Sunday, May 17, 2009

Feeling Crafty and Productive!

I am on a freaking roll tonight. Let me start by saying that today was a fun, yet exhausting day. Ardyn was on my last nerve for about 75% of it. We woke up with the idea that we were going to go to Smitty's Sew n Vac to look at Sergers, and take Grandma Sue with, but she had things going on today, so we were kinda sitting here looking at each other, all dressed to GO somewhere. Evan said we should get out, and we decided to go to the fabric store. He had band practice tonight, so I wanted to take the kids out and about. I was hoping to find a friend to go with us, both for entertainment (someone to talk to besides two kids under 2) and for assistance, and so I tried my mom (no deal), my sister (nope) and my friend Lisa. And everyone was busy. So I packed us up and off we went. We BARELY made it through Joann before all hell broke loose with Ardyn, who decided that she WANTED everything to hold onto (things in the store, things in my purse, things in the cart) only to throw them on the floor and be ornery. She went from a squealing, laughing, singing toddler who was SOOOOO loud and talking to every person in the store, so a screaming, kicking toddler screaming at everyone. Luckily most people sewing were moms, so they had utmost respect and sympathy for me, but there were a few people who were not thrilled. Oh well. Then we went to Hobby Lobby, where Ardyn screamed her head off for about the first 30 minutes in the store, making the fabric lady laugh hysterically at her antics, and then finally (after I let her HOLD a $12 picture frame shaped like a giraffe, took off her sweatshirt, shoes, socks, AND the shoulder straps of the harness in the stroller... AND gave her Marek's blanket) was happy as a clam and laughing and giggling to herself. At about which time Marek started in crying, because he was getting hungry and Ardyn kept bugging him (not to mention stealing his blanket.)

When we finally made it out of the store, I went through the McDonald's drive-thru because I was thirsty and they have large drinks on sale for $1 right now. Of course it took them like 10 minutes to get me and my stupid large coke through the drive-thru, and the whole time, Ardyn is singing and babbling at the top of her lungs, Marek is screaming hysterically and turning purple because he is so pissed, and I am trying to alternately reach his pacifier and move 4 inches forward at a time without rear ending the people in front of me. Finally I just gave up and cranked the radio so loud that even when Ardyn tried to yell over it, I could barely hear her at all. When I got my coke I flew out of there (car moving = no more crying!) and Ardyn said "Hold on Ardyn!" when I sped out of the parking lot! LOL.

We drove through the road construction on the interstate, with some genius riding my ass who apparently didn't know the meaning of CRUISE CONTROL (don't you hate those people who alternately ride your ass and then back off like a mile, and then here they come again, and then pass you and slow down, and then pass you and slow down?)

I had earlier stopped at a garage sale that turned out to be that of an old friend's little sister, working on baby #3, who had lots of boy clothes for CHEAP. I got two whole bags, up to size 2T, for $8. She had a nice little changing table for $20, and I really wished I had somewhere to put it at home, because I would love to have a place to put extra stuff so I can change Marek's diaper in the night and when Ardyn is napping, but I told her I didn't know where I could possibly fit it. Well, on the way home, I had an epiphany. I had been thinking of the damn thing all day, and so I went back to the house where the sale was, and although the sale was over, I knocked on their door and asked if they had sold it, and they said no, and I asked if they wanted it gone, and so I took it off their hands and crammed it into the back of the van (Have I mentioned lately that stow-n-go is the coolest thing on the face of the earth and I will NEVER go without it again?!)

Changing Table:
Changing Table- $20 Garage Sale Find

Three Side Drawers are awesome:
Changing Table- $20 Garage Sale Find

When I got home, Evan came right out to unload us and right away was like "What's in the back?" and so I told him it was my garage sale find. He brought it in the house, and I told him about Ardyn's terrible toddler behavior, and he called his parents, who agreed to take her overnight (WHOOOOOO!) and that was so nice, because I haven't had a break from her overnight in almost TWO MONTHS (since Marek was born and we were in the hospital!)

Today's Diaper Laundry:
Probably about two days with two kids- marek's Mutts on the left with the wipes, and Ardyn's Goodmamas on the right.
Today's Diaper Laundry

The Goodmamas are overwhelming us! There are about 5 missing from the pic, dirty from today.... but look how pretty they are-
Goodmama Stash

So after quickly leaving her with grandparents (I could see the confuused look on her face as I drove off and realized that I didn't kiss her or hug her or say goodbye, Oops!) Marek and I happily drove home in SILENCE and then I cleaned up the changing table, and moved it into our bedroom. Then I cleaned the bedroom, which hadn't been cleaned in about two months (anyone else noticing a pattern here?!) and went through baskets of accumulated clothes. I setup the changing table and was pleased! So cute! I nursed Marek, and folded the diaper laundry, and put away the kids' laundry. I washed towels and put them all away. I cleaned off the dining room table and moved the Sewing Machine and some of my stuff up here so i can sew (the sewing room is flooded again, as of yesterday when it downpoured for hours again and I was sewing and felt my socks get wet suddenly.)

Moved to Higher Ground-
Moved to higher ground

I am prepping the fabric I bought today. LOTS of stuff was 30-50% off, and mostly I get small quantities, from 1/4 to 1 yard per cut.

Here's a preview of what's to come- I made myself a list of what I want to do next, craft wise:

Flannel and Minky for 2-sided burp cloths-
Minky and Flannel for two sided burp cloths

Fleece for Ardyn's Fleece Covers-
New Fabric

Knits for Stellar Transitions Training Pants-
New Fabric
for some reason te colors are wacky in the pic. The solids are bright orange, lime, and turquoise.

Cotton Prints-


FOUND: Tree fabric

Coming Soon: Zoo Photo Frame-
Coming Soon: Photo frame for Zoo Photo from our trip

Coming Soon: Korker Hair Ties-
Coming Soon: Korker hair Ties

Marek was a little cranky this evening.... but he's still cute.
Marek is sad

Okay, baby crying. Need to nurse him and go to sleep! Almost 2am already! Bye bye!

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Steena said...

Hello! Sorry it took so long for me to respond! I see you eventually found the "tree" fabric! I've been so busy with getting ready to move that my blog has been neglected! lol
Love your blog! :)

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