week.

It's been a LONG hard week. A stressful week. I had my 4 week postpartum checkup and Ardyn had her allergy testing. Our days without Zyrtec are behind us, but it will take a full 7 days before her nighttime coughing and the endless snotty nose are behind us.

I am grateful for Friday, because Ardyn is at school, and she desperately needed the time away, outside, and with little friends. But then of course there comes the paranoia that Swine Flu will infiltrate the daycare and she will catch it and then we will all catch it and then my children will fall ill and could be killed. But I try to keep things like that from dominating my thoughts. And I tell myself that it isn't fair to keep her from daycare because of Swine flu. However I have decided that if and when it gets to our area, she is not going to daycare anymore. And Evan completely agrees with that. I just hope that by then it isn't too late.

Marek and I had errands to do this morning, so after taking Ardyn to school, we took the loaner car back and picked up the van at the dealership. The tires were rotated and the brakes checked. All is well. Then we went to the hospital where I had a blood draw for my postpartum thyroid testing. I like to have blood drawn from the back of my hand, because otherwise I tend to pass out. It usually goes well, but today the vein blew out. Of course I was lucky enough to have this happen AFTER she got enough blood, but it did hurt like hell and it is already really bruised and my hand hurts. Oh well. Minor.

Then we ran to Subway and grabbed some lunch to bring home, and I stopped at the post office and picked up the mail and several packages of newly arrived diapers. When I got home we changed Marek, I fed him, and then opened the packages to happily discover 11 used Newborn Mutts. Ahhh. And two pairs of babyology longies, which will ALL come in so handy. Now that I have a rotation of 3 babyologies for night, and 15 diapers, I am thrilled. I need to sell the KL0's because they just aren't absorbant enough to use with wool. I am hesitant to do so, in case I need backups... so I am not sure if I should look for more Mutts or just wait till he outgrows the nb size to sell the KL0's. But I do have three more mutts coming, so that's a total of 18 NB Dipes (not counting the KL0's and the WAHM ones that I have) and I have prefolds for backup. He really doesn't do too well with PUL covers, so I have to find myself a wool wrap that I am happy with, that is trim enough to wear under clothes, AND that won't wick under clothes.

I have put Goodmamas on him twice now, at night, just without the soaker, and they seem to work okay. It won't be too long until he can wear them everyday all day, like Ardyn. I am excited about that but I am now worried that there is no way I will have enough, after seeing how fast he is going through diapers. Luckily the NB Mutts should still fit for a good amount of time. Thank goodness my babies start out long and skinny! I was able to grab 5 used Goodmamas on Diaperswappers for about $100. That was a great deal, especially considering it included postage. The same 5 diapers new would run me $175, so I got a killer deal.

I sold all my 9 Bum Genius Aio's in XS, and my pink thirsties covers, and a thirsties fab fitted, and a piddle poddle, and all but 2 of my piddle poddles are sold also. I still have a dozen toddler prefolds to sell.

Marek and I are having a relaxing afternoon at home. I should be cleaning this horrific place, but it's a day to relax my mind and body. I finally opened up the Little Comet Tails patterns I have for fleece covers and for the Stellar transisions Toddler Training pants. I am sure I can make these for Ardyn, but the pattern directions already have my head swimming. I hate that. Usually I can sit down and read a pattern in advance (i always do) and instantly know what's going on and get excited about it. But some patterns (especially poorly written ones) have a way of getting me all confused and un-motivated. I think that what I need for real motivation is to buy just a bit of cute fabric to try out. I have a nice stash to start with, but no knits, which I will need for the side panels of the trainers, to make them stretchy. And I also don't know that I have any FOE (foldover elastic.) I am excited because the pattern makes not only pull on style trainers and underwear, but side snapping trainers. AND you can customize your absorbency and use PUL to add a waterproof layer in the wetzone, so that you don't have the leaks you have with store bought trainers.

So Marek is alternately nursing and snoozing on my lap, and I am considering taking an afternoon nap. Evan took three packages of Diapers to the post office to ship them for me, so technically I have nowhere to be until I have to pick up Ardyn. I have one load of diapers finishing up in the washer, and another ready to go in. I think I will just put that first load in the dryer and then start the second load, and lay down with Marek for a little snooze.... ahhh.

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