Saturday, May 23, 2009

FINALLY a kid's sunscreen without all the residue!

Well, I am happy today. We have used alot of sunscreens around here. With both kids being SOOOO fair, I am especially careful to apply sunscreen every morning before they get dressed, and reapply as needed if we are outside. luckily our whole front yard is shade, but still....

We have used pretty much every type in the "pink bottles" and also Aveeno and Neutrogena baby sunscreens. I like that the Neutrogena doesn't smell like anything, and so I use it on Marek.... but today I opened our new bottle of Huggies Little Swimmers, and not only does it SMELL wonderful (mangoes! coconuts! mmm!) but the consistency is very much like a whipped souffle, and it is SO easy to spread! My hands don't get icky, and there isn't that constant white residue on the kids, especially along their hairlines and on their ears. There is no residue anywhere in fact, and it rubs in completely, just like a regular lotion. We have SPF 50.

they also have a hypoallergenic version that is unscented!

Try it out!

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