Saturday, May 09, 2009

tired and sore

it feels a lot later than 10pm. It feels like 1am to my body today. I don't think I got enough sleep last night, and today was a little trying.

Firstly I haven't seen much of Evan because he has had three band practices this week, and tonight he had a gig playing a local poker run. That meant that today he had to go and set-up and do sound check, and is gone all night tonight. He should be done playing within the hour, but they will have to take down all their gear, and they will probably stay for a few drinks afterwards. I was planning on staying up till he got home, but I am exhausted.

Yesterday I went to Peoria. I met Brenda for lunch and it was really nice. Marek and I spent a leisurely couple of hours wandering through JoAnn. I am working on making side-snapping trainers for Ardyn for potty training. I am excited to get to use my snap press some more. I have the Stellar Transitions trainer pattern, and plan on making the side snapping option and later making underwear style trainers if necessary. I have all my fabric, it's washed and prepped, and I cut one pair out... to sew and test sizing before I go crazy sewing. Luckily knits were 50% off and fleece was 30% off, so I got some anti-pill fleece to make some covers for the kids.... starting with some Smalls for Marek. I improvised the Crescent Moon Yoga Pants Pattern (also by Little Comet Tails) to include a hammock style internal soaker for the pants, which adds a double layer of protection in the wetzone, and looks like a pair of shorties inside the pants. I improvised on the first try without screwing up. I haven't sewn for several months, because we had water in the basement and then we were all really sick and then I had Marek. My brain wanted to get back into sewing but I needed something that was simple enough to start with, and also something that was going to inspire me to get back at it, especially when I would rather go to sleep than sew. LOL.

I whipped up a navy pair of fleece yoga pants tonight for Marek, and when he wakes up I will try them on him for size and mark them for a hem. Then I plan on doing Christina's boppy covers, which I wanted to start but didn't want to screw them up in a sleepy haze. They are already cut and ready, so I should be able to crank them out in no time if I get a few minutes peace. Once I get my FOE (Foldover Elastic) I will sew the 1st pair of trainers and see if they fit Ardyn before I cut more. I got some cute Monkey Print knit and another cute zoo print knit. They are both Gender Neutral, which is great because I can later use them for Marek and any future kids. I'm going to use Microfiber for the internal soaker to start with, because I have it, and it's inexpensive, and holds alot, and absorbs quickly. I am just going to do a top layer of knit print, two microfiber layers, a fleece layer, and finally a bottom PUL Layer. This should make them more waterproof, and absorbant than store bought trainers, but will hopefully allow her to KNOW when she is wet and be a little uncomfortable.

I am really missing my Serger, but these projects can easily be done on the sewing machine, and in fact because of their tight curves and small sizing, I would probably prefer the sewing machine. The serger won't go through four layers of fleece anyway.

After going to the fabric store and out for lunch yesterday, Marek and I went to a really neat nursery and greenhouse and looked at Eastern Redbud trees. Then we came home and went to get Ardyn from school. It was a busy day. I had gotten up in the night with BOTH kids, as Ardyn had somehow accidentally gotten some milk and was having cramping and diahrrhea, and a burning bleeding bottom. Poor kid. Once I got her changed and calmed and rocked back to sleep, it was already 5am. I tossed and turned till , then fed Marek, took a shower, then got both kids up and ready, took Ardyn to school, went to the chiropractor, the post office, and then to the Doctor. By that night I was exhausted. And then while I was gone, Evan had another issue with the crazy neighbor, who was yelling at the utility company representative who was here to mark the underground utilities for JULIE, before we put up our fence next week. We ended up having to file another report with the police about her behavior. I can't wait till the fence is up. Can. Not. Wait!

Then while Evan was at band practice, I packed up both kids, went to eat supper, and then took them on an evening walk. I got clear across town and a storm moved in, and I speed walked, pushing that heavy double stroller, all the way home, and just barely made it before it cut loose raining. I was sore and tired by then!

I meant to go to bed early last night, and I was EXHAUSTED by 10pm, but I was prepping my new fabric, and washing diapers, and my clothes, and Evan's clothes, and the kids' clothes, and before I knew it I was exhausted on the couch at 1am wishing I was in bed. And then I was up at 5am. And finally was able to sleep till 7:30 when I got up and gave both kids a bath and got them and myself ready to go to Mother's Day dinner at great Grandma's house. But first I had to go shopping with both kids for Mother's Day gifts, and go to Wal-Mart to get my photos picked up and look for Gripe Water (which they did NOT have.)

Poor Marek hasn't pooped since Wednesday! That is so unlike him, as he is a once a day pooper, at least. He has been so fussy and gassy and uncomfortable. I finally ended up calling the ped tonight, after several days of infant massage techniques, warm relaxing baths pouring water over his belly, and moving his legs up into his tummy. I really feel for him. I wasn't sure if I should be trying gripe water, or anti-gas drops, or pear juice, or suppositories. The ped said I had been doing everything right, and suggested that I try a rectal temp to get things going, and then if that didn't work, try pear juice, 1 ounce at a time, up to 4 ounces a day, to see if things start moving. He also said I could try glycerin suppository if that didn't work. Well, I did the rectal temp with no results, and then I gave him 1oz of pear juice with no results yet. He has been sleeping for about an hour and a half now, so in about 30 minutes I will wake him, change him, and give him another ounce.... then give him his medicine and breastfeed him and put him to bed for the night. He's happily swinging right now. Poor guy. When he does get going, I am sure it will be a blowout, and I REALLY hope that happens BEFORE we get to the Zoo on Mother's Day tomorrow!

It's pretty depressing tonight, that everyone got to go listen to Evan's band play and I stay home with the kids. That's what sucks about having younger, hipper grandparents and a single aunt... They all have plans and are always doing some project, and don't babysit on weekends much. So that leaves me home. Oh well. Pity party for me.

Well, my neck is killing me, so I think I will lay on the heating pad and watch something on TIVO before I have to take care of the baby and go to sleep. Have a good night!

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